Estamboli Polo

String or green beans and rice recipe

Persian home cooking in easy steps. Visti


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I tried it!

by Sid Sarshar on

I made it tonight and it came out delicious.  Faramarz’s recommendation of adding saffron and cinominom was incorporated in the dish and it was a success.  Thanks for a well put together video.


So it is not as difficult as

by Khebedin on

So it is not as difficult as my wife pretends. I don't get the chance to cook but only to eat it. 

Mohammad Ala

Literally make 100s of dishes...

by Mohammad Ala on

Using similar concept, but different preferences, one can literally make 100s of dishes.  Lubia polo has green beans cut in smaller pieces in many parts of Iran.  Darchin is one of the necessary spices.  I make my own paste with fresh tomatoes.

What video shows one can replace lubia with other items such as cabbage (kalam) or sour cherry.  For more tahdig always use a flatter pan/dig.  In my family, we prefer not to use “non-sticking” pots and pans.

When I prepared Lubia polo for my American friends, they thought the food was dry.  Americans prefer stew (khorshet) to go with it.  If you serve to non-Iranians, have khorshet bademjoon (with chicken or beef) to go with it.  The beauty of these dishes is that they can be made for vegetarian people too.

Jahanshah Javid

Best instructions

by Jahanshah Javid on

This is a great video. Simnple and to the point. Don't even need anyone talking. Keep it up!

G. Rahmanian

That was my question, too!

by G. Rahmanian on

We don't use ground beef or ground lamb in Estamboli Polo. Pollo means chicken in Italian. So, it's either chicken or lamb in chunks.

I've never heard of potatoes in Estamboli Polo. Tomato paste is only for the color and not necessary, otherwise. I'd go with Saffron!

Indians have a similar dish called, "Biryani." Turks have it, too.

Sheila K

this looks like vegetarian Lubia Polo

by Sheila K on

Estambolie has tomatoe past, potatoes, and some spices...


thanks but,

by CallmeRed on

this is how Shirazi people make Loobia polo, and call it, Estamboli polo.

Estamboli is made with cut potatoes, tomatoes with or without lamb.

here it is:


Loobia polo's ingredients are string beans, lamb cubes, tomatos, a lot of saffron! not so much tomato paste!

not to mention both are kinda difficult to make, and not an easy recipe for beginners!


Soosan Khanoom

Faramarz, who would have thought you can cook?

by Soosan Khanoom on

Impressive .. Don't forget to add that to your bachelorhood resume.  

; ) 



Great cooking video...

by alborz on

... as it is simple and uses the absolute minimum number of kitchen utensils - no mess - a rarity in most other videos.

One modification I would make to the recipe woudl be to add cinnamon to the meat and beans mix to give it the aroma that is characteristic of this dish. Amount should be no more than the tip of a knife or 1/4 tea spoon.

Thanks for posting.



One of the Best Iranian Dishes

by Faramarz on

Of all the Iranian dishes Estamboli Polo is the easiest one for people who have not tasted Iranian food to try and like. You can also add some Cayenne pepper to the sauce and make it spicier. And the Tahdig is awesome.

I would have added some saffron, used a non-stick pot and flipped the whole thing into a big plate for the visuals.




by jmyt17 on


I love Estamboli very much, Tomarrow dinner is Estamboli.

Thanks for sharing?

Which area in  Iran used Mince meat for cooking Estamboli? 

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

Iranian food!

Now I know how to make Estamboli Polo,

thanks for posting it here.