Masturbation is a great sin

"Self-pleasure" causes many illnesses


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بغبغو بغبغو!



دوش ديدم کفتری نر روی بام

ماده اى راديد وگفتا بغبغو

ماده اما باهزاران کبروناز

درجوابش گفت امشب نغنغو

بعد یک ساعت پشیمان گشت ورفت

پیش نرگفتا که اينك بغبغو

نر بگفتا ای عزیز ديرشد ديگر

شما ناز فرمودى وما هم جغجغو

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

from all the years I can remember till 1978......

there were no clips of sarlashgar.... or sargord ...

on national tv talking about B.S.\



Thanks that helps a lot! :-)

by Disenchanted on

So masturbation is a cardinal sin. Hum...How about running over people with cars?! Is that a sin...a tiny, winy, "little one" at least?! I am not sure what percentage of the geeks in MIT & Caltech engage in such "wee wee" acts. But it ain't seem hurting their brain function. One even may the oppsite is ture! :-) Well, I have to admit I am way off my track. To have an opinion in such grave matters one has to spend two decades studying it in ..well you know where!


Islamic Sin, punishment on Earth or in Hell

by Zorumbaa on

Masturbation, holding hand in public, kissing in public, adults intimacy and sexual contact even in private—imagine brothers witnessing that in public!  Mixed gender (suppository unrelated) in picnics and group sports, mixed gender watching spectator’s sports like soccer. Mixed classes for usually adult university students, men and women next to each other in a public bus, and the list goes on. All Mohebat-e Islam Naab-e Mohamadi. And they are serious sins!
But on the other hand if the Spirit of allah authorized child molestation, that becomes the duty of all degenerated Islamists to practice and take it as a partial payment for the insurance policy they must have to be admitted somewhere up there for the grand prize.  Read the 13th Imam’s “Tahrir-al-Vasilih”, page 430, question 12.   


The Mass-Turbans-Nation???

by Demo on

The greatest sin of them all is that of a cult/group/nation who goes under a distintive/showy outfit (e.g. wearing turbans!) under the 'self proclaimed' title of 'men of GOD' & begins speaking for GOD with the pretense of guiding people to please him!!!


looool at responses

by masoudA on

Yet this guys religion is OK with using babies for self gratification!!


نظر جناب دکتر هلاکویی درباره خود ارضأیی


Sheila K

hell is going to be full with earth's population

by Sheila K on

if masturbation is a cardinal sin


برو دست علی به همراهت!



به قول گوگوش، بزن بزن که داری خوب میزنی، بزن بزن!

اینهم موزیک متن برای زدن به متد اسلامی!



 با خود بازی


 با خود بازی نکنین، ولی در مدرسه مذهبی کون همدیگه بزارین  -  اشکالی نداره - وای به حال مردمی که اجازه دادند یک سری مثله این مردیکه احمق بهشون زور بگه.


I should listen to this carefully.

by عموجان on

Now I know what I was doing wrong, I wasn’t doing my Vozo (ablution) before Masturbation. Here I come hell. 



Jenab Esfand Aashena

by All-Iranians on

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آداب لباس پوشیدن در اسلام


Esfand Aashena

نفهمیدیم دستور اسلامی در پوشیدن لباس زیر زنانه توسط مردان چیست؟

Esfand Aashena

Everything is sacred


نزنین چون که کور میشین!


به خصوص در هنگام نماز نزنین چون نمیتونین سجده برین!


مهمترین موضوع دینی، اقتصادی و اجتماعی


شکم و یک وجب زیر شکم

Arash Kamangir

Major concern of mullahs

by Arash Kamangir on

That's all the mullahs have always been concerned about. That is the result of living in religeous schools in Ghom!