Agnostic Jew's Reading of the Koran

Lesley Hazleton's TED talk

Lesley Hazleton (born 1945) is an award-winning British-American writer whose work focuses on the intersection of politics, religion, and history, especially in the Middle East. She reported from Israel for Time, and has written on the Middle East for numerous publications including The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, Harper's, The Nation, and The New Republic. She has described herself as "a Jew who once seriously considered becoming a rabbi, a former convent schoolgirl who daydreamed about being a nun, an agnostic with a deep sense of religious mystery though no affinity for organized religion". "Everything is paradox," she has said. "The danger is one-dimensional thinking" >>>



Lesley Hazleton is a very

by Arthimis on

Lesley Hazleton is a very  Intelligent , Educated &Wise human being ... Her voice is captivating with an unbelievable similarity to Gloria Foster's voice in the movie: Matrix !!!

"Here, have a cookie. I promise when you finish eating it you'll be feeling right as rain." [the oracle]



maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

the book was about that 23 yrs diferences of opinion about of his birth or beethat for the Islamic calendar.


Mash Ghasem

بيست و سه سال:على دشتى

Mash Ghasem


شادروان على دشتى يکى از بزرگان عرصة خِرَد و انديشه, و در زمرة نامى ترين سياستمداران, نويسندگان و محقّقان دوران معاصر کشورمان بوده, از وى آثار گرانبها و ارزشمند فراوانى برجاى مانده است. آنچه در تمامى آثار وى مشهود است, احساسات و عواطف پاک و سرشار از محبّت انسانى است که با مهرورزى فراوان, مى کوشد تا گرد و غبارِ خرافات و اوهام را نه با خشونت, که با آرامى و رأفت از چهرة انسانها بِزُدايد. وى در پيکار خود عليه تعصّبات و خرافات, با آرامش و متانتى شگرف که از خصوصيات اخلاقى وى بشمار ميرفت, تنها شواهد و دلايل مستحکم خود را ارائه نموده و در تمامى اين مباحثات, همواره از مخالفان با کمال احترام نام برده و هرگز در جملات او اهانتى به فرد يا گروهى مشاهده نمى شود.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

No need to read her book.

Take mr. vanaki's advise.

P.s welcome to the An-telectual comedy club.


Nader Vanaki

حاج خانوم

Nader Vanaki

برو کتاب علی دشتی "بیست و سه سال" را بخون و اینقدر هم پرت و پلا نباف.


Yes I agree SK

by amirkabear4u on

I too found it difficult with 72 virgins, for 2 reasons;

1- If men have it so do women. Then that makes 144 partners just for 2 people (a man and a woman). So for 100,000,000 people there are 14,400,000,000 . Then heaven must be a very busy place !!!! haha

2- 72 is very tiring.

When I was very young, I was ashemed of myself to think of god's heaven is a place to have virgins. I STILL DO.



Soosan Khanoom

Refreshingly genuine presentation

by Soosan Khanoom on

Yes, indeed no one actually reads Quran.  

I especially loved her saying :

"  I was a tourist in this land so I read it slowly " ...

I have never heard of her before .…Thanks a bunch for posting this.

Now, I am very much interested and would like to read her books and see what more she has to offer and what other arguments she carries.