Egyptian attack on 'oppressive' Syria sparks walkout

Mursi shakes Tehran Non-Aligned Summit

BBC: Egypt's president has told a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (Nam) that the Syrian uprising is a "revolution against an oppressive regime". Mohammed Mursi, making the first visit to Iran by an Egyptian leader since 1979, said the movement had an "ethical duty" to support the uprising. His comments sparked a walkout by the Syrian delegation. "We all have to announce our full solidarity with the struggle of those seeking freedom and justice in Syria...: >>>



رییس هیات سوریه رفته بود دست به آب!



مصاحبه مسیح علی نژاد با سر دبیر رسالت



عجب نشست پر برکتی!!


 عزیزان که اینجا خوشحال هستند که مرسی زد تو گوش احمدی و چشم احمدی کبود شد!! دمش گرم لات هم لاتهای مصری !! آمد تهرون شر را تعطیل کرد یکی هم زد تو گوش کلانتر و معاونش!!
البته احمدی که کتک خورش ملس است گفته از ملاقات با مرسی خیلی خوشوقت است و دو ملت ایران و مصر بردار یا خواهر هستند!!
مهم این است که مرسی رفت ایران!! بعد از چین رفت ایران!!

I wear an Omega watch


مرسی می‌گفت سوریه، مترجم ترجمه می‌کرد بحرین




You would imaging that Arab occupiers of Iran (IRI), and their Cyber Islamist Koor-o Katachal Basijis and Fatmeh Komandos on the net , will make correct ARABIC to Farsi translations..


I add your name to my fan club!!

by مآمور on

I wear an Omega watch

Soosan Khanoom

Payam interesting take at this.

by Soosan Khanoom on

So far U.S by invading two countries as well as hiijacking a revolution has done a great service to IRI.  Now there are IRI (Iraq), IRA (Afganestan),and IRE ( Eygpt) ...


Nader Vanaki

خوشم اومد

Nader Vanaki

بعد از انور سادات توی لیست مصری های خیلی باحال نفر دوّمه.  به قول روزبه ایرانی مُرسی خوب رید به ریش و پشم سید علی و ملیجکش، درود بر او. 

payam s

This was to be expected. Only time will tell...

by payam s on

This is not surprising at all considering the 1.56 billion dollars Egypt still received from the US annually and the 500 million dollars they received from Qatar (who also wants Assad gone) this month, and another 1.5 billion to be delivered in the future. Egypt is as of now bankrupt and in need of serious cash and loans. Before arriving at Tehran he was in china asking for loans to avoid dependence on US and mafia organizations such as IMF and World Bank. If his request for loans and aid is fulfilled by the chinese (who promised assitance with development and expanded relations) with less strings attached than the IMF, World Bank and the persian gulf puppets (which is highly likely) then his rhetoric will shift in the future. So give it some time; as we say, joojeharo akhare payiz mishmoran. For now the iranians are still ahead of the game by mere fact of establishing relations with an Arab powerhouse such as Egypt after more than 30 years. They will patiently wait for the Egyptians to secure their position before making any serious commitments.


defecating all over Islamic Republic of Zereshk!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Faramarz's comment was very kind. what Mr. Musri  throw at khamenei and his malijak ahmadinezhad's face was not a spit. He defecated all over the pair of them, their pathetic conference and  and their even more pathetic Islamic republic of Zereshk! 

damesh garm!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Mr. Faramarz...

by UnitedIran on

Wow...I hadn't heard this "poem" in your earlier comment since my Arabic classes back 1000 years ago....very funny!


تحریف سخنان مرسی در رادیو تلویزیون رژیم!




محمد مرسی بعد از گفتن "مرگ بر آمریکا و مرگ بر اسرائیل" چنین گفت: " انرژی هسته ای حق مسلم ماست. برادر بشار اسد جزو محور ماست!"



BBC, we got a problem

by Demo on

Where is the part of his speach that he said 'his country is 100% against foreign interference on the internal affairs of Syria"? What kind of Dicky news media you are?


I understood only one word "horriyat"

by Mehrban on

It was what was written on my great grandmother's water pipe.  It means "Azadi" (FREEDOM).


Hey Mamoor ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

What happenned?  You used to be proud of being called "Ajam = Gong" by the Airab Bedouine Savages, now you call yourself "Farsi" !

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


ماشالله ایرانیها که عربیشان فول است


لا تستمعوا الى ما يقول لأنكم لا تفهمون و لا تفقهون ما يقول .  أن ما يقوله هو هراء
فقط مأمور الفارسي يفهم العربية لا أنتم

I wear an Omega watch


Clear statement

by rain bow movment on

 Although ,morsi is a new version of Ibrahim yazei elected by anglo US for egypt.but it's not that stupid to support a barbaric regime like IR in favour of syria.

he realy spit on the face of seyyd ali geda rozeh khoon

There is no limit to stupidity & ignorance of Molla ha


أنا ديـك مـن الـهنـدی!




أنا ديـك مـن الـهنـدی
جميل الشـكل و الـقـدی
امير في بني جنسي
و لي تاج على رأسي


What if you threw a party and most people didn't show up, and the ones that came ate your food and spit in your face


Tehran, we got a problem

by Fred on

The Messianic Islamist Rapists who actively participate in
the pogroms of Syrian people with Battists have got a problem in the Arab world.