Parviz Sayyad: Norooz Message

"Terrible winds of war"


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Parviz Sayyad is a NIAC Islamist Repuclic anti-semite stooge


I called it first!




Damet garm Parviz aziz. Harfe dele maa ro zadi. 


Mr. Sayyad: Thank you for Your wisdom and patriotism ….

by Bavafa on

As a great conscientious Iranian, your word of wisdom and patriotism rings true to many of us.  With the hops and wish that Iranians can unite to defeat this Hayola (monster) and bring about a system worthy of our people with peace, prosperity and freedom for all.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Arash Kamangir

Mr. Sayyad: violence is the only language

by Arash Kamangir on

Violence is the only language that IR understands and moreover green movement is non- existant. Any foreign intervention will make the IR more shakier than it is already. We cannot wait another 33 years for our tired and opprerssed countrymen to raise against IR.

G. Rahmanian

نابود باد جمهوري جنگ طلب جهل و جنون 

G. Rahmanian

The first war the regime provoked and prolonged for 8 long years 1,000,000 Iranians lost their lives and it cost them US $500,000,000,000.

The only way to free Iran and  stop the warmongers in power from provoking yet another war is to unite and take back our country. The Islamist regime is as vulnerable as ever.


Good To hear From You

by jmyt17 on

Sayyad well-done, you are 100% right.

To bring done these dirty insects Akhoond, we have to re-unit and have one voice. to kick these RATS from our home land.

Hayoola knews time is just around the corner.


Parviz Sayyad

by Les on

The most admirable Iranian-American of whom I am aware.

Ari Siletz

Well done, Mr. Sayyad...

by Ari Siletz on

...for activating the conscience of those who were waiting to hear it from you. 



by rtayebi1 on

 He doesn't want revenge.He loves Iran. He is the best. Thank you so much for bringing so much laugh, and fun to me and my family.  Thank U


I love this man...

by shushtari on

I've had lunch with him several times....broke my heart that such a genius does not have the support to create the wonderful films he's capable of......

He is a true patriot, and one of the greatest artists in iran's history.

god bless him 


Parviz Sayad is absolutely correct

by aynak on


As Iranian people witnessed the biggest winner of the 8 year long atrocious and pointless war with Iraq, were none other than the ruling clerics and the Baath regime, more importantly, the biggest losers, Iranian people and people of Iraq.   Sayad also states it well when he says, this regime LOVE war and the ensuing chaos, as that would only help them and their agenda. By the same token, if this simple fact is known to all of us as well as Samad Agha, and knowing it takes 2 to tango, what does that say about the policy of state of Israel which does one form or the other of saber rattling to push for such war?   Would it be incorrect to conclude the two regimes policies complement each other?

  What is really encoraging these days is the message of peace advocated both by people of Iran and Israel, in defiance with the one promoted by warmongers and war profiteers.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

true Iran lover from lahijan ,gilan

merci jenab sayyad.



LOL....I love Samad Agha...I guess who doesn`t!

by Benyamin on

But I wish Samad would have gone to university and become a grounded intellectual that would fight everything that is against his culture and his "Roosta"! He would fight injustice and yet he would remain this sweet accented "Roostaee" with agenda!

Ostaad Sayad You said it best and you were to the point like always! I agree with everything you said and second it!


Thank you

Shifteh Ansari

آفرین به شرفت آقای صیاد

Shifteh Ansari

هرکه جنبش مدنی مسالمت آمیز سال 1388 مردم ایران را مدفون کرد و آن را ندیده گرفت و گفت: "جنبش؟ کدام جنبش؟" واز مهمترین عامل رهایی بخش آیندۀایران به سادگی گذشت و "رهایی" ایرانیان را در مداخلۀ نظامی خارجیان دید به ایران و ایرانیان خائن است. از مردم ایران برای تعیین سرنوشت خویش دفاع کنیم. این هم آنچه گروهی از فعالان جامعۀ مدنی ایران دربارۀ جنگ و اثرات شوم آن بر ازبین بردن تتمۀ آزادی ملت ایران گفته اند: //


Read vildemose's comment

by پندارنیک on

and read Lauren Feeney's piece................


Scrutinizing the Threat

by vildemose on

Scrutinizing the Threat from Iran by Bill Moyers:


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Well said, Mr Sayyad

by Reality-Bites on

Not only are you a hugely talented actor, writer and performer, but clearly you are also an eloquent and wise soul who has deep love for Iran. 

Here's to the day when you and other talented sons and daughters of Iran, living in ghorbat, return to the motherland and once again perform for your hamvatans

Happy Norooz to you too, sir. 



by vildemose on

 It is written that Kaveh, Fereydoon and his two brothers,(Kianoosh and Shadkam), united the people and went to a war with Zahak. Meanwhile Zahak flees to India while his army was fighting with Fereydoon. Fereydoon conquers Zahak's army and after he decides to finish the unfinished business and find Zahak. After finding Zahak, Fereydoon takes him to the Albourz Mountains, located in North of Iran, and prisons him in a cave. The day that Fereydoon destroyed Zahak and his kingdom may also be the day that the Persians celebrate the Mehregan Festival. A day that good destroys evil. Some historians believe the story originated during the Medes kingdom in western Iran & Zahak was in fact the unpopular king Astyages.

Kaveh's flag was later on famous as Darafsh and it was customary in the ancient Persia that every king would add a jewlery to the darafsh. When Arab Muslims invaded Iran, the darafsh was seized in a bloody battle fought around Nahavand (a city with the same name in today's Hamadan province in the mid-western Iran) and taken, among many other war spoils. The Arabs burned the flag and used the valuable items. In todays Iranian political narrative Zahak stands for Islamic Republic of Iran.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.



by پندارنیک on

I hope admin will disallow ILoveIran's embedded video for being distractive and disgustingly out of subject...........Don't push it buddy......


 Amen. Thank you samad

by vildemose on

 Amen. Thank you samad agha joon. Khoda shomaro negahdard baraye iran.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


صمد آقا



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For a change, a real voice of anti-war movement...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I have immense respect for Mr. Sayyad and his work. At the same time. I am also very pleased to see this real grass root anti-war movement taking shape , both in Israel and Iran. 

Ta cheshme Doctor ghollabi koor besheh va felaan jaaye rahbar dozdaan va admakoshaan eslami  besoozeh.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


هیچکی نمیتونه مثل ما نیت بکنه!



هیولا رفتنی ست .هیولا رفتنی ست.

صمد آقا بیا یک انگشت بزن تو چشم رژیم و طرفدارانش!

نوروزتان پیروز باد آقای صیاد.




به صیّاد که ضحّاک و دیوان پلید، و سبز ایرانی‌ و و سبز اسلامی را به خوبی‌ میشناسد




Thankyou parviz jaan,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You give me hope during these dark years for iran.  Thankyou for  shining your light courageously against the evil forces imposed on our families.  Your greeting was a message For Freedom from ignorance and I loved your message so much i listened to it twice.

Orang Gholikhani

Iranian of the Century

by Orang Gholikhani on

A day is not enough! One day we will undrestand the value of Parviz Sayad ! He is the Iranian of the Century

As usual, we will undrestand it, when he will rest in peace and I hope it would be as late as possible.


iraj khan

"سبزه رأ بخاطر بسپار"

iraj khan

در هر جنگی یک عده سود میبرند،

این درسی‌ بود که من از جنگ بین ایران و عراق آموختم.


پیدا کنید آنهارا که از جنگ سود میبرند.

مردم ایران و یا آمریکا سودی از جنگ نخواهند برد.

اسرائیل چطور؟

آقا ی صیّاد  ثابت کردی که مردی هستی‌ عاقل و عاشق مردمت، نوروزت پیروز

Imam-e Zaman

Greatt to Hear From You!

by Imam-e Zaman on

Damat garm Parviz jaan

You said it very well