U.S. Hesitation to Invade Iran a "Grave Mistake"

Hoover Institution analyst Abraham D. Sofaer

Author of "Taking on Iran", believes the United States should retaliate against attacks by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps even if conflict requires crossing the border into Iran. Abraham D. Sofaer believes that it would be "intolerable" for the U.S. not to retaliate a state killing American soldiers.


dingo daddy En passant

tehran e azad jan, "morons" are more numerous than you think!

by dingo daddy En passant on

this is for you :)

We are all lucky the intelligence of the people who are ready to destroy their own country has never been high.


Invading is unnecessary

by asadabad on

There is no need for an invasion.  It is too costly and unnecessary.  The civilized world must dismantle, disrupt and destroy the shiite regime with drone strikes, crippling sanctions, and information warfare.  The US has the ability to shut down the websites and radio shows broadcasting the propaganda from khamenei.  

For a regime that claims to be "supported by God" they are pretty weak and useless.  More iranians will begin to question the religious legitimacy/credibility of the regime as more shiite cleric/terrorists are taken out by predator drones.  How can God be on their side if they are losers?  :) 

Dr. Mohandes

Oh i c what is going on in here.

by Dr. Mohandes on

A massive disinformation campaign.

Thank you fellas. Carry on. May the force of Justice and fairness be with you at all times.




It is because of such Idiots

by Khebedin on

It is because of such Idiots that there are 2,000,000 imprisoned in USA, It is because of such Idiots that there are 80, 000,000 in USA who have given up hope to get a job, and it is because of such Idiots that there are 20,000,000 people living well under poverty line and having a life of animals. No wonder why America has fallen so low. Where are the Real Responsible Americans who made America? why did they handed her to such idiots.

Dr. Mohandes

10 - 25% support?

by Dr. Mohandes on

I guess that means that the rest a.k.a the majority are out there opposing this regime with every ounce of their being. Gee. let's forget them . they don't even exist. right?!!

Let's not resort to premature and baseless speculations as to what actually will happen once an invasion takes place. 

Sure we will be patient, Just as long as our friends from The western countries decide to pack things up , sell the house, and the car, move to iran and then we will all wait together. Sounds like more fund doesn't it?

Ready when you are pal. 


نه به آن فکل ژیگول اتون نه به آن حرفای بی‌ رپت تون


invade iran ? Hahaha  funny grandpazzz !

You helped the bloody revolution in 1979  replaced a secular regime by a theocracy and now you want to invade Iran because Al queda ??? Mister Abraham Sofaer you should go back to school,start from the beginning cause your knowledge about middle east (and especially Iran) is hopeless ! Gosh senility is a bad thing !!!! with incompetant people like that où va le monde ???!!!!



tehran e Azad

love it !

by tehran e Azad on

I love how some MORANS blame everything  on Israel. It's getting too old !!!   Khar khodetoonin!!! 


مهملات این جناب نوکر اسرائیل خنده داره



long live Iran

I am sure he does not know IRAN and Iranian

by long live Iran on

Phonex story, is story of Iran which rises after every invension. Iranian will die but never ever let anyone invade their holy land. Some one read the history of IRAN to this fool before kills lots of soliders!

Long Live IRAN for Ever. 


Another Israeli mole

by Rastgoo on

This guy is just another Israeli mole in the US establishment.  He is probably Jewish as well.  I hold no prejudices but it seems to me that those that advocate attacking Iran are either Israeli, Iranian opposition extremists (Monarchists and MKO) or just plain old dumb people.  If US were to put troops on ground in Iran they would lose.  Iraq would be a picnic in comparison.  Unfortunately the IRI has too much support (between 10-25%) in Iran.  You do the math.  "Surgical strikes" will lead to nothing more than destroy Iran's infrastructure like did in Iraq in 1991.  We must be patient, this regime will fall under its own weight.  As the saying goes "Rome was not built in one day".


Has he got a hole in his sock?

by divaneh on

Has the interviewer got a hole in his sock? The other guy definitely has a hole in his brain as he completely and conveniently forgets the Saudi boggers and blames Iran for helping Al Queda.

There is no such a thing as a surgical attack. It is just a fancy word to deceive the gullible. Any spark could cause an all out war never mind the bombing of targets in Iran. Iran is not a match for US and its allies and no Iranian should really wish for a confrontation that could destroy Iran and many Iranian lives.


Western Countries, Israel, Jordan, Qatar and Saudies

by Aria on

Are doing a great job in Syria - Just keep it up.   Keep the Chinese and Russians at bay.

Once Assad falls, the IRI's demise will be much faster than expected, as people of Iran will be more motivated to take on the regime.  There will definitely be a need to for some surgical attacks of carefully chosen targets to boost the moral of the population but it will never reach a land invasion.

Keep the pressure on Assad for now.  Other things will fall into place naturally. 




How does this idiot qualify as a middle-east expert?

by caspiantiger on

He claims that Iran is trying to help its "Taliban allies"!! When did that alliance take place?! The Islamic regime of Iran is just taking advantage of the Taliban to take a bite out of their arch enemy.
This guy is just another ultra-conservative belligerent Republican whose thirst for blood and hatred has consumed his entire being.
The Islamic regime of Iran should only be toppled by Iran’s own brave sons and daughters!


This guy is high on crack!

by Benyamin on

What a stupid, un-sophisticated statement to make!


Answering a crime with a crime, violence with violence,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

is a big distraction and does nothing to resolve the root issues.  Why is the West so firmly opposed to helping pro secular-democratic Iranians????????  The answer is clear, no country co-operated better with the USA than the late Shahs Iran. None in terms of meeting the needs of the USA and later meeting Irans Needs.  So why betray such a relationship, from Afghanistan to Morrroco the USA is opposed to development, progress, peace and human rights.  That the USA would not cooperate with the Shahs Iran, does imply there isn't a hope in hell that they will one day start to co-operate for any reason.  With that, the USA is also dreaming if it thinks it can win versus the russians militarily. Keeping these 2 important points in mind it is unlikely the current inhumanity and darkness from which the USA derives its power will be able to go on and on.  The Reality, since Vietnam to today is the humanism of the west is talk the actions of the west are the complete opposite of humanism.  Yet the Corporate Controlled Propaganda Machine, we call the Free Media, TV, Radio, Internet and Book Stores, can still manufacture with in individuals ideas and views, primarily in the USA and UK, which are then more easily deceived regarding the true reasons for their activities.  The era of the late shahs team was one where the people of Iran were benefitting from irans resources, primarily in the area of education. The 1979 Revolution was an intentional orchestration by the USA to thwart the people of Iran.  Awareness is a Process and will Take Time. 

Immortal Guard

My suggestion to this guy!

by Immortal Guard on

America should do something about its urban decay, ghettoes and ghost towns which in some cases resemble war zones. It seems that the US is at war with itself:


So they want to invade Iran for the sake of the American people??? Well here is the answer:


Poosteh Pesteh

yes but

by Poosteh Pesteh on

america tash baad mideh



by Frashogar on

If Carter had done what you say the USSR would have gotten involved and eventually there would have been thermonuclear war between the US and USSR as a result. 1977-81 is still the era of the Cold War. Even had a Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan been president in that era the US still would never have done what you say.



by Raoul1955 on

President Carter missed the best opportunity when they took the hostages.  Had he had the courage to order an invasion of Iran back then, his decision would have saved millions of lives in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank, and the young Iranians of today would have lived a much better life.

Unfortunately, the liberals and the lefties make the same mistakes over and over again as they try to appease...

Mohammad Ala

Change of color!!

by Mohammad Ala on

As the winds blow... some people change color. 

Attack Iran? 


No need to invade

by mahmoudghaffari on

surgical attacks will do the job.  The regime is at its most vulnerable, with the fall of Assad, the last blows can be dealt via our fleet in the Persian Gulf from a safe distance.  No need for foot soldiers.