Ahmadinejad Man Named in Insurance Fraud Trial

Deputy President Mohammad Reza Rahimi

در هشتمین جلسه دادگاه اختلاس از شرکت بیمه ایران و استانداری تهران، متهم ردیف اول ادعا کرده به محمدرضا رحیمی، معاون اول رییس‌جمهوری ایران رشوه داده است. او گفته زمانی که آقای رحیمی رئیس دیوان محاسبات کشور بود، یک و نیم میلیارد تومان به حساب شخصی او ریخته است. پیشتر هم بعضی از نمایندگان مجلس و دستگاه قضایی ایران محمدرضا رحیمی، معاون اول رئیس جمهوری، را از متهمان اصلی پرونده اختلاس شرکت بیمه ایران معرفی کرده بودند. پرونده ای که پیشتر به پرونده "حلقه خیابان فاطمی" معروف بود. علیرضا فولادی گزارش می‌دهد.


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Mardom Mazloom

National sport

by Mardom Mazloom on

After hanging, the national sport in the satanic regime is to denounce the evils of fraude of the other faction. The rule is simple: the higher the fraud rates, the better the final score!

Besides that the spectators (people) struggle to eat ...

Imagine the end of the game! 


thank you :)

by mousa67 on

& thanks to mr soroush for helping you with your farsi.

your explanation (as translated by sister fati commando) makes perfect sense, and explains where hiji agha & haji khanoom got their money from to send their feisty daughter to london, only to flag & call uncle mousa names on internet.





اگر اسم رحیمی در هیت مدیره هر ۳ شرکت هست و صاحب سهام ، اگر مبلغ کلان به حساب ایشان ریخته شده و یا هر اما و اگر دیگر دلیل آن این است که ایشان نماینده دولت در آن شرکتها بوده.
شرکتی که می خواهد خود را مستقل معرفی کند و در خارج با شرکتهای غیر ایرانی وارد تجارت شود وانمود میکند که وابستگی به دولت ایران ندارد!! 
همه آنهای که دارند داد بیداد می کنند مثل توکلی خودشان بهتره از همه از این مسئله خبر دارند!! بنابراین رحیمی و ریسش احمدی را به دادگاه بی بی سی میکشند!!
برادر دمو    تینا شیرین زبان هم جالب بود!

I wear an Omega watch


AN = Talking Tina in Twilight Zone!

by Demo on

Now TT is really pissed:


AO: Our jewish faith brethrens are the masters of intrusions & of covering up the 'truth!' Notice also that TT's forefathers were also of that faith! Nothing wrong with the faith but the DNA test is a must !

Anonymous Observer

Have you ever noticed

by Anonymous Observer on

that for a certain group of IR friendly characters, inclusion of a Jew in any and all comments / articles / discussions is a must?  

We have one such example here.  The discussion is about IR's thivery, and a character jumps in and inserts a Jew comment about Madoff...and makes sure to mention he's a Jew.  What does this have to do with Madoff and his religion?!!!

Hello BTW Disenchanted. 



No point trying to score political points here ...

by reader1 on

...  crooks are crooks - no matter what their colour, race, religion or political persuasion. Bernie Madoff and Rahimi  are from  the same   mindset - one is a jewish crook and the other a muslim crook. However the way that crooks are dealt with is quite unique in that beloved country of ours -   the petty thieves are hanged and the great ones are appointed to public office!



by Arj on

As always, it's highly unlikely that these investigations would lead to any transparent conclusions. For it's not just a matter of bribery and embezzlement, but it also involves a couple of murders and their subsequent cover-ups which could implicate some IRI intelligence officials.

So as usual, they'll find a couple of nobodies to blame and hang as scapegoats!


may i invite our learned friend

by mousa67 on

mamoor/republican/thought/amendment/.... to comment on this blog please?