"Ey Iran" with Islamic lyrics

Maddahi by Mohsen Rastegari




by MRX1 on

is there nothing that islamists won't crap on when it relates to Iran?


That's what I meant Always

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There is no limit to stupidity & ignorance of Islamist


re: IRANIANS are superstitious

by tabar on

"moronic ignorant losers"

with all due respect to shia people, there is only one group in iran that does this kind of stuff..... :D

 and you guys wonder why some of us want to separate... please step out of the dark ages and we will join you guys! :D lol of course not all persians are like this but overall there is some catching up to do... 


This is too hard

by Sialashgar on

Forget it nobody is repeating it.

Ay Iran Ay Marza porgohar.....Much better

iraj khan

2 Reactions,

by iraj khan on

among many,

to the video:

Number #1: "iranians are ignorant, superstitiuos morons like this singing loser." 

Number #2: "The mourners are like Nazis of Germany"

So if you mix these two reactions you will have:

"Iranians are ignorant, superstitiuos, morons Nazis!"


end the denial

by asadabad on

the shiite fanatics in iran are persians through and through.  this guy is a persian.  anti-regime iranians must stop trying to blame their problems on arabs, pakistanis, and westerners.  continously calling the regime a "foreign dictatorship" is a cop out.  swallow your pride and come to terms with reality.  iranians are ignorant, superstitiuos morons like this singing loser.  the sooner you admit that the problem is rooted within the persian community, the sooner you can tackle it head on.  i know what i'm saying is harsh, but it is true...


از روز اول هدفشان این بود


رژیم اسلامی از روز اول که قدرت بدست آورد ، هدفش تضعیف و صدمه به ایران بود. هنوز خبری از جنگ ایران‌عراق نبود، که بدر و دیوار شعار مینوشتند که راه قدس از کربلا است. وقتی‌ صدام تحریک شده و به ایران حمله کرد، جنگ را هشت سال ادامه دادند که طیّ آن حدود یک میلیون ایرانی‌ کشته و ناقص شدند، و آنها از فرصت استفاده کرده و مخالفان خود را از بین بردند و یا فراری دادند، و طبقه متوسط ایران را که اکثریت داشت تبدیل به مستضعفان (فقرا) نمودند. طی‌ سی‌ سال گذشته با همین شعبده بازیها و استفاده از مردم فرصت طلب یا ساده لوح و به کاربردن خشونت و ترس، به حکومت خود ادامه داده اند.


let me share some of my comfort with u

by مآمور on

این کلمه  ifو بحث حمله به ایران من را به یاد شعری از مامورالدین دیلمی می اندازد.
اگر دولت مدد کند          موشک شهاب به خاک اسرايیل کند
بعد از سرودن این شعر مامورالدین بیاد آورد که ممکن است دولت بی لیاقت باشد و بیکفایتی کند:
حالا اگر دولت مدد نکند  مامورالدین چنین گفت
اگر دولت مدد نکرد    ما همگی مدد کنیم موشک شهاب به خاک اسرايیل کنیم
عزیز گیلانی خیالش راحت باشد تمامpersonal interest ایشان توسط خود من (در صورت بروز جنگ) گارانتی است. personal interestمن چسبیده به شما. میگن محصول چای امسال خیلی خوب خواهد بود
آن عزیز که از برادر مسلمانش را مجرم خلافکار میخواند و از او متنفر است توصیه میکنم به جای نفرت کمی ؛دوست داشته باشد؛
بنده بروم کمی پن کیک که عیال در غیاب قورمه و قیمه درست کرده میل کنم که سر میشود.
عزیزان هم خودشان را برای چیزی که اتفاق نیافتاده ناراحت نکنند.

I wear an Omega watch


 IRI  is inherently a

by vildemose on

 IRI  is inherently a racist state, if it is inherently an apartheid state, then I want no part of IR, it has no place in this world.  

 O’Keefe, who was on board the Mavi Marmara, compared Jews to both the Nazis and to the German people whom, he implies, as a whole collaborated with the Nazis. I have transcribed the final part of his speech below. After referring to “the Jewish people” O’Keefe uses “you” or “your” twelve times to personally direct his rhetoric at the Jews in the theatre.

The decent Germans, the so-called decent Germans of World War Two Nazi Germany, what did they do, what did the decent Germans do when the Nazis came to power and started to institute their policies, what did they do? They didn’t do enough, did they?

Did they do enough to stop the Nazis? No, they didn’t. And what are the Jewish people doing right now? Are you doing enough to stop your racist apartheid genocidal state? No, they went along with the policies of Nazi state

Just replace Nazi with Basij brown shirts and brainwashed Islamis fanatic in Believing Miltant and fundamentalist Khoeminist Islam.

At the risk of repeating myself, at some point this ever increasing anti-Semitic rage and anti-musim  are  going to translate itself into action, that is a pogrom for both muslims and jews.
What, pray tell, is implied when someone like this states that Israel (and by implication, Jews) have no right to exist? If that isn’t incitement to murder, then what is? If someone has no right to exist what remedy is there in mind except to exterminate them?

Motsty from;


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Doost daaram pas hastam


by Doost daaram pas hastam on

misses the whole point. Let's see what
happens if one were to tell these people that Mohammad was a
genocidal pedophile and anyone who calls himself a Muslim is either a
criminal psychopath or is plain ignorant. That person would most
likely have his head cut off by one of these psychopaths. Later not
only there won't be a prosecution for that murderer but most likely
he would receive some awards from the criminal regime that runs our
country. That is the problem. There are criminals and psychopaths in
every country. In civilized countries, in order to protect the
citizenry, they are put in mental institutions or prisons. Our
country is the rare exception that not only lets these people be free
but also, encourages them, pays them and arms them. Because in Iran
the criminals and the psychopaths are in charge of the whole country.

Oon Yaroo

Like Sad'dam's nocheh these Khamenei's nocheh will be destroyed!

by Oon Yaroo on

And like playing a movie over and over again, we will see the American soldiers pulling Khamenei out from his hiding hole in one of the AbbAnBars in the old south Tehran neighborhoods.

And again like playing the same movie, Khamenei will be hanged** from the big Chenar tree on the corner of Takht-Jamshid and Pahlavi streets while Iranians reciting the national anthem:

Ey Iran, Ey Marz'e PorGohar,....

** Of course  after due and proper legal process...!? Oh sure, and my name is really ...!



by rtayebi1 on

and better challenged people have been conquered . don't count on this one video. 

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

Can Take a trip to Iran 

and tell the above crowd

what he/she thinks about them and their religion.

Maybe, they will gather around him, select him as their savior and attack the master of Ashora ceremony and overthow the Velayat Faghih, hence the problem is resolved.

I'm just saying,



If Iran is attacked

by Reality-Bites on

It will be because of the backward, fanatical, brainwashed mentality on display in that clip.

A mentality, which along with the vile system that lies behind it and feeds it, have needlessly made Iran numerous enemies and a potential target of military attack.


"If iran is attacked or invaded..."

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I am sure that every  west residing die hard anti jooo, pro IRI, pro hamas, pro hezbullah  cyber warrier will hang a big flag of USA or Britain next to an Israeli flag outside his/her house, claim to be "Italian" and cheer "the troops".

Shame on all you Islamic warmongers. The final price of the war the flames of which you are fanning 24/7, from the comfort of your armchairs in west, will be paid not by bassiji thugs who will be hiding undere a chador or their leadres who'd leg it at first sign of cruise missiles,  but by poor Iranian people who have nothing to do with the Fascistic Islamist regime and it's warmongering that you are supporting here 24/7


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by rtayebi1 on


iraj khan


by iraj khan on

Iran is attacked or invaded, many among this same crowd will be ready and willing to fight back and become 'martyrs', it's a fact and has been tried before by Saddam when he invaded Iran. 

Those who understand the deep cultural, religious roots of these gatherings and ceremonies also would recognize their effectiveness too.

 There are thousands of gatherings such as the one shown here. One can hate it, resent it, badmouth it, lose his/her mind over it but he/she cannot ignore it. It takes a deep understanding of Iran and Iranians to acknowledge it and deal with it.

As a secular Iranian I have seen how the crowd is whipped into a spritual frenzy in these kinds of occasions.

As a test one can go to such gathings and tell anyone in that crowd what you say about them here and observe their reactions, not to forget it's them who are living in Iran and not you.  

It is what it is,



All I can say is...

by AryamehrNYC on

K1RAM 2 HALGHEH in khanandeh!!


I agree with rtayebi1

by Rastin on

They are a manifestation of some of the worst sides of the IRI. For them it isn't just about forcing other to believe what they believe. They degrade and destroy anything that isn't in line with their thinking. The destruction of Reza Shah's mausoleum is unfortunately a good example of this. 

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory (courtesy of Bavafa)


This is so fu...

by rtayebi1 on

ugly and outrages. How can my country man be such a fucking idiots.  AN ASSAULT ON EVERY SYMBOL OF OUR NATIONALITY  mehrban


Ey Khak barsar!

by Simorgh5555 on

What other reasons do you need to convince you that this anti-Iranian regime needs to be destroyed.

What other reason do you need to convince you that the Islamic Republic are alien occupiers.  


Siamak Asadian

Iraji: your "spiritual frenzy" is knwon as schizophernia

by Siamak Asadian on

amongst sane peole. See a doctor, there may be a cure, maybe not!


You're all wrong. They are singing for "iran khanoom"....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The wife of the dead  bassiji "scientist". The winner of the contest, gets the first one hour sigheh go, the runner up the second go, and so on.....  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


همیشه دزد!!


یادمه چند سال پیش یه آهنگ از هایده دزیده بودن! حالا منتظر ورژنی از آهنگهای لیدی گاگا باشین...بزودی!


برادر مش قاسم


 ما می بایستی این کلیپ را از جهت مثبت نگاه کنیم. شما شاید یاد نداشته باشی دورغ چرا؟ ان موقعها که ما میرفتیم عزا امام حسین کی اینحوری بود!!! همش گریه و تو سرت بزن! نه یه قری نه یه دوری آخونده هم که ان بالا زجه می کشید !!!
این آقای خواننده فقط یک کروات کم داره عزا داران حسینی هم باید یا لر باشند یا کرد چون ان کارهای که این جلفهای قرشمال می کنند اطلأ مثل دوران سابق نیست.
شما حالا بگو قورمه سبزی میل دارید یا قیمه؟؟

I wear an Omega watch

iraj khan

Who Needs

by iraj khan on

A-Bomb when he has this population under his influence.

One could see how one man whipping a whole population into a spritual frenzy by his oratory skills and refrences to Ashora.

The one who is considering to attack this people better think twice.

I'm just saying,



ویدئوی بعدی


ویدیوی بعدی باباکرم برای بعثت

Mash Ghasem

Khebe, you're wrong again ,Pakistan was the first Islamic nation

by Mash Ghasem on

with its Atomic "contribution!!!"

Pakistan just  like Iran, can't feed its own people.

Can't stop assasiantions on its own soil.

Can't do the most basic tasks of a decent government, but hey who cares, they got the Bomb.

You IR apologists are just beneath pathetic.



Another Iranian

by Khebedin on

Another Iranian contribution  to Islam.  What would Islam do without Iran?. Art, science, knowledge, shraf, ensaniat, and now this.


I let the

by Raoul1955 on

Persian speaking folks comment on the lyrics, but I noticed a lot unclean islamic men, dressed in dark clothes, having their arms around the next guy in the 'circle,' chanting and [seemingly] 'beating' their... and 'jerking' around.  :-)  I wonder if...
Perhaps Faramarz can articulate the event depicted in the video much better than a cabbage-packing Raoul. :-)