Iran 'halts oil sales to France and Britain'

Retaliation in the showdown between Iran and the West

BBC: Iran has halted oil sales to British and French companies, the nation's oil ministry has said. A spokesman was reported as saying on the ministry's website that Iran would "sell our oil to new customers". European Union member states had earlier agreed to stop importing Iranian crude from 1 July. BBC world affairs correspondent Peter Biles says it appears to be another act of retaliation in the showdown between Iran and the West. >>>


G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Do you have any proof he doesn't! All I'm trying to say here is that there are Iranians who have lots of unfounded trust in the criminals of the Islamist Republic.

To quote regime's president when defending his buddy, E. Mashie, with regards to alleged embezzlements by him and his kins:

" You expose, we expose!" / "shomaa roo konin maa ham roo mikonim!"



by Reality-Bites on

Do you have any proof that British and French are the #1 friend of Mullah? I am not trying to take the British and French side, just wanted to expose the Iranian mentality of making false statements in numerous occasions, which was the same under the Shah era.



by jmyt17 on

Oil minister already have enough money in his bank account stolen from these nation.Islamic role number one : first you have to be good DOOZEDFrom now I announce his new name and title.Doozed/Fat pig


G. Rahmanian

by iamfine on

Do you have any proof that he has so much wealth outside the country? I am not trying to take the IRI side, just wanted to expose the Iranian mentality of making false statements in numerous occasions, which was the same under the Shah era.

G. Rahmanian

Of Bribes & Oil Deals!

by G. Rahmanian on

This Guy, The Oil Minister has already accumulated enough wealth outside of Iran and does not need to worry about the consequences of regime's catastrophic policies!

In the Islamist Terrorist Republic, no deal is ever done without the ruling criminals and their kins receiving their usual kickbacks!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Agree with the milk But not the cow.



The collapse of the US and EU is imminent

by AMIR1973 on

And shortly thereafter, all of Western civilization too! 



by masoudA on

IR won't sell oil to France and UK only after they agreed with the sanctions?!!!   lol indeed

But how about Holland (Shell), Norway (Statoil),,.......will IR sell oil to them?   and at how much?   Norway is these days the 2nd largest exporter of refined oil in the worl, producing over 2.5 miillion barells of refined oil per day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where does Norway get all this oil? at how much? and why should Iran not be able to refine it's own oil before selling it!!!? 


This ugly Ghasemi thug is

by Arthimis on

This ugly Ghasemi thug is the Iranian Oil Minister??? That's exactly what happens when you let your country (Iran) to be run by the lowest scums on Earth! For love of God look at this ugly fat bastard! In a real and sane world, he wouldn't be qualified to manage a "Chelo Kababi" ,let alone Ministry Of Oil for a country like Iran... Harooz Khak Bar Sar tar mishavim.... Should we laugh or cry?! 


The Oil Cartel is behind it all.....

by Sialashgar on

Up to today all

US and Israe have done has only increace the oil prices and thus help

Iran.I hope one day I can find someone else who would see this that

All this talk of war is only putting more money in the pockets of of the

Iranian regime and the rest of us are paying more at the pump and

Eveywhare else. Obama,Netanyahu,Sarkozy they all have the same

Boss(Aebab) the oil cartils.  


But, Iamfine

by Faramarz on

How about the poor children and the kittens and the puppies, especially the French poodles and the Schnausers?



by iamfine on

British and French already have done great harm to Iran and deserve to be punished. They were the #1 friend of Mullahs and if we allow them they will continue to milk the cow (Iran).


 Cutting off the nose to

by vildemose on

 Cutting off the nose to spite the face...Congrats!


This will be costly mistake for the IRI in the long run..THey are becoming more irrelevant and isolated by the minute.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Poor Europeans!

by Faramarz on

Now the poor European families and especially the children have to endure the cold and harsh winter without the 200,000 barrels/day of Iranian crude. This is a tragedy that could have been prevented and many lives could have been saved if we were willing to negotiate with the Regime. 

I hope that the Regime shows some Islamic kindness and not let the poor European kids freeze in the cold winter.


He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stone!

by Disenchanted on

Capish?! :-) To replace 3.5 million b/d of Iran's oil w/o an increase in oil price is a "pipe" dream! pun intended!


Islamist Rapist logic

by Fred on


To the Islamist Rapists punching themselves in the face
makes a lot of sense, they need to do more of it though, much more.