Dispute Over Reza Pahlavi Posters

Gathering in Stockholm in support of political prisoners in Iran

اختلاف بین برگزارکنندگان گردهمایی دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و طرفداران سلطنت رضا پهلوی در سوئد


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Ashk Dovom

by amirkabear4u on

very interesting point you mentioned;

Can you imagine what national catastrophe would have been averted if only Khomeini's Velayat Faghih and the views of his supporters were known to Iranian people prior to the revolution?

NOW IRI is doing exactly the same. This is what I am trying to say all these governments are the same.



Fairness and Equality in Justice

Ashk Dovom

Reza Pahlavi and his supporters should be promoted!!

by Ashk Dovom on

Not only views of Reza Pahlavi's supporters should be allowed to be expressed, they should be encouraged and promoted. They should be broadcasted on prime time television! Can you imagine what national catastrophe would have been averted if only Khomeini's Velayat Faghih and the views of his supporters were known to Iranian people prior to the revolution? So let Reza Pahlavi and his supporters come out, express themselves and reveal the depth of their characters. And if we have eyes, ears and clear power of judgement, let us see, hear and judge. If we cannot see, hear or judge then we are doomed no matter what.

Anonymous Observer

Well at least

by Anonymous Observer on

at least the organizers had the decency, and enough recognition of the concept of free speech that they allowed RP's supporters to express themselves.  Unlike this NIAC clown who called the police on them:



Hirre: Nationalistic poets

by alimostofi on

Hirre: Nationalistic poets like Ferdowsi you mean perhaps. Or perhaps what is written in our hearts from Avesta. But there is no Islamic literature that puts Iran first. And there is certainly no political literature that will put Iran above Islam. Both the realm of politics and religion will put their ideals above Iranian culture.

The people of Iran need cultural representation in embassies and many other world organizations. Currently they are being represented by the Islamic democratic process and not the Iranian democratic process.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi

Darius Kadivar

Bazam een hirre Raft donballeh "Fetchez La Vache" ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Fighting with one's mind is easy ... Particularly when one has nothing to utter but Crap ...


DOWNTON ABBEY: Ebrahim Golestan "Vomits" on Shah's Coronation & calls Ferdowsi a 'Racist' 


Being balanced in one's judgment on the otherhand is not your strong suite is it ? ...


Ezatollah Entezami Bold Tribute To Shah’s Brother In Law Mehrdad Pahlbod on IRI TV 


FOR KING AND COUNTRY: Fereydoun Farrokhzad Last Concert Before Assassination (1992)


Koochooloo Might as Well Fetchez La Vache ...


Fetchez La Vache



"...there is no institution

by hirre on

"But there is no institution to defend the culture of Iran", you are talking like there is an epic war (or something) over culture going on...

No, we do not need any such institution (monarchy), the iranian people ARE the institution themselves and we have used our culture against tyrants at all time during history... Where were the kings of the past who should defend our "culture" as you claim!? They were whoring in their harems, or secretly making deals with the "enemies", dropping persia's defences and letting the enemy come and take our land over and over again, even in modern times...

The only true persistant warriors were the poets, the educated, the people that chose to fight in a different way, with their minds, when their kings were too weak and failed to deal with the problems...


Hirre: Cart before the Horse

by alimostofi on

Iran is already culturally united. The only thing that unites us is our love for Iran. Anything else is personal.

But there is no institution to defend the culture of Iran. Democratic institutions will open Iran to all the imperfections of democracy just like the IRGC has done in changing the name, flag, and national anthem of Iran.

What is your solution for safeguarding Iran's culture?

Once we have Iran back and safe we can talk of the political choices people want to make. So please do not put the Cart before the Horse.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


The problem

by hirre on

The problem is that everybody tries to "unite" iranians which is not practical. The only single thing we need to be united on is a democratical platform, that's it. Then people's votes will decide who will be the leader etc...

You could put RP's popularity in this way: if there were free elections in Iran and mousavi, mahmuud A., karoubi & finally RP were candidates, who would you think the majority of iranians would pick? Who would have the best rhetorics that the young people in Iran would like to hear? Karoubi? Mousavi? :)

The problem is that RP doesn't want to be a candidate and doesn't want to create a party either, he wants indirectly to keep the option open for a future constitutional monarchy and that's why royalists still support him and the opposition "hates" him, because many royalists believe in a const. monarchy as the future for Iran. Why? Because they also want to "unite" iranians under some form/organization/hierarchy etc, which is BS and has historically failed during the past century...

Just look at the disagreements in this forum, throw in some fundamentalists, some reformists, different ethnic groups etc and you got Iran in a nutshell...

Dr. Mohandes

Deev jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Same here Bro:)


Dr. Jaan

by deev on

I wish everyone was as civil as you in disagreements kind sir, I enjoyed our exchange despite not seeing eye to eye, cheers.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

That is a Biased judgment on your part. anyone can see that in your arguments. Not that i am saying there is anything wrong with it.

Had you not dispised, or disliked RP, The emphasis would have been on the  

surely there are many who are passionate about Mr. Pahlavi and many who just think he's alright,

This is like a comparison between the Poll results during presidential election, which although might on the surface give you an indication of what is going on, at the end it might not matter as much and be worth all the faith and credibility that is putting into it.

At any rate, don't mean to get into any sorta argument/discussion with you over this. I just do not agree with you.



اطلاعیه برگزار کننده گان آکسیون 20 ژوئن در استکهلم


طی روزهای 18و 19 و 20 یونی از طرف "کمیته حمایت از زندانیان سیاسی"، "میشن فری" و "سازمان سراسری پناهندگان ایرانی بیمرز" در شهر استکهلم آکسیونی در حمایت از زندانیان سیاسی سازمان داده شد که از طرف جمعی از جریانات سیاسی مورد حمایت قرار گرفت.

هدف از این کار جلب توجه افکار عمومی به مسئله زندانیان سیاسی در ایران بود. روز 20 ژوئن طبق برنامه قبلی تجمعی برگزار شد که در آن نمایندگانی از احزاب و سازمانهای مختلف ایرانی و سوئدی برای سخنرانی حضور یافتند. در این میان جمعی از هوداران رضا پهلوی بدون اطلاع قبلی در محل آکسیون حاضر شدند و عکسهای رضا پهلوی را در میان جمعیت بالا بردند که با مخالفت حاضران، سخنرانان و مسئولین برگزارکننده تجمع روبرو شدند. مسئولین از آنان درخواست کردند که از آن جا که  این اکسیون برای حمایت از زندانیان سیاسی سازمان داده شده است, از بالا بردن عکسهای رهبران، خود داری کنند و تنها به حمل پرچم و حمایت از زندانیان سیاسی بپردازند.اما به دلیل عدم توجه آنان به خواست برگزارکنندگان، این مراسم برای مدتی کوتاه تعطیل شد تا سپس به روال پیشین بازگردد. در این میان تعدادی از حاضران و سخنرانان  که از شخصیت های سیاسی و نماینده پارلمان سوئد نیز بودند، به نشانه اعتراض به این حرکت طرفداران رضا پهلوی مراسم را ترک کردند.
در ادامه فردی که خود را "امید دانا" معرفی میکند، با همان شیوه ها ی آشنای حزب الهی رژیم جمهوری اسلامی در ....صدد بر هم زدن آکسیون برآمد

این افراد و خصوصا شخص خانم غفارپور که محرک این فالانژ بازی بود باید متوجه باشند که ما در آینده برای پیش برد سالم فعالیتهایمان و جلو گیری از مزاحمتهای بعدی از پلیس سوئد کمک خواهیم گرفت. ما اینگونه رفتارها را شدیدا محکوم میکنیم.و از کلیه آزادیخوان در خواست میکنیم که با آنان رفتار شایسته خود آنان را داشته باشند و یکصدا اینگونه رفتارها را محکوم کنند.
ما عمیقا متاسفیم که شخصیتهای سیاسی دعوت شده و جریاناتی که از کمپین حمایت کردند, علی رغم تلاش و صرف وقت برای شرکت در این تجمع، مجال حضور موثر نیافتند و مجبور شدند اجتماع را ترک کنند و به دلیل فضای موجود از ایراد سخنرانی خودداری کنند.
         کمیته برگزاری آکسیون حمایت از زندانیان سیاسی _ سوئد استکهلم
                                   عزت دولت آبادی _فرشاد پاشازاده _حسین جاسبی
24 یونی 2012




Dr. Mohendes

by deev on

Metrics are always SIMPLIFIED representation of data and not an in depth analysis, surely there are many who are passionate about Mr. Pahlavi and many who just think he's alright, but what this simple metrics shows is the fact that he's not nearly as popular as Mir Hossein Mousavi or Shahin Najafi and is leaps and miles behind despite his freedom and millions of dollars.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

You are oversimplying the matter. So jus because you have the option of Liking something in the most accessible way, that automatically means that you REALLY like and favor something? Since when? What about the certain emotional and other factors that may create interference in interpretting what the information really mean?

It does not really matter what media outlet you are using, be it FB or a full page add In NY times, You will never be able to make the claim that you are nearly even scratching the surface when it comes to gauging the true level of support for a particular personality out there.




D: Twitter made its name on

by alimostofi on

D: Twitter made its name on Iran when the mullahs locked up the world press in what was Hilton. Yes I am one of the oldest users of Twitter. We used to get the news from the Citzen Journal of Iran then via sms. Funnily enough we all thought that pro-mullah reuters and bbc crowd went to hilton and kept quiet on purpose.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


Yes, FB is crucial

by deev on

Mr. Mostofi, unless you were enjoying a media blackout during the 2008 Iranian election and the arab spring you'd recognize the utmost importance of Facebook and Twitter amongst the youth seeking democratic change.

Perhaps such skeptical and dismissive attitude is the real reason behind Reza Pahlavi's lack of support amongst the youthful demographic capable of change.


D: So you think FB is that

by alimostofi on

D: So you think FB is that crucial to the future of Iran?

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


Are Pahlavi supporters pansies?

by deev on

Mr. Mostofi
You made a valid point that "Iranians that might bother to show allegiance [to RP] will not show allegiance, out of fear" which translates to Pahlavi supporters being gutless pansies, why do I say that?

Look at the number of Mousavi's fans, three times as much as RP and mostly from Iran where there's a real danger of prosecution, meanwhile Mr. Pahlavi's supporters whom mostly reside outside of Iran are still not brave enough to show support? Now that's truly sad.

You also mentioned "many more [RP supporters] will not be on Facebook" which is also true because they're the Granpa Granma generation whom aren't an optimal demographic for making a realistic change in Iran.

Lastly you say RP's "pooularity cannot be measured by Facebook" which I beg to disagree, Facebook is a microcosm of reality and a great metrics tool to tangibly measure popularity, if it wasn't companies like Walmart would'nt spend their money growing their fan pages. FB is the simplest way to show support for something you "like" and Reza's poor popularity is an obvious indication that he isn't likable, he isn't a number because if he was he'd pull bigger numbers, like Shahin Najafi.


DK and popularity of His Imperial Majesty

by alimostofi on

DK please explain why you expect anything from what you call Diaspora? You almost refer to it as a person or an organization. It is neither. Moreover by definition the diaspora cannot do anything. It is a description of a situation. You need to clarify and simplify your arguments.

Finally HIM's pooularity cannot be measured by Facebook, as most Iranians that might bother to show allegiance, will not show allegiance, out of fear and many more will not be on Facebook.

Our problem from March 1979, was that people did not unite and form a government in exile out of this fear of being killed by IRGC. And we still can't get a simple petition to form a body of respectable Iranians outside Iran; that can speak on behalf of the culture of Iran; not be part of politics, religion or commerce, and be accepted by UN and other NGOs.

So we are a rudderless crowd with no voice. If you all got together and realised that you all have one thing in common all the time - namely you love Iran, and that everyone can be wrong, then you will move forward.

It is that simple.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi



by Shemirani on

Ali P, I agree, noone wants to be in that position of abus of apparence and values and it can explain why all this demonstrations are so empty !! We (as a community) must find a way to Act more as Patriots and less as Partisans ! and we don't have much time to waste hesitating and talking  about it !


Darius K you are right in persian medias there is tones of republican "négationiste" spending their time bashing monarchist or denying them  !!! they believe they can brainwash people and erase the monarchist from political scene by doing that ! i think they are totally wrong ! its because i saw this bunch of idiots talking  that  i realise they are lying when it comes to historical facts and all programs are "left"  oriented !!! only dummies can't see it ! anyone with a bit of brain can see how they try to manipulate people ! actually they are not smart enough to do it avec finesse ;)

 by the way, even french republican are like that in a certain extent when they are talking of other country with a constitutional monarchy,they always mock it but at the same times millions of french watched the royal wedding  and liked it !!!!   republican built their fame by saying monarchists are backward and the system is obsolet, why spending money for nothing ....this and that !!!!  at the end of the day : 80% of dictatorial countries on earth are republics ! they never us explain why ;))


Yes iranvatan

by amirkabear4u on

Pahlavi = Rajavi = Akhund = Green Movement =


What Pahlavis and akhunds achieved in their time real govenrments did it in a few years.


Fairness and Equality in Justice


Dear deev

by amirkabear4u on

This explanation may help you. The best time for RP to come to power was during the war with iraq, but it seemed he missed the boat for some reason. After that he is always doing the wrong move. Only after the green movement he started to go public more than before.

If he was an able politician he would have shown a better approach. All he does repeat one issue, democracy and free speach. Even samad can do that.


Fairness and Equality in Justice

Darius Kadivar

See What I mean Ali P Jan ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on



Pahlavi = Rajavi = Akhund = Mullah = Green Movement =Traitor

by iranvatan on


Pahlavi = Rajavi = Akhund = Mullah = Green Movement = Traitor = Corruption = Dozd= Ashghal

 They all are thieves who sold Irani and Iranians to the west or foreigners.

As long as Iranians act like MULES and SHEEPS this is the results. 





Why is Reza unpopular?

by deev on

Why does
Reza Pahlavi
lack real support? Why is his popularity so poor when y'all claims him to be so great?

Just for the sake of perspective my friend Erfan has twice as many fans on Facebook and he's not even the most popular rapper out there!

Seriously think about it, finding the reason behind this popularity problem will be the first step towards your dream of his return to power, Khomeini came to power due to his massive popularity, how can this guy go anywhere when he can't even motivate people to click on a measly "like" button let alone risk their lives for him, that's stone cold reality.

Darius Kadivar

Ali P Jan I see your point 'ideally" But "Hambastegyeh" Tokmhi.

by Darius Kadivar on

Ali P Jan I see your point 'ideally" But "Hambastegyeh" Tokmhi should not be forced down our throats either ...


Particularly when that "ideal" is betrayed in the name of a dubious interpretation of "Hambasteghi" by organizations which have come into being out of the blue as spokespersons of the Diaspora at large without the slightest legitimacy except great financial aid (with whose generous donation ?) and online sponsoring ( all Iranian Diaspora websites many based in California were Pro Regime or at worst Pro Reform prior to the 2009 Post Election Crackdown for obvious reasons ... ) and often not so secret about their ideological bias as let's say United4Iran with antennas in all 4 corners of the world:



Just look at the above clip created by by United4Iran called Azadi and endorsed by our ever politically correct pseudo Diaspora Artists where they directly draw parrallels between the Shah's regime and Khomeiny but speak about Hambasteghi!

If they can use History whenever it suits them to justify an ideological stance in order to package it for general consumption then I believe it is not only a right but a Duty for anyone who believes that they are being manipulated to Stand Up and demonstrate against hypocrisy and the highjacking of the struggle for democracy and human rights of a people who do not have the luxury to speak up:

BROKEN RECORD: Woman on IRI TV “We're Only good at shouting slogans since Shah Left”



That's when hiding behind the First Amendment and other legal arguments in the name of political rights which the same organizations deny others becomes hypocritical. 

United for Iran, with NIAC's Babak Talebi in Washington DC, July 25, 2009



part 2, NIAC Babak Talebi, Trita Parsi can also be seen in Trousers walking discreetly in the crowd in Washington DC demonstration (Protest) on July 25th


I blame the Diaspora at large for this behavior because they have been partners in the Crimes committed by the IRI by allowing people who contributed to the very regime which is committing these crimes to speak in their names and refusing to demand the slightest accountability for their actions.     This is not merely about standing for the Rights of Iranians back home this is also about Representation of our community by people who claim to speak in our name and are using their very own "victimization" as an argument to suppress other voices from expressing themselves.   The goal being to legitimize in the eyes of our host countries ( often with the help of local Iranian representatives who themselves were either revolutionaries or their parents were such) the distorted idea that the Revolution of 1979 which drew us all out was after all legitimate and that the political form of a Post IRI iran is a given fact !  


Omid  Dana Speaks to a Swedish Iranian Deputy of the Swedish Green Party

That people wish to hold the previous regime accountable fine, that they wish to criticize the exiled Opposition for their incompentence I would be the first to endorse those critics ... But to use that as an argument to highjack public discourse and spread their own ideological agenda down our throats I say NO !  


They did the same by putting into the spotlight someone like Shirin Ebadi thanks to connections the IRI reformists had developed over the years with the Swedish authorities and various left wing gullible organizations so as to use her as the Trojan Horse of Khatami's respectable image abroad. Mainly to say to the world that look Khatami's reforms are just like Gorbatchev's Presetroika.     


Well we saw what that Perestroika led to ...    


The same BS is being used today to promote the idea that the Green Movement is demanding a Secular Republic on the long run: 


How YOUR "Green" Color Was Chosen & By WHOME !   



now merely because one young generation had the courage to speak up and faced a crackdown ( Just as they did in 1999 but no one in the Diaspra spoke up as vehemently against the IRI then as they did in 2009 where many went and enthusiastically voted in the Elections aimed at legitimizing the very regime which ousted them and their parents into exile ... I say Shame on them !!!) should that alow other equally unelected representatives to speak in their name:



 KNIGHTHOOD: Order of the Garter bestowed upon Mohsen Kadivar For Giving me a Bad Name ;0(    



by silencing other interpretations of what that Upheaval was all about ?


 TEHRAN: Shoare Na Ghaze Na Lobnan Janam Fadaye Iran Dar Varzeshgahe Aryamehr! October 11, 2011


That to me is intellectual dishonesty and an illustration of the lack of accountability by all those Diaspora Iranians who advocate an Iranian Jomhury ( Secular or Not).    



Bah Dorough Oomadan Sareh Kar va Bah Dorough Ma roh beeroon Kardand va Ba Hamoon Doroughha meekhan bar gardand to Keshvar Kareshoonoh Tamoom Konand !  


Well I encourage anyone who stands up to this Self imposed Political Correct behavior !  



For not long ago many of the same Jomhurykhahs (Secular or Not) like Bahram Moshiri and his likeminds were lecturing us Monarchists on how to pay our respects to our Lost Prince Ali Reza ...  


Bahram Moshiri lectures the Pahlavi Family on their responsibility of Prince Ali Reza’s Death the Very day of the Royal Family’s Mourning 



Some Nerve !   



Can you believe that in the Paris Gathering honoring the young man some wanted to avoid putting the Pahlavi Anthem but Ey Iran instead ?  



My Brother and I politely but firmly went and insisted to the organizers to have the Pahlavi Anthem Played and they obeyed.   If this is the type of Hambasteghiyeh Tokhmi these Jomhurykhah folks ( Secular or Not) have in mind then they keep it:



LIMITS TO HAMBASTEGHI: Fravahar on impossibiity of Rallying Jomhurykhahs (Secular or Not) 

My Humble but Firm Opinion, DK 

Ali P.

Dear Shemirani & Amirparviz

by Ali P. on

Sh. says: "Ali P manzooretoon chie ? yaani yek rooz Chapia tazahorat konan Fardash
Rastia ?....Mage chi mishe hame dore haam bashan, Mimiran ?"

I wish all people were civil enough to be able to demontrate, next to each other. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to certain hot issues, there are always those who get out of hand, and spoil it for everyone. It applies to crowds, whether it is Times Square, New york, or it is Tahreer Square, Cairo.  In those cases, it is better for them to be separate; hence the police presence.


There are those, who for one reason or another, love- just absolutely love- everything and everyone related to the Pahlavis.

Then you have those who, for one reason or another, hate- just absolutely hate- everything and everyone related to the Pahlavis.

The 1st Amendment is not here to pick, who is right, and who is wrong, or who is narrow-minded. It is here to protect everyone's right, to love or hate anything they want, and express it, and to be heard, without violence, and in a civilized manner.

I won't want my 'appearance' being used, by a group I don't agree with, by having them crash the demonstration I called for, and organized, and paid for. Would you?


Ali P.


First Amendment II

by Zorumbaa on

Shir, do you really think the snobs, calcified minds, binary thinkers, demagogues, free riders, opportunists, and plain old simpletons’ get the point? Yours or mine or many other people who can think objectively ? “ Remove IRR and RESPECT people’s voices in a free and fair election.” This is like whispering YAASEEN into the donkey’s ears! BUT, let’s keep whispering!!  


Oon Yaroo

Sweden, the home to all the ex-commies!

by Oon Yaroo on

And they haven't learned a bit! Defunct, defiant, and full of it as usual!


First Amendment.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I see you would like to be a member of the Opposition in Irans future Democracy, Yes? : )

FYI The IRI is still in power, so lets all work together to remove the IRI and respect the peoples voice in free and fair elections.  Agreed.  Unity First.