Sharp Rise in Prices in Iran

Nuclear talks as sanctions bite

CSM: Exactly how much the economic sanctions figured in Tehran's decisionmaking is unknown. But it's clear that the increasingly tight financial straitjacket crafted by the United States, the European Union, and their allies is squeezing Iran's already suffering economy. Iranian banks, for example, are having trouble making international transactions. Last month, the Society for Worldwide International Financial Transfers – a worldwide electronic payment system known as SWIFT – disconnected blacklisted Iranian financial firms from its network. Even non-blacklisted banks are finding it hard to make agreements or transfer money, as the US threatens to blacklist them as well >>>


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Anonymous Observer

Excellent Bahmani!

by Anonymous Observer on

Great retort.  The bottom line is that you can't have your cake and eat it too.  At some point you have to take RESPONSIBILITY for your policy of appeasement and submission that has kept this regime in power.  

Dr. Mohandes

Western Powers!

by Dr. Mohandes on


No...let me na velam kon dige!! dasamo vel kon! let me express two calculated words (do kaloom harfe hessab). after dees i veel take you to a liveraky place neeer queen's palace:))...heez name eez lord Knight asghar kababi.

agha amirparviz.

fine. I admit that i was wrong and that you were as anti-west per se as you came across. My bad. But I guess the discussion has move beyond just that. What i was trying to get at principally, was the fact that we need to rid ourselves of such way and method of thinking, namely in a conspiratorial way. True that There is not one country out there that is not after its own interests by trying to use up another countrie's resources in any shape and form, But that is how things go in this day and age and in this new centuray.

I agree that it is a wonderful idea to ally ourselves with everyone of those countries that you mentioned, but like it or not, and whether THe US is heading on the wrong direction right now or not, it has proven time and again that it is well capable of reversing that course and changing things for the better. even now , relatively speaking US in not in as dire economic situation as others and still IS a source of big aid and help to them, despite whatever nasty rethoric being labeled against it. No it may not necessarily be the sole leader of the world (not the we need one anyway) but one can not deny that it is major trendsetter in the world and many people andgovernments model themselves after IT:)

Bottom line is that we can not be too picky and hold the ancient past against any major power who is willing and capable of offering our country and our people a better, more decent life along with opportunities to keep it that way for years to come.



Bahmani jan HOW?

by anglophile on

Could you be kind enough to elaborate on this part:


 Trust me, it will be a great short-term and long-term solution.


What exactly must the people do to get rid of this rogue regime - given that they are very LAZAY :))?


LOL Dr Mohandes

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You have gone out of your way to display your passionate and overzealous
hatred of anything western or remotely western-related,

Where did you get that idea?  I have no problems with modernity, yet unchained and inhuman levels of capitalism are presently doing as bad a job for the world as anything.  While the world is looking for the next great idea to rally around, I'm here to say it is not unleashed capitalism as the USA is leading the world based on and the capitalism the EU countries are following is far more sustainable and just, like holland, belgium, sweden etc.  I have no problem with these western nations so its not a problem with the west.  Some are just too soft on the USA and don't want to know about true facts related to their dirty side, we need to be understanding regarding their ambitions and their strategies for destroying countries like our & their abilities to progress, so they can sit around in vegas and talk up what wonderful people they are when you get to know them.  The USA is a victim too, its struggling against deep self inflicted wounds and this makes their crimes more acceptable to me, though understanding it, I don't see myself being able to forgive it, it affects me too much as a human.


Dr, on forget emotions related to what was done to Iran in past

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


the old and archaic and useless ill feelings you describe are based on what they are doing today.

the problem is what is being done to Iran not just for 33 years , its their current aims, their 20 and 40 year goals and their direction for others.  See how they are treating russia, no room for anyone on their boat.

Other alliances could be more beneficial for human rights, freedom, progress of iranians at this point, they are not necessary for growth or development, its not like they delivered any key technology we ordered, except military which they raped us on price, the steel industry after 50 years finally came from russia.

I would not have said that in 1970's when communism was around that there are other alliances, but things have changed with russia, and also why rule out china, irans location, resources and people are destiny changing and important for the all, its time we had massive impact once again.  Our resources don't need to go to terrorists, empires, tyranny or neo-colonialists unless we can come up with a great reason for it/make a great case.  We are on the receiving end today of a great mistake, that those who made it either don't want to change it or don't know how to, they have yet to mend their alliances with Iranians.  There's no guarantee that the future belongs to the west, we could be allying ourselves with those who are in the process of making big mistakes.  No One absolutely controls or is head of the world, if you are allied to the #1 power and they make a mistake, you are both paying for it.  I look into the USA and don't see a country on a sustainable or winning path.  They're moving towards internal decay and will be bankrupt soon too. 

Assuming the west doesn't mend it alliance with iranians, we need to alter the type of alliance we have with the west, alliances are important, but they need to be correctly formulated and not as to rely too much on any of them.  Why limit the world to the powers that impose themselves on Iranians.  how about holland, sweden, norway, belgium they have a greater gdp than france and uk combined, how about germany/japan/malaysia/indonesia



The Point of Sanctions

by bahmani on

When YOUR government is a ROGUE, other governments will punish it.

The punishment of a ROGUE government unfortunately has to punish the people.

For it is the people who have collectively allowed it's government to become a ROGUE. This is called CIVIC DUTY and PATRIOTISM and NATIONAL PRIDE and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

SO it is upon the people of Iran (as well as Iranians outside Iran) to remove their ROGUE government and replace it with a BENEVOLENT one.

Unfortunately once you have abdicated your DUTY as a SHAHRVAND, and allowed your government to be overrun by ROGUES and become an international ROGUE, that kind of government does everything it can to stifle your ability to replace it.

This results in YOU suffering the sanctions other governments of the world put on you, and requires that you WORK HARDER to remove your ROGUE government and replace it with a BENEVOLENT one.

So the point of this is to CLEARLY explain that to remove sanctions, the PEOPLE of IRAN need to WORK HARD to remove their current ROGUE government and replace it with a BENEVOLENT one that ONLY SERVES the people.

If you are civilized, it MAKES SENSE. If you want others to do your dirty work for you, it seems UNFAIR. If you believe that, you tend to WHINE.

Unfortunately Iranians are lazy and have now painted themselves into a difficult corner, allowing this ROGUE government to scare them, so that now requires them to WORK HARD to get rid of it. Hence the WHINING about how HARD the sanctions are.

HINT HINT HINT: The last revolution took 3 days. Based on the 2009 protests, would another one take 6 days?

It's not IMPOSSIBLE, it's just HARD. Not that HARD, because it almost happened in 2009.

The MISTAKE was asking for a vote recount. We should have asked for a NEW CONSTITUTION!!!


Trust me, it will be a great short-term and long-term solution.

And NO, you don't have to execute anyone to do this.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //


First Ghettoization of Gaza and now Iran….

by Bavafa on

The type of “airtight sanction” and “air/naval cargo inspections” that has created a Ghetto out of Gaza is now being recommended for Iran


Tabrik !


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 





by anglophile on

hala shoma come short.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

With strings attached or no strings attached, one way or the other, our people would need some form of effective and workable assistance. This is what NEEDS to happen regardless of how strongly we would want to pussyfoot our way around it. I am sorry but that was the most elegant way of putting it.

You have gone out of your way to display your passionate and overzealous hatred of anything western or remotely western-related, But the facts are always the facts and will never change. One bad trait that is so commonly associated with us (iranians) is that we hate the idea that everything in this world has a price attached to it. There ain't no free lunch. Yes it is too bad that the stupid Jackassess have overtaken the media and are doing whatever they please with people's mind and they are at it, full throttle trying to change and twist every brain fiber inside our heads and minds, But SO WHAT? I admit and would go as far as saying that we carry that as a liabilty of our modern civilization, But we should not let that be an impediment in the way of our Growth and progress. which means reliance on Others, and YES that does include The US/france/UK and all the rest of those big bad wolves:) to some degree.

 We can't and we should not hold a grudge against these countries just because they did what they did to Shah and his cohorts and friends, tried and still maybe trying to trash and tarnish his image and legacy right before our eyes. So what. let them do it. That is what they do anyways. that is what they pay them for. They will ever so easily change their tone and sing a completely different tune down the road , to your utmost astonishment. You know what i saying and you know that i am right.

We can not jeoperdize and stump and risk the future of country, its increasingly burgeoning rate of growth and let it be held hostage to old and archaic and useless ill feelings we have harbored in our hearts and mind for what has been concocted against our Intellectuals and kings. 

Without a serious and Real Outside interference NOT one damn thing will change in this country. You would be seriously kidding yourselves to think otherwise.

Va salam o alaykum:) takbir...


Mohammad Ala on Yes, the Iranian people who are on fixed income

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

are suffering.

The Steadily & Continuously Rising Standard of Living and Growth of Iranian Economy was such that Irans Economy was 3 times the size of Turkey, prior to 1979.  Now we have a Steady & continuous decline in size of middle class, standard of living and economy, Iran today is bearly 50% the size of turkeys economy, yet with more than double the population.  This means agony.  It means population went from 35 million to 80 million and now the country is consuming less of its own resources when it had less than half the people.

The solution is not and should not be government or outside interference. 

This problem is exactly the result of outside foreign government interference and they are not done either, they love extremists for Iran. 

What we all need is for the ongoing outside interference in the name of so called not interferring to stop and to stop assisting the IRI and lending suppport to the people within Iran without any strings attached.  That isn't going to happen & clearly has not transpired. 

If the Iranian people could have done anything about the IRI, you don't think after 33 years they would have?  Tyranny is tough to defeat, especially when it is endorsed from outside and the support is concealed so that any support can be plausiably denied.  Corruption that IRI produces is what the west loves for Iran.  Life as it was pre-1979 is something that for the next 1000 years US politicians and controlled media will present as 1) corrupt and 2) dictatorship, while they are seeking these ills for Iranians.  History though will not see it this way, for sure the truth is evident in history.  

The solution is raising Iranians collective conscience.  Here is why //




Yolanda, the problem is that when the technology finally works

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and is possessed by north korea, they will get many many bllions of dollars for it, by selling it to IRI, which can't develop anything alone.  Its a bad situation and their need for $ makes it worse. IRI would easily come up with $10,000Million for something that can increase the range of their rockets 5 fold.  Giving N Korea over 1000% return and the technology, for them its a no brainer as they know they will eventually get there and no one is selling them the technology in the first place.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

I will Go with...hmm...lemme think...lemme think...'

Option Numero Dos. :)))

Dr. Mohandes

This is getting old

by Dr. Mohandes on

People who "intetionally" mix the two concepts where lifting the sanctions would be tantamount to some form of surrender whereby eezzraaeel will take over the whole region and will dominate, should seriously begin to warm up to the concept of GETTTING OVER IT:))

I totally agree with Dr. ala that there are some who tend to manipulate the system from within the system, but what else is new! that is like a second profession for some iranians all over the world! only it gets doubly worse when it comes to dealing with their own people, But the bottom line is that certain Governments need to start playing ball and stop bullying and insisting on Maintaining their stupid rights at the expense of regular follks' sufferings. what the hell is that all about? You can't have a decent life...can't trade with other countries...can't put money away/aside for a rainy day because it all gets flushed down the Inflationary "toilet" ...All for what??? That i am proud and happy that i am eating my god damn Bread and cheese:)) and Remain independent???!!!! This is just rediculous. Face it. They are forcing us to turn our backs to the whole world. We are being brainswashed into doing it.

WHat is happening is that A nice and smiley facade is being put on that everything is just jim freaking dandy while the chaos and turmoil is brewing at a record pace inside the society. That is real and there is no denying it.

 Amir and Masoud:

Some people Just never learn...Maybe darwin missed something somewhere, when he developed his theory of evolution, as to explain why this shit happens:))

Are baba joon. Not all the roads lead to the end game of Ezzzraeelll Vaaants to Take over...Eve khoda margam!! hala chikar konim!



Let me see if I understand it correctly

by anglophile on

  • Scenario 1:
Sanctions ==> hardship for the people ==> people revolt aganist the regime ==> brutal suppresion by the regime ==> regime remains in power ==> more sanctions/war?
  • Scenario 2: 
Sanctions ==> hardship for the people ==> people revolt against the regime ==>  regime breaks up/gives in ==> regime is removed ==> no more sanctions! Have I missed anything?   

Mohammad Ala

Pesticide and hormonized food

by Mohammad Ala on

Western countries should keep their pesticide and hormonized food for their own people.  West residing groupies should enjoy their food and leave Iranians alone.

Mrs. Albright mentioned she did not care if US-led sanctions killed over half a million Iraqi children . . .  this is the mentality that the world is facing.

Yes, the Iranian people who are on fixed income are suffering.   The solution is not and should not be government or outside interference.  Iranians should figure out on their own how to solve their food shortages.  There are Iranians and non-Iranians who take advantage of food and other shortages for their own self interest(s).  This is the root cause of our problem(s).


I though the Arabs were your cousins

by Sialashgar on

Did you change your cousin mousa ? Oh wait wait I know your answer the internet is my undiniable right and i am a cowerd and an islamist and you are the good guys andthe most powerful ones and.....




by AMIR1973 on

We are seeing the sense of humor that got your people through the Holocaust, Inquisition, and pogroms. Keep putting the haters and losers in their place. Take care.


Eat a Sandwich....

by Sialashgar on

Like the westerners two piece of bread and one piece of Goat cheese.What's up with all this rice you have to eat everyday ? Cry Cry..
We ran out Zafran...Lets have Israel conrol us
we will have zafran...When I was in Iran last year they still have the most delicious Barbary and Sangak .The mast and kareh and sarsheer was to die for. I saw so many 100 + year old Iranians playing chess in the parks till late at night(we live in Satarkhan)I pay 300 $ a months electicity 80 water 80 trash 170 internet and cable live in an old house in Oakland Ca. and get shot at everyday....


dear amir: it is mr republican's undeniable right to support

by mousa67 on

islamic republic of iran and constantly dream of destroying israel with a click of his mouse. it is also our undeniable right to read his comments and go LOL 300 times over :)



by yolanda on

I am saddened by the sacrifice the Iranian people have to pay!

I just read on CNN that N. Korea's failed rocket launch cost $850 million, that is enough to feed the 80% of the N Korean population for one full year!


Republican جمهوریخواه


by Republican جمهوریخواه on

......I remember that I had advised "yousef" not to tag along with me...


mousa67: "republican" is a multiple user ID IRI Cyber Groupie

by AMIR1973 on

Dear Mousa, a little intro to "republican": his/her prior user IDs were "comrade" (as in Comrade Stalin will dispatch you with a bullet to the back of the head in Lubyanka Prison). After he/she got kicked out of, he/she then came back as "Pendar-e Neek" (which means "good thoughts" and is a tenet of the Zoroastrian religion). Then "Pendar" got the boot, and now he/she posts his/her tripe as republican" (until he gets canned again by the website). In other words, our West-residing IRI Cyber Groupie is a Stalinist/Zoroastrian/Republican. Go figure! Regards.


mr republican: we already have the "upper hand in the region".

by mousa67 on

in fact since 1967 we have had an upper hand. your leaders know it well. that is why they came to istambool to get "istambooled" by our american cousines. LOL.


Mien Führer, take a number

by Fred on

After a hiatus, Mien Führer has again been assigned to the beat to do the usaual pacheh-geeree.

Welcome back, take a number  & Keep on trucking!


What do Fredowitz and the regime have in common?


Both care NOT for the ordinary iranian people.

Republican جمهوریخواه


by Republican جمهوریخواه on

"Make the sanctions airtight, start air/naval cargo inspections  and the Islamist Rapists will be history."

and then what? that the Zionists get the upper hand in the region? In your wildest dream..................sanctions will only hurt ordinary people who will never ever either forgive or forget whoever advocated the hardship upon them..................Zionists are the enemies of the Iranian people..................the removal of the Zionist regime in Israel is the best thing to happen to our Jewish friends in Israel and indeed the international community.


Airtight sanctions

by Fred on

Make the sanctions airtight, start air/naval cargo inspections  and the Islamist Rapists will be history.