US Supports UAE in Island Dispute

Backs resolution of dispute by International Court of Justice

AFP: The United States on Tuesday urged Iran to enter talks with the United Arab Emirates over Gulf territorial disputes as it criticized President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for visiting a contested island. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the United States supported "a peaceful resolution" over the three islands and backed the UAE call for the issue to be resolved through talks or at the International Court of Justice. >>>



Corrrection of hmj2101 aka michael jalili

by Siavash300 on

"the Iranians who live in the south share much in common with their brethrens in the southern part of the Gulf." hmj2101

The correct version of above statement is:

the Iranians who live in the south share much in common with their brethrens in the southern part of the PERSIAN GULF

"Michael Jalili is a writer based in the Gulf."hmj2101 

The correct version of above statement is:

Michael Jalili is a writer basede in the PERSIAN GULF.

Arash Kamangir

Thanks to IR, Arabs snobs Iranians

by Arash Kamangir on

Before the catasrophy of 1979 Arab were ruled by us iranians and now thanks to scum mullahs the arabs snubs us like they did after occupation of Iran during kalif omar.


The Iranian "sovereignty" is not up for negotiation!!!!

by Benyamin on

Sometimes you make one thousands "right" turns and only one "wrong" turn and that one wrong turn prove to be more deadly and harmful than all those right turns combine can make it up for it!!!

My point is if you want to be logical and "neighbourly" please be so but not in a way that anyone can come around take your land or rape you just because they are your neighbours!!!! Just because they are our neighbours doesn`t mean they are allowed to say or claim whatever they want to! I have been to the "Gheshm" Island people there speak a dialict of "Farsi" not arabic! if what the UAE(which is a made up country with no nationalistic or historic nor culturally based) is allowed to claim what they are claiming then based on the same logic we actually are allowed to claim not only the entire UAE we also can claim Kuait, Bahrain, Ghatar and the eastern parts of Saudie Arabia. I remind everyone here that there is a poorer Emarate called "Ajaman" Which everyone reading this would know what it means. Historically most of those areas actually belonged to "Persians" that doesn`t mean persian empire it means the actual people spoke either persian or spoke a dialict of persian. most or all of the Islands in Persian Gulf were made up of people that actually spoke persian because Iranians were the only nation with a know how of making boats big enough to travel in the persian gulf and they covered the entire water basen! Just look where Bahrain is located it is almost kissing Saudi Arabia and Ghatar and yet it is full of persian speakers. The only commonality that people in Abu Musa have with the arabs is their religin which is Sunni!!! that is it.

To be neighbourly is a two way street and the UAE must learn that if they don`t get it then we must teach them in a hard way.

At last, the position USA is taking on this is the at least ruining the little reputaion they have amongst Iranians we may vote for USA over Russia but we never vote for USA over ourselves and our land!!! So if there is anyone from the State department reading this then you should tell your superiors that taking a position to support the UAE is a mistake to put it mildly!



it was Persian Gulf to

by alx1711 on

it was Persian Gulf to a-rab gulf and now this. This shows how these savages have been,are and will be towards Persians.

a-rabs are tue enemies of Iran and Iranian people. arabs are american dogs with a leash around their neck....


People need to wise up

by hmj2101 on

Choghok, thank you for you comments.

It is simply disturbing to read the overheated nationalistic rhoterics on this issue. Let's wake and really analyze logically what is happening and how a responsible and confident nation would treat this matter.

1) Firstly regardless of the regime, People who love to promote of their country must pursue good neighborly relations. The people of the United Arab Emirates are our neighbors. In fact, the Iranians who live in the south share much in common with their brethrens in the southern part of the Gulf.

2) If Iranian culture is truly a rich culture, then do Iranians need to contantly remind peole that? Why aren't people outraged that an Iranian leader is trempling on the sensitivity of a nation which has allowed hundreds of thousands of Iranians make it their home. Remember, the lounder you shouter, the less confident you are about your place in the world. There is no reason for any moral leader to shout at its neighbors that his/her culture is better.

3) UAE and USA rightly are calling for a peaceful resolution. Let's not foget that it is the IR violating agreements that the Shah of Iran reached with UAE, under this agreement citizens of both countries shall be able to live there and neither country would instlal a military base there.

4) How come Iranians can be so easily fooled by a regime they despite. Don't you see it, at a time when nothing is going well for the Iranian people, this regime props up an issue to get support. Wise people wouldn't fall for it. 

H. Michael Jalili is a writer based in the Gulf.


Know your place

by Bahram_Bukhara on

My GCC friends, you should really thank the British, because had they not occupied your land, you would still be just camel-riders, without a state or a government. Now that you have your little sheikhdoms you have developed your little egos to lay claims on others' lands.


Be more objective and less nationalistic

by choghok on

It would be good for all of us to be a little bit objective and a little less nationalistic. One of these islans is big enough to hold people and thos people are UAE citiens by will.

Also according to the agreement Iran would protect the islands security but their ownership has not been agreed on of what I have heard.

Beside all these, we should think why would Ahmadinejad do this visit? Is it more than trying to destabilize and divide again.

I guess the other move by trying to pump water out of Caspian into Iranian central platau is also a move to find a way to put pressure on countries like Azerbaijan and Russia, otherwise according to scientists the project is doomed and does not hold any real value.

Lets face it, all the projects mr Ahmadinejad has touched has turned into sh¤%&t. 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Do you Live in the states?

Cuz if you do Then,

If that were not the case and Those southern states has still belonged to Mexico would you and other Honorbale iranian car/rug salespeople, and docs and engineers be able to enjoy the lavish lifestyle, in a totally capitalistic system that you are now?



Do you want them ? Come and get them.

by Sialashgar on

Any time your ready. Just like Saddam bring your friends too. There will be

Planty for all of you.  ask Donold Ramsfeild one of  Saddams biggest

helper. Very easy Iran and IRI is nothing to even talke to I don't understand

why you guys just not take what you want.Look all the powerful friends you have .  BEELAKH 

By the way Iran is still selling Iraqi oil On the Iran Iraq borders. Getting componsation for the stupitaty of Saddam and his Arab and western friends. Know Iran owns Iraq. Chew on that.


And A question for mousa67 :

Which one is better for Iran ? Taking every drop of oil from Iran and giving to BP and shell for 20 $ a Barrel. Singing Kumbaya with Obama and netanyahu OR Burn US flag send Ahmadi to say he is going to wipe Israel and Increase the oil price to 140 (By the way their goal was 200$ for last year)  And only sell 30 % of your oil for twice the mony.   Who is stupid now mousa you or Iranians ? I think You.


US Supports UAE

by jmyt17 on

Just Mr. America shut-up, this is not your business, keep it out.

Wondering why during these days they start kissing these butt head ARAB ASS?

Island belongs to IRAN. And will remain to IRAN.

Also Ala agree with you regarding, why they let this sort of real garbage to be posted on



Peaceful means?

by Ferdos on

So, the US points out that the issue should be resolved peacefully. The same way Texas, Arizona, California were peacefully taken away from Mexico?


what do you expect? when you burn US flags

by mousa67 on

and have a president stupid enough to call for wiping USA's most loyal ally  in the ME off the planet?


omg, this is disaster, they are killing us. Pls DON'T BE SILENT

by Siavash300 on

Before president Puttin from Russia came to Iran the share of Iranian over Caspian sea was 50/50 and then after he left the Iran's share was decreased to 18%..  Why are you guys silent. Please speak up.

Now, they have eyes on our 3 islands. What else? The mullahs are selling our country to foreigners in order to stay in power.

We need to sign a petition against these international criminals.   

Dr. Mohandes

politically reasonable

by Dr. Mohandes on

I happen to agree with thought. That is precisely what is going on in here and we need to quit interpretting things in a conspiratorially-oriented mindset that the whole world is after us and our resources. all this talk on satellite channels about standing together and defending of god knows what and all that nice and sweet blabbering about our national honor...has made me sick to the stomach.

If mr. Homayoon and the gang want so bad to be in sahneh and are aching so passionately and restlessly to stand next to a bunch of traitor, sheepeeshoo who do nothing but rape people and steal from them, then i'd suggest they pick up that phone and start launcing their efforts in getting ready to come to iran and do what they freaking preach, because i guarantee you there ain't gonna be any signs of that fanciful dreams they are weaving in the corrupted and twisted minds.

If anything people should use this opportunity to use this as a pedestal to give this government a piece of their mind and tell them what they think of them.



US has not taken any position

by Thought on

US has only pointed that this issue needs to be resolved by peaceful means including international court. In a way the US has not taken UAE side or it would directly declare that Iran is "required" to resolve this issue.

In political language, US has given UAE a red light as for supporting that country in this claim.

UAE pressuring the US admin to take a position has made the US declare this comment, which should be taken as its political value:

<“The United States... urges Iran to respond positively to the UAE’s initiative to resolve the issue through direct negotiations, the International Court of Justice or another appropriate international forum,” an official statement said. >

I wouldn't worry too much about this.


Dr. Ala, I agree completely with

by Azarbanoo on

your view on this issue.


Mohammad Ala, while I agree with your 2nd paragraph

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

We need all sides to be able to express themselves and get fair/equal exposure, even if we feel it includes garbage (I agree with your perception that it is garbage), what we want to avoid is to give one side an unfair advantage to a particular view, by expressing it 1000 times more than another view, or to show up the way the the usa, china, IRI and other big powers do, that is it to shut down the ability for opposing views to be said entirely, so they get little to no exposure.  If we were to do that, then we would be putting ourselves among the company of countries that claim themselves to be the bastion of freedom, but are lying to the extreme to the point where the only thing they can do is shut up the voices of the masses that are screaming out against them as they repress them.

Mohammad Ala

If it was my choice . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

I wouldn't let this sort of garbage to be posted on

BBC has no creditability in regards to Persian Gulf matters.   Someone needs to remind the UK and USA governments that the issue is NOT between them or IRI.  The issue must be settled between Iranian people and the people of UAE which must include Bahrain too.