Reza Pahlavi on Khamenei, Human Rights

Interviewed by Nikahang Kowsar

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by hirre on

I would definately use the cheap shot if I was RP and condemn some of the actions that occured over 33 years ago. It's one of those things you as a politician have to do in order to gather the large number of supporters. I think many non-fanatic people are just waiting for him to acknowledge the crimes of the past before moving on. The problem is that I think RP has a hard time understanding that serious crimes even occured during the era of the shah... It's hard these days to be a serious pure politician, condemning one type of crime, but neglecting another because it was a long time ago and it was not as big as todays crimes...


Elusive unambiguity

by Arj on

Indeed, RP should at least be given credit for his half-hearted addressing of the issue of human rights in pre-1979 Iran, while his supporters overtly dismiss the HR issue altogether and suggest that Shah should've killed more "traitors" in order to avert the revolution!

Once (and if) RP steps out of the shade of ambivalence to address the HR issue unequivocally, he could tap into support from a wider range of the opposition than the usual Shahollahi crowd!


Human Rights???

by jmyt17 on

Mr. RezaI think we do not need you to help or support to bring Khomeini to the justice at all.They doing the same think like your father done.Keep your working and friend-ship with Sabeti!!!! You already have your answer.Think and move, Think and Talk. Iran is your home land too, you have a  right to back to your home land, but not as a KING. Just as ordinary Iranian, some of your supporter must bring to justice too.We Iranian will bring done IRI soon and Iranian people will decide what to do with Khomeini and rest of these dirty insects AKHOOND and there supporter.

maziar 58

Mr. Ala

by maziar 58 on

click on the video(screen) again and enter your Gmail account and voila.

happy sale nu.



The Self Destructive Greens!

by Demo on

i.e. the fools making more fools of themselves with these nonsense/treacherous interviews!

Mohammad Ala

It says....

by Mohammad Ala on

this video is private...  Where is the location of this setting (background)?  ... it looks like Iranian artifacts.


Accountability and [secular] democracy…

by Bavafa on

I applaud RP for advocating these two Nobel attributes for our people and motherland.  Khamenie, as the supreme leader has the ultimate responsibility and is ought to be held accountable in a just and fair court system.   Absent of such system in Iran, ICC is the right venue for bringing justice to the Iranian people.


I also think RP could earn more credibility by condemning unambiguously the pre-IRI crimes in Iran and an advocacy of  bring accountability for those crimes.  I think that can serve much greater in the forgive and reconciliation for the Iranian people



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by Arthimis on

Some people with massive infriority complex leaving hateful and profane comments here about Reza pahlavi, a man who is acting on behalf of more than 65 million Iranians inside and out side Iran.RP is sincere about his mission of bringing the grand dictator of Iran, Ali Khamenei to justice in ICC for all his crimes against humanity ... So go ahead, leave more stupid comments and further prove how low you can get, you are not surprising Iranians like this... Iranians know who you and your entire clans and likes for a long time... Don't worry, Kooh beh Kooh Nemireseh vali Adam beh Adam miresh... Every day passing, you are digging your own graves in front of more than 65 million Iranians who want to be FREE!! Your only salvation is to repent and join the Iranian people before it's too late for you!

PS. All your blogs and posts are nothing , but worthless B/S...

Meanwhile, while on the I.R. payroll, enjoy your Starbucks coffees in Free countries outside Iran. The blood money that you are enjoying abroad!!! Let us remind and warn you again, True iranians will defeat you , they will bring you and the regime you support DOWN in IRAN very soon... You are running out of time, repent and join Iranian people now!!!

Saale' Nou Pisha Pish Mobarak ! Azad va Javid Baad Iran va Iranian Raasteen va Meehan Parast...


Excellent Interview, Smart and Articulate as always

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I posted a comment elsewhere on not questioning peoples patriotism, but questioning their lack of wisdom elsewhere, it seems appropriate here too.   "I now question their wisdom or lack
of it, but not their love for Iran.  While Iranians want the tyranny in Iran and
the theocracy to go.  They know that Bombing and sanctions did not bring the IRI, stupid
people who united in being traitors to king and country did, its not that they can't think
at all and the future is completely hopeless, its that they are easily
misinformed and act with less wisdom than the wind they produce from
in between their rear cheeks.  Remember the facts and not the main stream
media's official story, We have a people that betrayed one of the most
honest, peace loving, magnanamous and generous iranian leaders in around
a millenia, not that he was perfect, but he chose and built a team of
iranians that were perfect for iran.  When people take, peace, progress
and human rights and lie about them in a greedy self serving way with
out any care for Iran, then you have what we see in Iran today a
worthless extremist government loved and suported by the USA and opposed
by an ignorant opposition too stupid to know what ideals they already
betrayed and how to make a positive difference on a comparable scale to
what the late shah's team were achieving through hard work for all
iranians.  The good days are coming back to iran one way or another and my only wish is that many of those that never appreciated them, will choose to continue to stay outside Iran like they are doing today, so we don't have to deal with their disingenuous and unhelpful comments rooted mostly inpropaganda and lies in a future free Iran with Reza pahlavi as our King.

Oon Yaroo

PN Jaan, Happy Noruz!

by Oon Yaroo on

Will do!


Sibiloo supporters!

by پندارنیک on

Keep the "ham-jens-baz" away from my pince's behind....... :-))))

-sorry for the stupid interruption........A Noe Rooz treat, only..........

Oon Yaroo

Mr. Reza Pahlavi is the only healer and reputable

by Oon Yaroo on

healer and reputable Iranian who can rally everyone ( zan o mard, pear and javoon, ba-savad and be-savad, ba-sibil abd be-sibil:-)))), ham-jens-baz and motezad-jens-baz) behind him!

Name one other person who can do that? I am still waiting!

Paa bezan!


Reza who?

by پندارنیک on

Reza Pahlavi is totally and categorically disqualified for such a call. The retarded boy has been advised to take this publicity stunt for its safe and inexpensive route................that's all..........

Siamak Asadian

سی و سه ساله که دارین میگین"دیر و زود داره ولی سوخت و سوز نداره

Siamak Asadian

با این "اپوزیسیون" (متفرق، منزوی از جنبشهای اجتماعی ایران معاصر، چشم به دست و امیدوار امدادهای "غیبی" غرب) از یک سو ، و پول نفت در جیب ملایان از سوی دیگر، این قصه سر دراز دارد.
حالا هی کلشیه های تکراری را تکراری تر کن.
پس تحریر- تنها بخشی از نیروهای براندازی جمهوری اسلامی که در عرض سه دهه گذشته در جامعه ایران قوی تر و نهادینه تر گشته: جنبش انقلابی کردستان است. که آن نیز خود استثنایی است که  اصل  را اثبات مینماید. شرح این استثنا خود مقالی بسیار طولانی است.


دیر و زود داره


تا اسم کشوندن وحوش به دیوان کیفری بین المللی در لاهه میشه؛ هواداران تداوم حاکمیت وحوش از جناح شاخ شکستۀ  "اصلاح طلب" صداشون درمیاد که طبق قوانین کتاب شرعیات بین المللی این کار نشدنی است.

 دیر و زود داره و سوخت و سوز نداره بالام جان!



by ghalam-doon on

Agree with the 1st comment.

How many times should we listen to this guy trying to dance around the main question?




same ol stuffffff

by onlyinamrica on

talk.. talk and more talk...bla..bla..bla   :(