Harsh U.S. Sanctions Could Restrict Aid to Iran's Earthquake Victims

Interview with Trita Parsi

Democracy Now: Warnings of military action against Iran come amidst concerns harsh U.S. sanctions on Iran will greatly hinder international donations for victims of this weekend's double earthquakes. More than 300 people were killed and thousands more wounded when the earthquakes struck northwest Iran on Saturday. A U.S. ban on financial transactions to Iran has left donors with the sole option of hoping family remittances are passed on to victims or aid groups inside Iran >>>


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Darius Kadivar

That "mole" on his upper Left Cheek is rather attractive ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

NIAC Presents: The Mole People 1950's Movie trailer


sorry I got distracted Trita Joony Could you now please repeat your analysis ...


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - Official Trailer [HD]










Islamis rapist Rejime

by Manam_Babak on

Should get the $2b that they just sent to HezbAllah in Lebanon back, and spent it on the people that it belongs to. We all know that will never happens, nor any money anybody sends Iran will ever reach the victims, Distruction of this rejim should be the world's #1 priority, then only then... 

I cut myself day dreaming dancing in the streets of Tehran.... 


People need help

by Rea on

And if Trita P., or anybody else for that matter, can get the job done scoring a few points in the political arena at the same time, so be it.


Hmmmm? Dr Mohandes, Senior Genius, you don't come across as

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

a Iranian Patriot, thinking of Iran and Iranian Families before yourself, you have much in common with RG, the editor of this communty at times and so many others who take far too little of their time (or worse the opposite of) defending the Character of a true Iranian Patriot, the late Shah.

Maybe you don't see the connection between rebelling for the sake of the dignity of the good and law abiding Leaders of Iran and its relationship with the freedom of iranians in Iran, maybe you like many others just don't care to think. 

I don't remember you ever stating, your argument...

"When talking about the issue of banksters and fraudsters, unfortunately
that is something no country in the world could avoid nowadays, I guess
the whole concept of "the cleanest among the dirty shirts" apply here." 

...on this site to defend irans private businesses industries, banks & govt during the time of the late shah, which unlike the USA, UK, France and the FREE western DEMOCRACIES 1) had 5 independent national agencies pursuing corruption and 2) IN ALL CASES when ever there was hard evidence actually pursued individuals. case #2 only applies to the USA 

Seems like your views are not serving Iranians very well or other humans, not sure if you can make that connection alone, mentally eating off the scraps of western controlled media, don't worry you are in good company as an iranian, sadly we have many of you and fewer of me.  Weren't you acting like one of them oo-oo- oooo--oooo sounding orangu-tans who couldn't relate to a man of firm principals, like the late shah and would use corruption and many other issues even human rights, as intentional lies, to thwart Irans progress towards a democratic society?

Or were you one of them anti Iran acting instruments no names mentioned RG (and any person who today support extremists being used in Syria and Libya to do the wests bidding of bringing chaos...) that had just discovered a new word from western media, "Dictator", without knowing its definition, for example, when it applies to a king and when it does not?  Obama, who looks like he is about to be re-elected by the fraudsters paying for his reputation, the same frausters that paid to harm the late shahs reputation, without talking with anyone, on a whim, with out consulting any government body, or even taking the time to lie to someone... anyone.... ordered the wiping out of a national army, killing the govts head and supporting an armed uprising in Libya.  Where are our Dictator experts all of a sudden when human rights and innocent people need them and a resourse rich country faces even greater levels of despair and inequality ?  Likely busy stealing the freedom of Iranians by lying about the past and not defending the freedom of the good guys wearing the white hats. 

Yes go get your belt, please hang yourself and take as many like minded Iranians with you, those who after 33 years are unable to learn because of their inability to express remorse and therefore change.  It is the victims within Iran today who sadly are the ones who because they can't leave Iran or survive the harsh and painful existence they face end up hanging themselves instead.  Thats a pity for a patriot, because everything a Patriot did was with the entire world in mind, for them and others around the world.




iraj khan


by iraj khan on


Inside a box called iranian.com

Question remains:

"How many of you did send money/medicine or supplies to Iran?"

Action talks and the 'other one' walks.


He is not a US citizen, thus all he said here is a bunch of BS..

by Bavafa on

Isn't that many of his foes essentially have claimed here?Not a word to and in regards to the content of the interview.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Islamist Republic of Zereshk with mental disorders:)

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

به قول اقای زندانیا‌ن این مرض " اسکیتزفرنیا اسلامی " داره!!


قربون صدقه تریتا پارسی؟؟!!‌




When was the last time to bother with any of Mr. T's show cases?! Better come with the evidence upon making such 100% false accusation, dear!

Otherwise another typical lie by Macy's USA Inc., aka R_G, here on this site. Didn't expect anything else from corporate America, of which Mr. T  is also a part of, anyways!!!



Reality Check

by Faramarz on


Here is the counter point.



How come no one speaks of the Sanctions of IRI on the people

by seannewyork on

IRI has sanctioned the Iranian people for 33 years.  How come no one speaks of that if they are worried about the people getting hurt.

 How come no one looks at IRI for refusing aid rather than looking at us who said aid is ok to iran?

iraj khan

500,000 Iraqi children died because of sanctions

by iraj khan on

meanwhile, Saddam was building new castles for himself all over Iraq.

That's what Parsi is talking about, that's what NIAC is talking about, and that's what the majority of Iranian Americans are saying.

How many of you Naysayers did send any help to Iran for the latest disaster?


great threesome of a debate on NIAC.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

ولی‌ اون یکی‌ دیگه چشه؟ دیروز قربون صدقه تریتا پارسی‌ میرفت، امروز بهش فحش هایّ قلمبه سلمبه و "معنی‌ دار" میده! نکنه به قول اقای زندانیا‌ن این مرض " اسکیتزفرنیا اسلامی " داره؟؟!!

iraj khan

When he speaks, everybody listens.

by iraj khan on

Trita Parsi,

Telling it as it is.

Sanctions are wrong, immoral and useless ending the livelihood of millions. Effecting the young children, the sick and helpless.

He can speak on my behalf anytime.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Honey , are you being fascitious or do you actually mean it?

I have a feeling that you have nothing but contempt for the amereeeeeeeeeeeeekan deeereeeeem. so it would be best if you got your precious and scientifically contributing / researching mind and body outta there and come here so we can get married and basate dar ra ly lay ro joor konim:))

You don't have to worry about the belt, i usually punish my "aroos" by asking them to lock themselves in the dungen and read a book or something.


Soosan Khanoom

DM, what's better than the American Dream.

by Soosan Khanoom on

And, I have already got the belt...,


Dr. Mohandes

forced fed or not

by Dr. Mohandes on

Let's face it soosan joonam.

These same workers in the west that you tear up "your chest" for , have it much better than many others around the world.

Look, i am not saying here many of these hard-working people have not been wronged specially during the last four or five years, but there are still opportunities available to them, that many others have been deprived of , no matter how you slice it, or BBQ it! daha!

When talking about the issue of banksters and fraudsters, unfortunately that is something no country in the world could avoid nowadays, I guess the whole concept of "the cleanest among the dirty shirts" apply here. You need these banks and financial institutions to beb able to continue the growth cycle, otherwise welocme to Pyong Yang ! But at the same time you need to be careful who you pick to do buisness with and keep your eyes open. 

So don't go around blaming the big boys and then doing a cha cha with moein's song when it is all said and done:)))

Should i go and get my belt???:) 


Please help, Mr. T

by Demo on

Your heart breaking! interview (no interest to listen to it though, sorry!) is surely going to bring a lot of wolf-ish tears to the eyes of yours alike! But just to check with your sincereity about the Iraninans' wellfare, especially in dealing with natural disasters, did you ever in the past officially complain/write/ interview about the miserable housings structures of all the country villages and the total IRI's negligence in either retrofiting or rebuilding them altoghether, thus to lessen/prevent such disasters like the one you are crying wolf about? Thanks in advance for your help, if you could provide us with such.  

Soosan Khanoom

lol... What a mood changer song.

by Soosan Khanoom on

Che ajab Moein ye ahangeh shaad khoond. Hamash ta hala rozeh khoony bood

Thanks for saving me from getting soaked in the politics. 

: ) 


سوسن خانوم




زیادی شلوغ پلوغش نکن! پاشو یک کمی برقص که خوش اخلاق شی! 



Soosan Khanoom

The concept of the New world order started after WWII

by Soosan Khanoom on

It took sometime to take off but now it is in iits full gear.  Someone asked the Americans , if you are so in favor of spreading democracy why don't you do a damn thing about the Saudis?  They answered, ' Saudi's may be a Bitch but they are our own Bitch'.  The truth is that certain countries are not their Bitch but they should either accept to be or be forced to be ( by war). 

Knowing this fact what that makes of me if not be outspoken against it?  Perhaps a PIMP      

Think about it !!!!!! 


Eyes Wide Shut!

by Faramarz on


Soosan Khanoom,

If you are so against the international trade and the global banking system, then why are trying so hard to get the sanctions lifted and force the Iranians into it?

As for the "New World Order", you go ahead and enjoy it and tell me all about it. The "New World Order" very much like the Communism utopia of the last century or the '79 revolution is a giant fraud. I'll pass on it as I did back then!

Soosan Khanoom

Faramarz. it is the very concept of international trade aka

by Soosan Khanoom on

banksters that is the root of problem.  These people are not only at war with certain countries but also are at war with the working class within their own societies. Soon or later ordinary people in the west will be fed and forced to taste the very same medicine that you so naively are approving of.  Open your eyes and welcome yourself to the new world order. 



International Trade is not a Right

by Faramarz on



International trade is not a right, it's a privilege.

The US and the west do not have any legal or moral obligations to do trade or sell goods and services to a Regime that at its core has their destruction as its number one priority.

In the absence of the sanctions, the only option left on the table to deal with the Regime is war and destruction.

Soosan Khanoom

Sanction is the most

by Soosan Khanoom on

Sanction is the most shameless act.. It is an indirect declaration of war upon a nation.  Sanction just like all other recent wars that U. S has conducted is nothing but an illegal act.

Due to an earthquake or not, it should be banned. Sanction puts the lives of ordinary people in danger and the harm that it causes is equal to an eartthquake if not more. How can a nation be under this shameless act and at the same time accept help from the very same hands that are feeding them Sanctions?  Iranian Americans better save their chrocodlie tears for the victims of the earthquake and be ashamed of themselves for not being more active and outspoken in terms of stopping any U.S sanction against the poor and innocent nation of Iran.   


NIAC lobby speak up

by Fred on

Warmongering Islamist Rapists have refused American humanitarian aid for the earthquake victims. NIAC lobby has not publicly  condemned the Islamist Rapists, why?