Donate Your Son To Become a Cleric

Cleric is recruting young male students for clerical school


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Dr. Mohandes

Major with a minor In the Academy of Prison Research and Studies

by Dr. Mohandes on

Perhaps a better incentive would be to make it easy for applicants to enter their new Prison Guard engineering technologist/ prison Science program by giving them the option to minor in talabegi.

"There. now that is what the job market needs you guys ...oh i see that we have some girls here as well...what a crowd!

Now go out there and crack some bones , educate, provide counselling, guidance, spiritually bullsh... people to salvation, you know...the usual stuff...  


Become a Dirt

by jmyt17 on


This is what I call it, people without any knowlege or undrestanding about Islam.


Kafgir be tahe dig khordeh.

by Khebedin on

Kafgir be tahe dig khordeh. LOL, a serious problem, no one wants to be a molla anymore


4-5 talabeh per roosta!

by rbnfl on

 Iran reportedly has 15,000+ roostas (villages).  The mullah in this clip is saying that each village needs 4-5 talabeh for it's spiritual nourishment! That means 75,000 talabehs. 

If 0.01% of these talabehs are Ayatollah material, that is only 7 candidates for Ayatollahship in the next 25-30 years.  I believe the target for the number of talabehs per roosta needs to be increased to 40-50 at minimum.


sending sheep to wolves

by choghok on

from many paedophile stories heard about mullahs these guys really must be crazy even to think about it.