Patriotic Song Filmed in Persepolis

With female chorus -- shown on state TV


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It's not what they sing about....

by Simorgh5555 on

.....It's their action which counts:
Singing patriotic songs in a desperate attempt to manipulate patriotic feelings cannot repair the crime done to the statue of Arash Kamanhgir in north Iran.


Lucifer in Disguise…..he

by Parsy on

Lucifer in Disguise…..he often comes in sheep's clothing….. he claims to offer us freedom and autonomy from an unreasonable Islamic Republic….he exalts us by telling us we have finally come of age and can disregard the old “hang-ups” we used to have….he tells us lets forget our short comings of not recognizing our past, of where we came from, our ancestors….

But in the end Satan is under disguise….Satan is ugly, just like the IRI and Mullahs…. are in Disguise...


LOL Divaneh, great observation.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

After listening to the words and trying to match it up with actions of the IRI it brings an uncontrollable urge and compulsion to just go for a number 2.  What are they doing in persepolis of all places, they are a disgrace to the ideals of freedom of religion, thought and speech we have enjoyed with the institution of monarchy.  Persepolis represents the institution of Monarchy which we enjoyed for thousands of years and taught the liberal world the wisdom in the idea of separation of church and government.  Lets forget the hypocrisy of the location versus their system and notice how these mullahs are trying to revive a sunk ship, every religious idea they have tested has proven itself a failure and Iranians know that each year with the IRI, their lives can only get worse.  So what are they expecting, support?

Immortal Guard

I like the women violet shaal!

by Immortal Guard on

I like the women violet shaal!


I agree with Divaneh

by RostamZ on

   Also there is no way that people fall into the trap of IRI again. They have seen enough. The day of reckoning for IRI has arrived.




Boring as shit

by divaneh on

This must be the most boring thing that I have heard in some time. The only feeling that it arouses in a person is to have a number 2.

Sheila K

beating the drums of war?

by Sheila K on

this looks a propaganda to arouse people's patriotic emotions to go to war---when the IRI is fully aware that Iranians of 2012 are not the same as post revolutionary era. They are not going to fight.

Sheila K

female solo is anti-Islam - it can be too arousing

by Sheila K on

that's the real excuse--but group singing is not as sexy

Ari Siletz

How about a female solo?

by Ari Siletz on



Very Nice.Done Well

by Sialashgar on

There is still hope be positive.I see light at the end of the tunnel


Nice Song But Too Little Too Late

by Simorgh5555 on

The Iranians will never forget how the hanging judge Seyed Khalkhali sent a bulldozer to destroy Persepolis. As the guillotine looms over the head of the Islamic Republic they are desperately trying to rathcet up patriotic feelings. Even today Chahanshabe Souri is discouraged from being celebrated which shows exactly how much the IR hates Iran. 




It's funny

by MRX1 on

It's always funny to see uber islamists acting like uber nationalists! go back to your  hoessin, ali, karbela and teflan moslem  that's more appropriate.