Mojgan Emadi: Prisoner of the day

Arrested with other Bahais in security raid in Shiraz

RAHANA: On February 4, security forces raided more than 30 homes of Bahais in Shiraz and arrested 12 Bahai faith followers. Mojgan Emadi, 35, was one of them. During the raids, forces searched all the homes, in some cases ransacking the premises for five hours, and treated the residents roughly. Forces confiscated computers, books, photographs, and personal items belonging to individuals other than the 21 suspects for whom they had arrest warrants. The 12 arrested individuals were transferred to Shiraz Intelligence Office Detention Center, also known as No. 100.

Families of the detained Bahais have been kept from entering the Shiraz Revolutionary Court to find out about their case files and their charges. Mojgan Emadi is mother of two young children who have only been allowed to visit with her twice since her detention, according to a heartfelt 5 March letter Mehrzad Mohebpour, Mojgan Emadi's husband, wrote to his wife.


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Doorood bar tamame Iranian e mobarez...

by Bavafa on

Religious freedom is part of the basic human rights and IRI has been violating those rights for 33 years now.  But many Iranians, Iranian Shir-zan/shir-del have not relent and been demanding their basic rights even when they knew well it will bring the wrath of IRI.


These brave shir-zan need our support for a sustain campaign for their immediate and unconditional freedom, we owe it to them.

  My hats off to each and every one of these brave souls.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



shameful treatment of our Bahai compatriots by IRI.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

As someone who as a young teenager back home  used to believe in this campaign of hate and lies against our Bahai compatriots, I have come now to the conclusion that Bahais are singled out as figures of hate by the Islamist regime, just like the jews were singled out by Nazis in Germany.

Fascist dictatorships are all built upon fear and hate, rather than hope and friendship.

My heart goes out for this young lady, that is all I can say.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mona 19

We are ordered to crush you ...

by Mona 19 on

Amnesty International report on Iran details an increase in the persecution of Baha'is and other religious minorities since 2009

More than 80 Baha’is were held in prison at the end of January 2012, Amnesty International reported.

We are ordered to crush you -- PDF File ( New Report )




They keep imprisoning more and more Bahais!

by Reality-Bites on

How many Bahais are now imprisoned in Iran?


Dow with IRR/IRI

by Azarbanoo on

Shame on any Iranian who supports this barbaric regime, kill and hurt fellow Iranians.