Velayat e Faghih Anthem: Ya Ali

Song for basij organization showing loyalty to Ali Khamenei

"بیعت جاودان سازمان بسیج مستضعفین"


Ari Siletz

Thanks HHH

by Ari Siletz on

It's a tragedy about the Baseej.



by HHH on

Aghaye Ari Siletz, migeh "Khomeini-zaadeh" yani bachehhaye khomeini.

Yademun nareh keh Baseejiha ki hastan. Basijiha hamun dehatiha va faghirtarin azaaye mellatemun hastan va ba inkeh moteassefaneh aksar moteasseb va bisavad hastan vali az tarafe digeh agar haminha nabudan alaan Iran ghesmati az khaake Aragh bood va inha Iran ro nejat dadan az daste Saddam.

Mollaha inha ro shostoshooie maghzi dadan va hala kamelan tabdil shodan be arab-parast va botparast va koorkooraneh az tamaame amaale mollaha tarafdari mikonan.


This song gives a sobering

by vildemose on

This song gives a sobering insight into the minds of future suicide bombers. This is an Iranian Al-Queda and Khamnei is an Iranin Ben-Laden. Tabrik.

May you all be martyred...

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.



by Rastgoo on

Maghshoosh is absolutly right, Feynman a Jewish Physicist is in the video.  How ironic?  This is definitley an overlook on the part of the Baseej.  Nevertheless, I don't think that the IRI can be labeled as anti-Jewish.  A much more correct description would be anti-Zionist.We are thinking too much like the ignorant US media.


and Feynman was Jewish too!!

by Fesenjoon2 on



Song for basij organization showing loyalty to Ali Khamenei

by jmyt17 on

Sorry miss typing, I am happy that I do not have a father like him.

In some parts of song it saying we are all his son???




by jmyt17 on

I can not remember I am his son, I will kill my self not having father like him.

Ari Siletz

زیاد روی در شعر آهنگ

Ari Siletz

"ما بسیجی‌‌ها خمینی داده ایم" دیگه به چه منظور است؟

لیلی‌ پلنگ راست میگه، محمد گلریز (محمد علی‌ گلپایگانی) عالی‌ خوند. او برادر اکبر گلپایگانی (گلپا) بنام است.



Feynman & Basiji propaganda

by maghshoosh on

Around 2:13 or 2:14 min into the video, there's a 1-sec shot of the famous 20th-century Nobel laureate physicist Richard Feynman.  (Photo of his head with 2 fingers held at the temple, as part of a nanotech presentation.)  Ironic photo in this leader-worship video, given Feynman's disdain for authority figures in robes as quoted in this clip.

Also, since they associate dedication to Imam Ali w/ loyalty to Seyyed Ali (the Leader) in the video, it'd be curious to guess how they'd play the same trick w/ a future leader.  If the successor is Mojtaba Khamenei, would they associate him w/ Imam Hassan Mojtaba in a similar video, or if the successor is Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, would they invoke Imam Mohammad Taghi (the 9th Imam)?  Somehow the latter 2 Imams don't have the sex appeal of Imam Ali.

Tiger Lily

Demo, LOL!

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Ya Khoda Only & Only

by Demo on

Ali means the cousin of Prophet Mohammed and not the Ali nobody of the self designated VF.

In any event a Muslim must not ever invoke any name besides the names of GOD. Watch below to see what happens if one does it by purpose so:





Tiger Lily

بسیجی‌ در هالیوود

Tiger Lily

واقعا که، دیگه همون مونده بود یادم بگیرم

ولی‌، خودمونیما، صدای خوبی‌ داره.

مثله اوهو چسپیده توی دلم


یا علی‌، الان میان منو سایبر کتکم بزنن.