Documentary: "From Cyrus to Ahmadinejad"

Director Maziar Bahari's take on Iran-Israel conflict


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*Increased length with subtitle and video here

by Sassan1 on

For the previous link of this documentary I provided, the English subtitle was WAY too short deeming it impossible to enjoy. I have increased the length of the subtitle substantially as this is a truly groundbreaking documentary everyone must watch.

You can access the updated video with the subtitle here: //

Enjoy. :)


I went ahead and uploaded this documentary with English subtitle

by Sassan1 on

Great news my friends! The documentary "From Cyrus to Ahmadinejad" with English subtitles is now up and running on youtube! You can access it via the following link: // or simply do a youtube search "From Cyrus to Ahmadinejad" and it will appear as the first result. You will recognize the full title that appears as, "From Cyrus to Ahmadinejad" with full English subtitles/HD!


Israel is a filthy US military base run by European Jewish Mafia

by ILoveIran on

... and the Israelis' propaganda techniques against iranians are identical to those that they use against Palestinians.  And Iran has more Muslims than Jews, and many in Iran relate to the Palestinians on the basis of faith. Funny how Jews spread out all over the world (and who speak of their Judaic brothers everywhere) don't seem to get that?!  The mindset is diagnosable.   



ILOVEPALESTINE is at it again spreading his usual crap

by BBNaftee on

Which Part of it don't you understand?  We have NOTHING Against Israel.

The current situation is manufactured by the likes of you for your own ends and you are dragging the rest of us into it.


April fool's joke?!

by Arj on

Israel was selling Shah nuclear warheads?! That's a good one!

iraj khan

I don't know

by iraj khan on

what to think of the Iran/Israel situation,

after watching this video.

Nevertheless, it an informative documentary as one would expect from BBC, good interviews, interesting location shots, interesting people, etc.

But the last 10, 15 minutes of the documentary is all about Israelis, Iranian Jews, Israeli officials, etc.

What is lacking is the voices of ordinary muslim Iranians and the subject of Occupation of Palestinians' land by Israel.  

Interesting and thought provoking, thanks for posting here.


"Israel know-how and technology"

by ILoveIran on


For the fools of April and Tel Aviv...

by پندارنیک on

Can't wait for the day when "the one-hundred some odd thousand population" dominates the Children of Cyrus....................



by Benyamin on


Nader Vanaki

دوباره فکری

Nader Vanaki

به جای وحشیگری و فحاشی میتونستن یک لابی خیلی قوّی در اسرائیل داشته باشن.  اگه رابطه تجاری داشتن، دیپلماسی رو هم میزاشتن به عهده همونهایی که باهاشون تجارت میکردن.  اینجوری خیلی راحت حرفهاشون هم بهم میزدن و به یک راه حلّی هم برای مشکل فلسطینیها میرسیدن.

الان هم خیلی بد نیست اوضاعشون، خیلی بهم میان.  زیاد برای آینده نگرانی وجود نداره.


one thing is for sure

by MRX1 on

Isreal know how and technology helped Iran enormousley in the agriculture and technology sector and if the a*holes in charge continued the relationship, Iran would have been in far better shape than it is now.I like to know about any thing useful that ever came from Arabs,  palestenian or otherwise beside visa to Dubai for whore chasing purposes!

Jahanshah Javid


Jahanshah Javid

ممنون از مازیار بهاری برای نگاهی آموزنده و تامل آمیز.