Soroush: Views on homosexuality

Compares same-sex rights with incest


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Zendeh baad DIVANEH.

you said it.



He is confused

by divaneh on

I am not even going to waste 10 minutes of my time on him. He confuses the gay relationship with what was happening in the Faizieh where he and other Akhonds were mounting each other.



by iranvatan on

Stop referring to me because as I said I am not going to agree with you 

I am not brainwashed but I am against criminals and perverted mindset who justify the rape of women and children and call it legal.

The same man who marries a 9 year old girl and the same man who marries 10 young girls and justify its actions on religious grounds.

So it seems like you approve pedophiles and people who commit incest and you are obsessed by that notion.

You mentioned Iran. Iran has people like you who are brainwashed and backward that is why we have no laws against incest and pedophiles. 

Good luck with your argument. 

But I still will say Incest and paedophalic acts are CRIME and is not a comparison to homosexuality.

 Homosexuals did not create Aids or had the gighest number of HIV virus...that is a BS and propangad by homophobic media.

Child abuse, rape, incest and pedphilic action Are criminal activities and those who commit it must be brough to Justice. 

One Iran for all Iranians


Iran Vatan

by Simorgh5555 on

If all incest is involuntary try telling that to this Grandmother who dated his biological grandson and even had a baby together. 


You see? No compulsion. Happy ordinary couple. 72 yearl old Grandmother and biological  grandson having full consensual adult sex and completely smitten. I'll ask you again. What has the private life of people who voluntarily wish to have sex with one another have to do with you. How dare you judge people in what they do in their private life? This isn't the Islamic Republic you know. 

You seem to forget that only 50 years ago homosexuality was also a crime and is still seen as moral crime in every mainstream organised religion. So subjecting a child to having two fathers is not child abuse and the rape of his childhood. 

To say that all incestuous relationships are a involuntary and rape then it is just as saying that all paedophiles are homosexuals as most child abusers are paederasts.  That is the truth. The majority of child abusers target young boys and therefore by your rationale homosexuality is inextricably intertwined with paedophilia. The largets group of people who contract HIV are homosexuals and therefore by your standard gays and AIDS are synonymous with one another. 

Also don't forget that incest by Western standards can include millions of Iranians who have married first cousins and therefore you are condemning almost half the population of Iran. 

Ari Siletz

اخلاق یا فضولی بیخود!

Ari Siletz


اخلاق یعنی‌ رعایت  حقوق دیگران منجمله فضولی نکردن در روابط  شخصی‌ افراد. اگر در گذشته اخلاق تعبیر دیگری داشت غلط تصور میکردند.



Islamist mindset!

by Arj on

It's very interesting that when talking about adultrery, he only brings an example of a woman who commits adultery! (@7:30) Meaning, either on subconscious or perhaps even conscious level, he does not consider a man's infidelity as adultery! Perhaps even still believing in polygomy!!!

P.S. As JJ noted too, incest is still outlawed globally, and there are even a few people in Germany and Austria serving jail terms for committing incest! 


Incest is Rape and CRIME

by iranvatan on

What is it to me? Yes I am very disturbed by your way of criminal and pervertive mind and thinking. I think you are a very disturbed individual who thinks raping a sister is a consentual relationship.

It has never been consentual.

You are wrong in your argument. You are saying raping a sister is the same as homosexuality. It is never consentual, NEVER and NEVER and EVER. That is very sick and disturbing.

Incest is not the same as homosexuality. The former is a CRIME the other is Love.

One Iran for all Iranians


Incest the relationship

by Simorgh5555 on

Incest the relationship with Father and daughter or sister and brother is psychologically and emotionally a crime.

Why? Says Who? What is it to you what a consenting adult wishes to do in his or her private life? Who are you to decide what is psychologically or emotionally acceptable or not? What has it got to do with you what some one does in their private life? 

People in an incestuous relationship maybe enjoying a great time with one another just as two men who commit sodomy and even adopt children so that the kid has two fathers. A child growing up in a family having two fathers is not a psychological and emotional crime? Why not?  


Very disappointed - intellectual backwardness

by iranvatan on

To be honest I was so disappointed and thrown off by these comments; specially coming from Mr. Soroush our intellectual thinker and philosopher. I was very disappointed.

But you know this our society and our culture and its way of thinking and justifying their oppressions on others. We are a society that continues to undermine the basic human rights for its citizens and mainly its minorities.

It is interesting how people justify hate towards others using science and religion to justify their cause.

Really comparing the rape of a child by its own father or brother and comparing the love of two people justifies the notion that being incest is equal to homosexuality.

Only someone who is primitive an backward thinks that way.

Now someone is arguing that it is a genetic anomalistic. Really, so then is heterosexuality.

Incest the relationship with Father and daughter or sister and brother is psychologically and emotionally a crime. It is the power that a father and brother wants to impose of their sister.

One Iran for all Iranians




Jahanshah I'm afraid you couldn't be more wrong

by Simorgh5555 on

You do not have to be religious to be opposed to homosexuality as a form of behaviour. I am Darwinian as you can get and I believe homosexuality is an anomaly just as being born with a congetical defect or an impairment. Just because some people are born with a gay sexual orientation does not make it 'normal' any more than if I were born with cerbral palsy or a defective heart valve. The nature of all mamals is to be reproduce and that is why we have sexual organs as a result of millions of years of human development and engineering. If  men were to use their reproductive organs other than for the purpose of reproduction then it would have been an irrelevant appendix which would have dropped off and disappeared thousands of years ago like the human tail bone in humans or the change in the human physiology through the evolutionary scale. Hetrosexual reproduction and using our genitals for that purpose is clearly fermented in our biological nature.

This has nothing to do with legislating laws against homosexuality or executing them as they do in Iran. There is a difference between tolerating homosexuality as a bad habit and actively promoting and encouraging it.

The comparison betweem homosexuality and incest is entirely valid.

If you believe that grown consenting adults have the right to chose what they do in their private life then why cannot this extend to those who want to have sex with a consanguine relative? 

Let us imagine if two sisters wanted to have a relationship with each other (so there will be no children involved and therefore no genetic diseases) why is this more acceptable to you than two gay women partners who are not related?  

Jahanshah Javid

اسیر دین

Jahanshah Javid

مثال "اینسست" یا رابطه جنسی با فامیل درجه یک بی بجاست. برخلاف گفته سروش در هیچ کشوری قانونی نیست و مجازات داره. مقایسه با "اینسست" کاری است که مخالفان حقوق همجنسگرایان میکنند. به هر حال یک بار دیگر مشخص شد که دینمداران از سروش گرفته تا خامنه ای تا ابد اسیر اخلاق دینی / اسلامی خواهند بود و از دنیای غیر مذهبی امروز به دور.