Abdolreza "Navab" Damankeshan: Hanged in Public

Found guilty of rape even though his alleged victim withdrew her accusation

Iran Human Rights: According to reliable sources Iran Human Rights (IHR) has been in contact with, a young man was hanged publicly outside Lar prison (southern Iran) on the morning of May 25, 2012. The sources said the young man was in his twenties and his name was Abdolreza Damankeshan (known as Navab). He was convicted of rape. In an interview with Radio Farda on the night before Abdolreza's execution, his attorney (Mr. Hossein Raeisian) said, "The person who had accused Abdolreza of rape later withdrew her accusation. However, the authorities did not pay attention to the facts and executed him to set an example for others.


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Why all the huffs and puffs?

by NoBullMan on

I agree that execution in general is barbaric and IRI has gone even a step or two beyond, but who are these people? Are they British, Russian, American ...? They are us. We have tolerated this regime for more than 30 years and all we have done is talk in privacy of our homes, with our buddies over a bottle of vodka. We watch these merders and many more atrocities and do nothing, we are all waiting for Kaveh Ahangar to arrive to rid us of Zahak (aka Vali Vaghih). We are all talk and no action, Look at the Syrians, fighting for months, suffered 1000s of dead but are not stopping until they overthrow their Zahak. But, hey,, we are better than them; we are better than anyone in the world. Really ... I bet Koorosh and Dariush are calling themselves Italians in the other world. They must be ashanmed of us.


ارقام سرسام آور اعدام در ايران


طبق گزارش سال ۲۰۱۱ عفو بين‌الملل، در اين سال ۶۳۴ نفر در ايران اعدام شده‌اند که ۷ نفر آنها کمتر از ۱۸ سال داشته‌اند. در همين سال ۴ مورد حکم قطع انگشت دست اجرا شده و ۱۲ نفر به دلايل مشکوک در زندان درگذشته‌اند.

گزارش سالانه سازمان عفو بين‌الملل درباره وضعيت حقوق بشر در جهان در سال ۲۰۱۱ منتشر شد.

بخش بزرگی از اين گزارش به ايران و موارد متعدد نقض حقوق بشر در فاصله ژانويه تا دسامبر ۲۰۱۱ (دی ۱۳۸۹ تا آذر ۱۳۹۰) ادر اين کشور اختصاص دارد. در اين گزارش از زندانيانی چون نسرين ستوده، رضا شهابي، محمد توسلی و اميد کوکبی نام برده شده که به حبس‌های طولانی در دادگاه‌هايی بدون حضور هيأت منصفه محکوم شده‌اند.

سازمان عفو بين‌الملل در گزارش سالانه خود همچنين به اعمال شکنجه‌ و بدرفتاری با زندانيان اشاره کرده و نوشته است: «ضربه‌های شلاق را به کف پا و بدن بازداشت‌شدگان، گاهی در حالی که وارونه آويزان هستند، مي‌زنند. آنها را با سيگار و اشيای داغ فلزی مي‌سوزانند، اعدام ساختگی اجرا مي‌کنند، به آنها از جمله با استفاده از زندانيان ديگر تجاوز کرده يا آنها را تهديد به تجاوز می کنند. در فضاهای پرازدحام بازداشت می کنند و نور، غذا، آب و رسيدگی پزشکی کافی را از آنها دريغ مي‌کنند.»

بر اساس اين گزارش حداقل ۱۲ نفر در سال ۲۰۱۱ در شرايط مشکوکی در زندان فوت شده‌اند، از جمله در شرايطی که رسيدگی پزشکی يا اصلا ارائه نشده يا با تاخيرعرضه شده است.

همچنين در ماه مارس (اسفند ۱۳۹۰) حداقل ۱۰ زندانی در ناآرامي‌های زندان قزل حصار در کرج فوت کردند و حداقل چهار عرب اهوازی به نام‌های رضا مقامسي، عبدالکريم فهد عبيات، احمد رئيسان سلامی و اجباره تميمی در دوران بازداشت و در فاصله ماه‌های مارس تا مه (فروردين تا ارديبهشت ۱۳۹۱) احتمالا در اثر شکنجه درگذشته‌اند.


Worcester Mo

Please please please do not post this stuff

by Worcester Mo on

I appreciate many great things posted by GS and at Iranian.com. I think watching these stuff is morally wrong. No question that IRI is corrupt, unjust, barbaric, etc.  But what's the difference between us watching it and the folks in Iran going to these barbaric events. Once again, I respect you GS but please refrain from posting these. Unless there is a mullah attached to the rope....



Barberic to the core

by MRX1 on

I agree with a previous posting, this guy was not hanged but suffocated to death slowly and painfully. The only way out of this is arm the people to kill basijis, rev guards and mullah's with no mercy or compassion. I do miss the days when MKO fought these bastereds. i hope they get revived.  some times in lifev you have to fight fire with fire.


Not the First Time

by cvaughan59 on

J. C. Vaughan

 This "trick" - to "send a mesage/set an example" - has been used before by these Mollah-haa and Sepah-haa.  They used it in Kermanshah for Makwan Moloudzedah (the fake charge there being hamjensbazi rape at 13 years of age), where the judge just "knew" the fake charge was true, despite all accusations being denied and withdrawn.  I am also sure that this sort of thing was at least fifty percent of the reason for the public hanging in Edalat Square of Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni - to "send a message" to unruly javaanan and Ahwazi Arabs.  If there is one ray of light in this disgraceful business, it is that the Mullahs have not sunk to the level of the Romans (with their unspeakable crucifixions), or the Ottomans (with their unspeakable impalings and flayings) or Renaissance Europe (with more gruesome and disgusting killing methods than all of the Saw movies). 


very disturbing!

by Benyamin on

Shameful for all of us!


Whether we agree with this justice system or not whether we are against the IRI or not whether we hate islam or not, The IRI period in Iran`s history is one of the darkest of all in Iran`s  great history!

IRI will be reffered to as the dark ages of IRAN.

I am ashamed


بربرهای وحشی!


And they want to negotiate with these people.


shia islamist barbarians!

by mousa67 on

the guy was not hanged, which is supposed to be quick death due to breakage of neck. . he was slowly suffocated to death. it took him at least five minutes to die.

only in the land of shia islamist terrorists this kind of crimes are carried out by the state, in full public view.


Immortal Guard

Human beings are just intelligent animals!

by Immortal Guard on

At the end of the day human beings are just intelligent animals.


Capital punishement is only ....

by Bavafa on

State sponsored murder and it must be stopped in Iran, USA and everywhere else in the world.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



A solution to Iran's economic woes

by cheshmetroshan on

Let's think outside the box here for a moment. With all those crippling sanctions being foisted upon Iran, perhaps the regime should start charging for admission to these events. Followed up with a promotional campaign along the lines of "Courtesy of the very same Great Satan that gave rise to SAVAK under the previous regime, before the Shah got all high and mighty and started to bite the hand that fed him, and was replaced by, wait for it, us!"




so hard to watch

by shushtari on

this poor guy suffering


the idiots, like parsi, who have no shame and get paid to push these murderers' agenda should also be dealth with the same way.

only way to save iran is to EXTERMINATE these psychopaths... 

may god save our beautiful vatan 


Why RAPE is a Crime in ISLAM?

by Azarbanoo on

When The founder Mohamad was raping a 9 years old at age 50-54.

Mardom Mazloom

Death to this Satanic Regime !

by Mardom Mazloom on

چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد

Arash Kamangir

There will not be mercy for IR

by Arash Kamangir on

IR should only look to Syria to learn his own faith. There will not be mercy for IR.


thats right.. send your

by alx1711 on

thats right.. send your salvat to muhammad.

After all he is the founder of islam and as you witnessed his islamic laws.




Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

Regime change is the only way to end the barbarism of the messianic Islamist Rapists "reformers" and all.

Airtight sanctions plus air/naval cargo inspection is a must. 

These messianic warmongering murderers  who are planning to "manage the world" are getting nuke.

Before they impose a war on all, the sane world has to help the enslaved Iranian people to overthrow them.