Russia warns against attacking Iran

Strike would be "a catastrophe" says Foreign Minister

BBC: The Russian foreign minister has warned that a Western military strike against Iran would be "a catastrophe". Sergei Lavrov said an attack would lead to "large flows" of refugees from Iran and would "fan the flames" of sectarian tension in the Middle East. Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak earlier said any decision on an Israeli attack on Iran was "very far off". The comments from Russia's foreign minister included criticism of the Western moves to strengthen sanctions on the Islamic Republic, which he said were aimed at "stifling" Iran's economy.

Mr Lavrov told journalists in Moscow that they would have to ask those who he said were "talking constantly" about a military attack to find out if it would occur. He said such an attack would start off a "chain reaction" and he did not know how that would end.

Israel - thought to be the only nuclear power in the region - has said it could launch a military strike against Iran to prevent it developing nuclear weapons >>>



I Love Russian

by jmyt17 on

Good, they doing very well in that region.

Much better than stupied British and their friends.

Look back and see what they done to this nation.

I am not a fan of IRI, but even not WEST TOO. 


We are surrounded all around

by iamfine on

I just don't understand it. This government is so screwed up. However, we should ask our self a question. Did IRI made enemies or others made enemies for IRI. I am sure the later is correct.


We have enemy from every direction

by rain bow movment on

Russian B.S warning is the same befor the attack of Iraq,Yogeslavia,lybia.

they just wants a better deal from west befor let them to use their bases in south of russia.

There is no limit to stupidity & ignorance of china and Russia


A war will not kill Iran.....

by Sialashgar on

It ll only make it stronger.Iran is strong enough and doesn t need Russia.


Dont get too excited by these diplomatic talk...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Neither Russia nor China would ever enter into a war with US over Iran. In the end of the day, they will cut a deal. In fact, Both Russia and China seem to be  currently using this state of tension as an oppurtunity to get super cheap oil from Iran in return for dumping their obsolete military hardware on Islamic Regime.

Iranian people are the ones who are being hammered from all sides at the moment. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


هر کی‌ به فکرِ خویشه...


بیچاره ملت ایرانی‌ که افتاده بین ساگ و شغال و روباه

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Remember Yugoslavia?

by P_T_B_A on

and Russian warnings to NATO before it was attacked?  These guys are full of it.

Maryam Hojjat

Worse Enemy of IRAN & IRANIANS is Russia

by Maryam Hojjat on

You all said well about BS of this  SOB Labarof. 


US Strike would be a Catastrophe for Russia!

by bahmani on

They would not get anymore Nuclear "Energy" money. Iran would stop buying it's crappy missiles and airplanes.

But God help Russia if Iran ever get's it's caviar exports sorted out again.

And I'll put up our own properly distilled Aragh-e-Keshmesh against Russian vodka any day.

Sincerely and Seriously, God help the culinary and gourmet world if Iran ever becomes free.

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by shushtari on

this is another idiot who I really despise.....

the russians, just as the chinese, could care less how many innocent iranians are raped, tortured, or hung from cranes by the vile long as they get to keep raping iran and shafting the mullahs with outrageous contracts!

this nasty lavrov wants to make sure the plunder of iran continues, at all costs.....that's why they protect the mullahs at any price


این روسها


این روسها هم که قرارداد چندین میلیادر دلار نفت و گاز دریای خزر را گرفته اند و الان دارند ۸۰ هزار سرباز در قزاقستان دارند اماده می سوند که تمام قسمت شمالی ایران را تسخیر بکنند.
اولین قدمهای پاره پاره کردن ایران شروع شده . اگر دوران قاجار باعث از دست دادن اذربایجان و گرجستان و بقیه مناطق ایران شد . امروز تاریخ دوباره تکرار می شود و این اخوندها برای نجات خود حاضرند قسمت شمال ایران را تقدیم شوروی بکنند.
ایرانیان هم شروع به نامه نویسی بکنند شاید انقلاب نامه ای رو بشه. بله ما ایرانیها هرروز داریم فراموش میکنیم که ایران از دست رفته و فقط سایه باقی مانده


Don't worry

by MRX1 on

Mr. lavarof. your concern for Iran and Iranian people is hearth breaking. rest assure regardless of what happens your country russia  will continue selling it's crap to Iran.  Also look at the bright side of it Mr. Lavarof, when that piece of garbage soviet era nuclear power plant in Bushehr is destroyed, you can sell the same thing for Hundred times more than what it's worth today. so all's well ends well.

Denver Tinbender

 So called western power

by Denver Tinbender on

 So called western power have already committed act of war against Iranian and iranian government, sanction is an act of war and terrorism against a nation. Obama, brit and the boys cut the electricity and water to your homes and soon they will cut off your baba and ameh throat, followed by israeel catipllar bulldoze your home and turn your land to iranian tribal reservation. we just wittness the outcome of Iraq. think twice before you support these motherless of history.

Darius Kadivar

Well I Guess NIAC will now open an Office in Moscow

by Darius Kadivar on