Massoud Adib: Prisoner of the day

Montazeri aide arrested

Kalame: Qom Intelligence Office forces arrested Hojatoleslam Massoud Adib, a professor at Qom's Mofid University and a former student of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri's, on Wednesday, 18 April. Massoud Adib is a reformist cleric and a member of the Qom Seminary Teachers and Researchers Association.

Security forces entered the home of the academic cleric, and after searching his home and personal belongings, took him away with them. No news about the reasons for Mr. Adib's arrest or his detention location have yet been given.

Video clip of Massoud Adib, in which he explains Ayatollah Montazeri's positions during the Iran-Iraq War:


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درود بر این روحانی مبارز


و ننگ جاویدان بر مزدوران دزد، بی‌ شرم، و بی‌ ناموس  ولی‌ فقیه دزدان و آدمکشان،  که به نام اسلام، خون پاک ده‌ها هزار مسلمان هموطن آزادیخواه را به خاک ریختند در عرضه این ۳۳ سال دزدی، جنایت و خیانت

Babak K.

I wish for his immidiate

by Babak K. on

I wish for his immidiate release.  Unfortunetly, in his video Khomeinie is again a good guy. The supporters of present and past estebdads never lose the opportunity to insert khomeini, Reza Shah or M-Reza Shah into everybody's anus.