Bank Mellat tv commercial

Elaborate production copying Jennifer Lopez video

Original Jennifer Lopez video:


Do Not Shoot Me


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The total imitation is a failure

by jasonrobardas on

After  the elimination of the "opposit sex" taboo.


The imitation is a total failure

by jasonrobardas on

with the elimination of the "Opposite sex taboo".

Multiple Personality Disorder

عجب دزدهای حقه‌بازی!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Anyhow, I like that little Fiat 500 Convertible.



by Farfromheaven2002 on

Should Iranians in Iran follow the same rules "respecting" in the US?

Financial tip: You could go to Iran, apply US patents and make your own company!!  There won't be anything illegal because of the unfortuante relationships between two countires.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

I just saw my Cinque cento! Fiat 500 on the video and enjoyed the alaki Music.



The mingling taboo!

by Arj on

Indeed, homoeroticism is not the only notion that IRI is willing to put up with in order to avoid interaction of opposite genders in movies and tv commercials, but in many instances IRITV commercials even dabble in pedophilia to avoid mingling of the sexes!

For instance, In a shampoo/body wash commercial, a male adult embraces a child who walks out of the shower, running his fingers through the boy's hair and caressing his body in a really creepy manner! One can only  imagine if Catholic church were to make tv commercials!!!

Anonymous Observer

So, he's irresistible to men?!!

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Honestly, This is so

by Arthimis on

Honestly, This is so shameful!!!! Islamic Republic has turned Iranian women into slaves & Iranian men to gays systematically for the past 33 years!!! I.R. is THE SINGLE MOST BACKWARDED AND EVIL REGIME ON THE PLANET! No other even come close...


Not in Iran!

by Arj on

And... Ahmeadinejad claims that there are no homosexuals in Iran!!!