Greeen Movement: Three Years Later

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Arash Kamangir

First aim should be "toppleing IR"

by Arash Kamangir on

I think the biggest problem with green movement was that it failed to recognize that without toppling the regime as a aim the movement would end up as it is now. First aim of any movement in Iran should be the toppling the system and starting a new democratic secular system.

Darius Kadivar

How YOUR "Green" Color Was Chosen & By WHOME !

by Darius Kadivar on


it'll be even easier than Lybia.

by mousa67 on

because lybians were sunni muslims, who fight, whereas the bassijis in iran are shia pussy cats who run away and wear a chador at the first sign of a US marine. we'll wrap the whole thing up in less than six days.

iranian people , with our air support will change their regime and select their own president or king or whatever. our troops will be there to ensure that. i'll be there to hand deliver bottles of pepsi or coke to the bassijis who did not get a chance to escape to london or toronto.

Mohammad Ala

با حلوا حلوا کردن دهمان شیرین نمیشود

Mohammad Ala

از قدیم گفته اند: با حلوا حلوا کردن دهمان شیرین نمیشود. مشکلات ما یک روزه بوجود نیامدند که باین آسانی حل شوند.


Dear Green People! The only way to get this movement going again


is through Israeli support. But first, Israel needs to neutralize the enemy and that is IRR. That's why Rabbis Shlomo, Ishmaele, and others are going through nonstop F16 flight drills to make sure they deliver the package to the right address!? The address is Natanz.

LEUT Shlomo Israel.


Listen, Listen!

by Demo on

Any so called movements under any color or any banner with the 'left over' traitors of the 'delusional golden eras' of the past as their leaders/supporters are doomed to fail without any doubt! Whether be interior or exterior oppositions!

PS: The GM was to ID the real opposition! Mousavi was never ever more than a 'Joker' in the deck of cards being played! Period.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

به دوستان.. اعم از سبز،آبی‌،بنفش،زرد،سیاه و سفید و دیگر وابستگان رنگی‌ و حتّی آفتاب پرستان، این فرخنده روز را تبریک گفته و یاد آوری می‌کنیم که در مملکتِمان همچنان ماهواره ممنوعـــه، اینترنت فیلتــره، شراب حَرامـه، رابطه با جنس مخالف گُناهـه، اَمنیت خیــاله، عِشق نـایـابه،اِزدواج کشکه،طلاق فراوونه،دزدی حَلاله،خیانت رَواجــه، دروغ نُقـل و نَبـاته، آینده سیاهـــه و هوا آلـــوده .... و آینده چه شود ؟ ... خدا داند... تکلیفِ ما نا معلومه !


Easier than it happened in Egypt

by مآمور on

It would take 2 weeks of abiding  gathering of people in Tehran and 5 or 6 other major cities, where
actually u can find people willing to come out, to bring down the regime
in Tehran!!

what stopped people to give up was the fear pf aftermath and lack of
credibility in unorganized opposition!! seriously, give me a name whom
everybody can trust!! as a matter of fact the only kind of credible
leader with a bit of charisma was Mousavi!!

I wear an Omega watch


[Thirty] Three years on....

by Bavafa on

Yet many of those brave bunch + more folks from all wakes of life who cannot tolerate this suffocating air created by the moronic leaders of the regime are still behind bars simply for demanding their basic human rights.

Meanwhile, the sane world lead by US/Israel has piled a whole lot of sanctions and other measures for a thing they cannot prove to exist but missing the elephant in the room.

The irony .... the shame.

Drood bar tamame Iranian mobarez

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Next time

by Fred on

The Reformist faction of the Islamist Rapists higacked people's peaaceful demand for change.

The "reformist"  tried to take people  back to the "golden era" of their "Imam Khomeini."

This will not happen next time, which is not that far off.