Iran 1 - Uzbekistan 0

Victory in World Cup qualifying match Iran substitute Mohammad Reza Khalatbari has netted a winner deep into injury time to stun Uzbekistan 1-0 in their opening final round 2014 World Cup qualifier in Tashkent despite the hosts dominating Sunday's clash. The White Wolves had the better of the opportunities throughout the game with Aleksandr Geynrikh at the heart of most of their attacking moves but ultimately they failed to take their chances, before Khalatbari's dramatic late intervention >>>


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تشکر ، دو بیتی زیبای است


اتفاقأ دیروز بعد از فوتبال در پرس تی وی مستند امام را تماشا کردم. قسمت جالب آن صحنه آخر و جمله ای از خمینی که من خودهم نشنیده بودم ......
ُ ُ اینها همه کار خداوند است به من و شما ربطی ندارد، من هیچ کاره هستم و هیچ احترامی ندارم و به شما هم هیچ احترامی نمیگذارم ُ
احمدی ؛ خامنه ای؛ خمینی و حتی عالیجناب امگا پوش مقدس نیستند که نشود با آنها شوخی کرد؟؟

I wear an Omega watch


هذیون نگو مامور!



آخه وقتی که دوتا کارشناس دارن صحبت میکنن که غلومعلی با بیل و سرندش نمیاد مداخله کنه!

پاشو روز ارتحال امامه یک چند تا شعار بده.

احمدی پاشو که رهبر آمده

از عشق روی عنتر آمده 

Dr. Mohandes

Hey! It is ned Flanders

by Dr. Mohandes on

The first time i saw this Anchor dude, i was reminded of Homer's neigborino, Ned Flanders. And my eyes were glued to the tv set.



by مآمور on

 آره، من هم موافقم همه با هم روی همدیگر ماچ کنیم!! عکسم میدم عکست میگیرم!! گل آفساید هم به هم نمیزنیم!!

I wear an Omega watch

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

If i were a woman i would have given you a keees on de cheeeks for your absoutely accurate observations. Precisely my sentiments.

Having new talents blended in is totally okay but only when there is close chemistry amongst all. When like the Germans and Brazilians, each player knows where the other one is and how is he going to pass the ball to them, even with their eyes closed. They can read one another's mind. that is how tightly nit they are. which probably results from putting away personal differences and all the nitty gritty matters, which i am sure is abundant among our players.

Right now, based on what i  am hearing and reading, looks like we got two top guys on the front, Ansari seems like a good finisher, and Khalat joon reminds me of Muller of germany (the one in the current line up) where he is every where and can do anything.



Doctor Mohandes

by Faramarz on

Yesterday, as we say in Farsi, "We brought from a$$!"

This team has many problems, the biggest of which are talent and age. The older players like Karimi, Nekounam, Hosseini and Aghili can take the team to the World Cup, but then what? Our lack of team speed will get us killed over there.

The coach needs to blend in enough new blood to give them experience, but at the same time not jeopardize the chance to get qualified.

Half Iranians like Dejagah, Nazari and a few others might be our way out of this problem.




از این ناپلٔونی تر نمی‌شد


Mr. Mohammad Ala

by iamfine on

I hope you are correct in your analysis

Dr. Mohandes

Faramarz and Mr. ala

by Dr. Mohandes on

So is it safe to say that:

Hamceh chi che gad khoshalam...or as some of my bad bad nasty friends tend to say...never mind. that is really rude.

Mohammad Ala

Iran will qualify . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

Iran gave a chance to several new players to be tested.  Several experienced players did not play well including the new ones.  There are different theories for Iran’s line up; one is that the coach wanted to wear the Uzbek’s team down and bring two fresh forwards in min 75.  This strategy worked and their defense was tired and Iran scored a beautiful goal.

In regard to Uzbek’s goal, the ball passed but part of it was on the line.  FIFA says ALL the ball must pass the goal line.  Iran has been unlucky many times getting scored on the last few minutes in the last games which have denied us several world cups.  The games just started. 

For those of you who live in the West, doesn’t the result matter?  Iran won, so be happy.  Iran had several injured players who will make a difference in the future games. 


Iran played so bad

by iamfine on

It was embarrassing to see our country, after so many years of playing soccer, still looks like a third class team. I watched most of the game and couldn't believe how unprofessional it was - it could be worse


it was the eye of God

by مآمور on

to not see Ozback's goal, as per brother Maradona


I wear an Omega watch


Better Lucky than Good!

by Faramarz on


Iran could have been behind 2-3 goals by the 70th minute but thanks to Rahmati and the Japanese referee's inability to see the ball crossing Iran's line, Iran managed to stay in the game and win it.

So is football!

As Red Wine wrote, this was the most peculiar line up for Iran. While Nekou stood around and didn't do much, Jabbari and Ebrahimi should not have even been on the field to start with and they were ultimately subbed out.

The defensive line was also a big surprise since these 4 guys have never played with each other before and the lack of coordination was quite apparent after the first 20-25 minutes.

Iran has a great coach and we should give him the benefit of the doubt. He now has 8 days to get ready to host Qatar while the Qataris will host S. Korea on Friday. And let's hope that Dejagah will be fit to play. 

I watched the game on Aljazira which is very professional and a head and a shoulder above the Regime's IRIB2. At least with Aljazira you get the stadium and the sideline noise.

It was funny when the Iranian players were calling Khalatbari, "Khalat, Khalat!"

iraj khan

Good Job Iran

by iraj khan on

Looking forward to watch the match with Qatar.

Go Iran!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

صدقه سرِ داور و قسمت این بازی را تیم ملی‌ ایران برنده شد،وقتش بود که برای یکبار هم که شده..این چنین قسمتی‌ نصیبمان شود.

-باورم نشد وقتی‌ که دیدم نکونام (یکی‌ از ۲۰ نفر بازیکن برترِ لا لیگا ۱۲-۲۰۱۱) امروز هیچ کاره وسطِ زمین بود ، یعنی‌ صد رحمت به دسته بیل ! خدا را کرور شکر که تیموریان حواسش جمع بود و از بابتِ تکنیکِ خوبی‌ که ارائه کرد،تا حدودی (توجه داشته باشید..تا حدودی) تیم در میانه زمین توانست توپ‌ها را برگرداند،هافبک‌ها روزِ بدی داشتند.

-رحمتی امروز ثابت کرد که چرا بهترین دروازه بان امسال نام گرفته است،اگر او امروز عصر در درونِ دروازه تیم ملی‌ نابود،۱۰۰% دو گل از ازبک‌ها (برادرانِ ازبک !) خورده بودیم، شیر آ میتی .

-متوجه نشدم که چرا امروز کریمی‌ در جای همیشگی‌ بازی نکرد،نمی‌ دانم کی روش به چه ترتکیبی فکر می‌‌کرده،به دنبال چه بوده و آیا ندیدی که کریمی‌ باید در مثلثِ خلعتبری و انصاری فرد جای داشته باشد ؟ از کی روش این کار بعید بود.

-کی روش به بد عاقبتی گرفتار شده است،او هنوز ایرانیان را نشناخته است و برای همین امیدوارم که رویه خود را عوض کند تا این سبک اتفاقات دیگر نیفتاد،وگرنه همان بهتر است که مایلی کهن مربی‌ تیم ملی‌ باشد !

-باید این را قبول کنیم که دیگر تیمِ ضعیف در آسیا وجود ندارد،همه برای برنده شدن می‌‌آیند (نمونه دیگر تیم فوتسال تایلند بود که ما را شکست داد و ثابت کرد که گفتنِ اینکه ایران و مملکت گل و بلبل و کوروش شاه شاهان و شیرازِ قشنگ و سمرقند و بخارا مالِ ما بوده نمی‌شود در ورزش موفق بود!)،امشب قطر یک بر صفر لبنان را زد و با ما هم امتیاز است،بازی بعدی با قطر در تهران خواهد بود.

یا حق.