Al-Ghazali: The Alchemist of Happiness

Influenced major figures of medieval philosophy

"Born in 1058 in Tus, Khorasan, in present-day Iran, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali was one of the most original thinkers the world has known. Besides being a major influence in the Muslim world, the West has also felt his effect. He influenced major figures of medieval philosophy, such as Thomas Aquinas and Moses Maimonides, who shaped the philosophy of the Latin West. For almost a thousand years he has served as an inspiration for spiritual seekers everywhere as he was someone, like the Buddha, willing to give up everything: wealth, position, family, and comfirt in order to search for Truth."



A Study of Falsafah

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May I suggest the following book:

How Early Muslim Scholars Assimilated Aristotle and Made Iran the Intellectual Center of the Islamic World: A Study of Falsafah

Author: Farshad Sadri
Foreword: Carl R. Hasler

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Prh
ISBN-10: 0773437169
ISBN-13: 978-0773437166

This work demonstrates how falsafah (which linguistically refers to a group of commentaries by Muslim scholars associated with their readings of "The Corpus Aristotelicum") in Iran has been always closely linked with religion. It demonstrates that the blending of the new natural theology with Iranian culture created an intellectual climate that made Iran the center of falsafah in the Medieval world. The author begins this book by exploring the analytical arguments and methodologies presented as the subject of the first-philosophy (metaphysics) in the works of Aristotle (in particular "The Nicomachean Ethics" and "Rhetoric"). Then, he tells the tale of the Muslims' progression as they came to own and expand upon Aristotle's arguments and methodologies as a measure of their own sense of spirituality. Last, Sadri surveys the implications of that sense of spirituality as it is amalgamated within the Iranian culture and today's Islamic Republic of Iran. The author's aim is to present a different perspective of falsafah (as it is received by Muslims and assimilated within Iranian culture), while maintaining a sense that captures the texture of everyday life-experiences in today's Islamic Republic of Iran. This work is thus about (contemporary) Iranian falsafah and how it remains faithful to its tradition (as falsafah has actually been integrated and practiced by Iranian scholars for the last eleven centuries). It is a tradition that has taken on the task of understanding and projecting a sense of order upon the multiplicity of forms, ideas, examples, and images that have passed through Iran from East and West; it is a story that has gathered, sheltered, and introduced a style and order of iranain Islamic (Shi'at) falsafah.


How interesting. Sad that we

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How interesting. Sad that we now have to see it from the West. Well not sad, but sad that not many Iranians have carried out and produced such research/document. I watched it to the end, and am going to watch it again.

Immortal Guard

Thank you very much for this post!

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The essence of Persia!


شراب قرمز



سپاس فراوان از کامنت و تهیه و ضمیمه کردن منابع ارزشمند در آن.

Red Wine


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نکاتِ جالب در موردِ ایشان فراوان است و اما آنگونه که گویند شّک و اِبهام فراوان است درانچه که امام غزالی‌ می‌‌اندیشیده است.نقل می‌‌شود که غزالی از جمله افرادی بود که به دوری مسلمین از تعقل و خردگرایی و نفی فلسفه تاثیر زیادی گذاشت. وی علی رغم اینکه ماهیت فلسفه را دچار مشکل نمی‌دانست، اما پرداخت به آن را مایهٔ ضعف ایمان مسلمانان دانست.

در میان متفکران اسلامی، هیچ یک به اندازه الغزالی تألیف و تصنیف نکرده‌است. گویند تألیف‌هایش را شمار کردند و بر روزهای عمرش تقسیم نمودند، هر روز چهار جزوه شد و تردیدی در آن نیست که بسیاری از این آثار که اسامی بیشتر آنها در تاریخ نهضتهای فکری اسلامی از رودکی تا سهروردی آمده‌است، منسوب به اوست.

 می‌گویند تعداد کتابهایی که در طول زمان به وی نسبت داده‌اند شش برابر رقمی است که خود وی دو سال پیش از مرگش در نامه‌ای به سنجر یاد آور شده‌است: «بدان که این داعی در علوم دینی هفتاد کتاب کرد...» و همین موضوع کار پژوهش را بر اهل تحقیق تا حدی دشوار نموده‌است.

 و دیگر اینکه این چند نوشته را نیز بخوانید و به اطلاعاتِ خود بی‌ افزائید.




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