Iran unveils smart bomb

"Basir" laser-guided projectile

MNA – Iran’s Defense Industries Organization unveiled a domestically manufactured smart laser-guided projectile, named the Basir (discerning), during a ceremony held on Monday ahead of the Ten-Day Dawn celebrations (February 1-11) marking the anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. “This ammunition is guided by laser and has been designed and manufactured by Defense Industries Organization’s capable and competent experts for the first time in the country,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said during the ceremony. “This smart ammunition is capable of hitting and destroying bridges, tanks, military equipment, command posts, and moving targets,” he explained >>>



I feel sorry for these stupid sissys.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Without a doubt the entire IRI, police and basij have figured out or will soon figure out that Islam was a practical joke, a work of fiction.  Maybe we need to put a mandatory warning on religions in the future, "be careful this work of fiction stinks."


i bet none of these buffoons

by alx1711 on

i bet none of these buffoons can count to 10!


فراخوان برای تظاهرات در 25 بهمن


فراخوان برای تظاهرات در 25 بهمن 

Dr. Mohandes

No moving Targets for you!!!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Hey faramarz. you need to really stay put man. I feel that something, someone from afar is targetting you. It is getting hot in here.



by jmyt17 on

In your Speech Use Persian or Farsi, not Arabic.Kei shomaha mikhaheed Adam beshaveed.



Their uniforms from a different angle

by IranFirst on

Their uniforms from a different angle


Dear Faramarz

by divaneh on

That was a very good marketing slogan for the Bavaseer. I have now appointed you as the head of the marketing of the IRI's defence organisation. I bet if you look inside the Bavaseer, they have put one of those turtles onboard to drive it.



by RostamZ on

IRI can make cartoons.


موشک هوشمند بواسیر!


The laser-guided smart weapon, Bavaseer, will be a pain in the butt for the enemies!


So where's the proof of the actual weapon In action?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

@0.22 retards chanting mohammad.  Then computer generated video @1.00 shows the capability to make 12 year old video's.  @2.02 shows retarded person wearing 3d glasses from univerals spiderman ride....and standing infront of 3rd rate graphics.


They look more like

by Raoul1955 on

Couple of clowns than military guys.  LOL