UK Bans Press TV

Licence revoked by media regulator

BBC: Iranian news network Press TV has had its licence revoked by the media regulator Ofcom and will no longer be allowed to broadcast in the UK. Ofcom said the state broadcaster's English language outlet had breached several broadcasting licence rules over editorial control of the channel. Press TV has also failed to pay a £100,000 fine imposed last year. The channel called the decision "a clear example of censorship". It will be removed from Sky on 20 January. The £100,000 fine was imposed last year after the network broadcast an interview with imprisoned Newsweek and Channel 4 journalist Maziar Bahari, which the Ofcom said had been conducted under duress >>>



Private organization shut down press T.V

by Siavash300 on

Afco shut down press T.V. it is private organization, not governmental. It has nothing to do with British government.

  I am still confused by Abarmard logic. Either west like stinky mullahs to stay in power as he claimed in another blog, or the west don't like these stinky rag heads. Which one is correct?

Anonymous Observer

Ubermard - The "west" is not afraid of the IR

by Anonymous Observer on

Get that through your lovely, yet totally 32 year old propaganda encrusted, skull.  In fact, with the exception of the people of Iran, NO ONE is afraid of the IR.  The Saudis just said that they will increase production if Iran's oil is boycotted by Europe, Israel is killing IR's scientists and blowing up their missile bases left and right, a U.S. aircraft carrier, accompanied by French and a British naval group just sailed through the Strait of Hormuz while they mooned the IRGC who were standing on the shore watching them (the mooning part I made up).  And do you know what the IR has done about all of that?  Two things: jack and s**t, because that's ALL it is capable of doing.

So, PUHLEEEZ, wake up and smell the safron tea.  Your dream of your knight in shining armor (the IR) destryoing the West and pushing the Jews into the sea was unraveled a long time ago.  All you're left with are a bunch of smelly mullahs whose only "honar" as we say in farsi is to teach us how many fingers we have to stick up our a**es to achieve taharat.  That's the only thing they're good for. Sorry for ruining your fantasies, but it is what it is old chap...   


Dr. Mohandes

Abarmard Khan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Logic??? You are speaking of Logic here? Here let me tell you a little bit about Logic:

In iran you can get prosecuted and it is literally a crime to spew negativity and "unpreferred" and "biased" information against the big guys. Not so anywhere else, well, at least those countries the majority of Iranians on IC happen to reside in. No one gets called into the office for saying something nasty about the president or other officials. Can you say with a straight face that is the case in EEErooon??!!

Even though i admit thatthe western media or any media in any part of the world would hardly give you a crystal clear picture of what might be going on in that particular country or in the world, Yet they nevere deprive you of your own freedom and will to go out there and fish for information, We don't have that in iran. Are you gonna deny that?

So this is far from A big power not allowing the little one's voices gettingheard , despite them havingthe reigns of power.

Your distorting the facts and presenting them as some kinda logic. that is just wrong. 

Tiger Lily

i flagged

by Tiger Lily on

my own comment


It's called lying policy (courtesy of IRI's propagandists)

by AMIR1973 on

To get a sense of the level of dishonesty and absurdity vomited up by West-residing IRI propagandists, please read this piece about what has actually been going on with Press TV:



It's called containment policy

by Abarmard on

As long as you have the system under control is OK. Presstv is not about UK wanting IR or not it's about IR presenting its own version of facts for a society that is becoming more divided with rise of Islamic population. UK censors Presstv with the same logic as IR censors BBC. Hope people can understand the concept here.

So to answer another question to what are these powers afraid of, especially country such as Iran, you should wonder how fragile a system in the West perceives itself that doesn't allow a voice other than its own, no matter what or where. In time I would post a link that investigates how the Western media follow their government instruction as bringing news to viewers and that's why you never hear diverse version of one story. The difference between Iran and most Western nations in regards to free media? It’s Tactfulness. Simple as that.

Anonymous Observer

What about your glorious IR Abaramard?

by Anonymous Observer on

What is IR afraid of?  Hasn't it banned foreign journalists for the past three years from Iran?  What is the IR afraid of?


Iran continues its

by vildemose on

Iran continues its campaign against journalists

Committee to Protect Journalists



A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Long overdue...

by AMIR1973 on

Who said that official mouthpieces of Islamist terrorist regime have an absolute right to use the UK as a venue for vomiting up the regime's propaganda? Let the West-residing IRI groupies choke on their tears. Boo hoo...


Abarmard you are contradicting yourself

by Siavash300 on

"Do you doubt that the West is afraid of voices other than its own? Here is what Guardian writes "WikiLeaks cables say London and Washington have explored ways to limit the operations of Press TV in the UK. And here it comes; Press TV is removed from the Sky platform." Abarmard

So the west wants to change the regime in Iran, or they don't like this Islamic government in Iran. Right?

Not long ago about Abasari case you mentioned.

Unlike what west residing people are thinking west is not looking to change Iran regime, just want to take some points from Islamic government and all this west residing people who are falsely thinking west wants to change regime is wrong.

These are contradiction. Either west loves these Islamic criminals or west hate these Islamic criminals. you can't keep changing your statements and your views.


Better late than never

by Simorgh5555 on

They should have closed this wretched propaganda mouthpiece years ago. A waste of Iranian tax payer's money and petro-dollars watsed on propaganda television machine. 

The Press TV Chief Executive and all its staff including jounralists should be rounded up under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and be held indefinitely in Belmarsh prison.

If they refuse to pay the Off-Com fine then then further assets of the IR Terror Regime must be confiscated to pay for it. 


Anonymous Observer

Close all IR offices, embassies and "press" offices around

by Anonymous Observer on

the world.  The IR is a criminal, terrorist enterprise and its agents and employees are security threats to every single country in which they reside.  The IR has declared  in the past that it has agents around the world ready to take revenge if it is attacked.  Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that it is sending intelligence agents and terroris cells around the world under the guise of "reporters" and "diplomats."  In fact, its so-called "diplomats" have been implicated in the past in terrorist attacks around the globe, such the Mykonos terrorist attacks and the terrorist bombings of the Israeli embassy and the Jewish center in Argentina.   It is highly likely that PressTV offices in London is crawling with IR terrorists and intelligence agents. 

Moreover, the IR has demonstrated that it has to regard or respect for international law and rules by attacking two embassies and taking diplomats hostage.  So, it should not be given the courtesy of having any embassies or press offices around the world. 


One must be really naive and gullible

by Abarmard on

To believe that it was a license based issue. If this happened in China the news would read: China has Censored PressTv, but in UK it reads the license was invoked! Right.

Do you doubt that the West is afraid of voices other than its own? Here is what Guardian writes "WikiLeaks cables say London and Washington have explored ways to limit the operations of Press TV in the UK. And here it comes; Press TV is removed from the Sky platform."

These are very interesting development for a few who may still doubt double standards of Western mind set in regard to "their" democracy. Of course when UK is afraid of PressTv, a voice from Iran who is far less funded, less powerful, less experienced country one would expect that Iran would be afraid of voices of BBC and VOA that are far more powerful, experienced, and richer with more propaganda tactics... perhaps in a range of 100 years of combined experience.

Now this shows that Countries such as Iran and China that block access to anti Iranian or Chinese media are not much different than UK or US that block anti US or UK voices. Guardian writes "George Galloway, the former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, is Press TV's best-known UK presenter. Galloway has previously been sanctioned by Ofcom for anti-Israeli bias in one of his Press TV shows."

Previously sanctioned? What’s that supposed to mean? So the words invoke and sanction is used for their censorship and the word censorship, blocking access to free information is used for China, Iran, Russia, etc. Interesting. And why would you "sanction" a reporter? who has "bias" against Israel? What happened to free press and democracy? free speech my you know what.

I can't be happier to hear this news to shut those who complain about a third world developing nation such as Iran that is bombarded with negative ad/information, blocking access to those channels when a powerful and democratic nation can't allow a country far less powerful that openly challenges the policies of British government and its queen gets blocked. There you go.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I hear you

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I know some who don't want it banned are "pro" IRI. You who know me realize I am not pro IRI. But I see no benefit of banning anyone. If Shah allowed Khomeini's writing people would have realized how stupid he was.

Remember "Ta mard sokhan nagofteh bashad eibo honarah nahofteh bashad. If you don't let them talk you won't know how ridiculous they are. Does anyone really believe people are going to be influenced by Islamic Republic propaganda.

Why not let these idiots talk? Fine don't but given history of BBC no reason post IRI why Iran should allow it. Just because there is a thief or rapist in town does not mean we should all steal and rape. I am sorry to see anger getting better of many good people on IC.

Arash Kamangir

This was overdue however...

by Arash Kamangir on

I always have said that Europeans particularly cannot be trusted in their dealing with IR. Acts such as closing presstv is only done due to pressure from Israel and perhaps America. Europeans have no interest in opposing IR. Europe has always flirted with IR.  



by shushtari on

is that so???   are the brits, the masters of the akhoonds, really going to do away with akhoonds???

as they is a circle, it will always come around.....

hopefullly, this is the final year of existence for the cockroach akhoonds 


UK Bans Press TV????

by jmyt17 on

After 33 years???

Give me a brake? These british ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

If these is one nation inthis plant kiss these mullah ass every body knows the answer..

G. Rahmanian

The Reporting Reminds Me!

by G. Rahmanian on

The Reporting Reminds Me of the Soviet era reporting coming out of Moscow. But press TV reporting is even more audacious.

This move should have come earlier. But better late than never! More sanctions will cause the regime to implode from within. Just like the way the Soviet Union imploded.

Let's hope that day will come soon.


Good news for the true Iranian people.

by Marathon-Man on

For thoes who support the IRI rejime to any extent no matter what :

Isn't this double standard even to your own backwarded standards that


Democracy road is not a one way road , make sure you remember that.


Beghol avaam :




let us congratulate

by Khebedin on

let us congratulate for being balanced in their reporting. I think it is nice to see this clip on their website. Perhaps Iranian internet control office needs to learn and free the website from being barred. I always use filter to see this website. I have reported that this site should not be banned, but it is still amongst those filtered. This is wrong.


Bye Bye Collabo(s) !

by Shemirani on

Happy the propaganda channel is closing. 

they turn back on our people (and at the same time they were  paid by iranian's oil money) and they back the wrong horse (the supreme evil)! 

bunch of bullshiters self-called journalists ! You are a shame to journalism and to Iranians !



همه جای ایران


از هر کی انتظار میرفت از شما جناب گیلانی با آن ستاره سرخ انتظار نبود که آن باغی که ناصرالدین شاه یک روز به عنوان کرایه در اختیار انگلیس گذاشت را باغ مردم بنامید.
در مورد اقلام فرنگی مورد احثیاج جای نگرانی نیست .......از شکلات فندقی تا ساعت امگا در لیست تحریم وحود ندارد. قرار است کروبی برای عمل باد فتق سفری به انگلیس داشته باشد. لطفأ اپوزیسیون را مطلع و آماده استقبال شوید

I wear an Omega watch

Dr. Mohandes

Good riddance

by Dr. Mohandes on

They have no shame whatsoever.

This news, This injustice!! is being committed in the middle of yet another thuggish and savage rash of invasion of privacy and breaking into houses and stealing dishes, and therefore curtailing access to any other alternative source of information and they have the never to proudly boast : A DEFEAT FOR FREE SPEECH or some "shiiot" like that in their nightly broadcast.

Roo ke nist mashalah. Sad rahmat be sange paye ghazveen.

Herriiiii!!! Get them out of england and out he door with a nice hard kick in the rear end. yallah binim! 


Points missing from the PressTV report

by maghshoosh on

While it's highly ironic to see an organ of Iranian propaganda complain of suppression of its free speech in another country, it's still a valid point that freedom of speech in England shouldn't be conditional on the one in Iran.  It's also not desirable to be applying "ghessass" ("eye for an eye"), which we decry when applied in the Iranian judicial system, to Iranian-sponsored media abroad.

But there's something curious about the presentation in the posted video.  The moderator claims that PressTV hasn't denied that it's controlled from Tehran, as OfCom has charged.  But they make no reference to the offer by OfCom to license their Tehran bureau, which PressTV has not accepted.  Why does this report not mention and explain that point?

The claim in the video that the royal family may have been behind the OfCom decision seems far fetched.  That Britain is trying to silence different views raises the question as to why similar pressure hasn't been applied on Al Jazeera (AJ), for example.  AJ & PressTV are both carried on Sky satellite, which is owned by Murdoch, who also owns the Fox channel.  AJ, I believe, is also carried on free channels in the UK.  So why has AJ, which also has critical views of British policies, been spared of this alleged censorship?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Only if the real news of the world have to come from

Addis abbaba !!




by مآمور on

 what happened to the leader of free world? what happened to their tolerance that comes with a democratic system? 

I wear an Omega watch


Wider Audience

by Korosh.Khalili on

While in Ethiopia, I was surprised at how many high level educated (christian) people regularly tune in to Press TV to get the "news from another point of view".


Ahhhhh...did the poor IRI become of a victim of the big bad

by Onlyiran on

imperialists and Zionists again?  Ahhhh....the poor murdering, raping, torturing IRI.  What else will these evil Zionists and imperialists think off?  What are they going to do the our defnseless little professional victim mullahs next?  The IRI is just like Imam Hossein.  A defenseless little innocent creature in a world full of evil.  

Don't let the door hit you in the rear end as you leave England.  Why are you there anyway?  Why don't you broadcast out of Gaza? 

G. Rahmanian

Watching The Video, Partly!

by G. Rahmanian on

Watching The Video Partly, I was impressed by what the Iranian oil dollars--pounds in this case--can do!

Tiger Lily

Offy Offcom's reasons for the decision are

by Tiger Lily on

rather unclear, judging from the BBC article. I'm against such censorship in particular, as I like to watch what they're cooking up and mostly have a great laugh: watch the video and you'll see that they are interviewing people who work for Press TV to make a case! 

Press TV please pay your fine and give's a lauff


P.S. Anybody who has a Sky box, should be shot.