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The story involves an Iranian girl from a religious family, a European call girl and a Russian girl. Due to a prearranged marriage situation set up by her parents, Raha is forced to deal with and endure some very difficult and life-altering events. This is based on true events.


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by yolanda on

It reminds me of the movies "Diary of A Geisha" and "Not Without My daughter"!

This movie seems to be quite predictable. It fits the mode of all commercial movies: have sex and violence!

Sheila K

not liking it...sorry!

by Sheila K on

looks a bit unrealistic especially taking place in LA!!!

Soosan Khanoom

Sounds like an interesting movie ...

by Soosan Khanoom on

Thanks for posting the trailer here !

Soosan Khanoom

Women's Rights

by Soosan Khanoom on

You cannot rob us of the rights we cherish, 
Nor turn our thoughts away 
From the bright picture of a "Woman's Mission" 
Our hearts portray. 

We claim to dwell, in quiet and seclusion, 
Beneath the household roof,-- 
From the great world's harsh strife, and jarring voices, 
To stand aloof;-- 

Not in a dreamy and inane abstraction 
To sleep our life away, 
But, gathering up the brightness of home sunshine, 
To deck our way. 

As humble plants by country hedgerows growing, 
That treasure up the rain, 
And yield in odours, ere the day's declining, 
The gift again; 

So let us, unobtrusive and unnoticed, 
But happy none the less, 
Be privileged to fill the air around us 
With happiness; 

To live, unknown beyond the cherished circle, 
Which we can bless and aid; 
To die, and not a heart that does not love us 
Know where we're laid. 

Annie Louisa Walker 


A 'Trash Haul' Trailer

by Demo on

That is a proper title of another trash movie product of Iranians of the Sunset studios!