Israel ex-security chief: Leadership 'misleading public' on Iran

"Many experts say that an Israeli attack would accelerate the Iranian nuclear race."

BBC: The former head of Israel's domestic intelligence agency has accused the country's leadership of "misleading" the public on the merits of a possible military strike on Iran. Yuval Diskin said an attack might speed up any attempt by Iran to obtain a nuclear bomb. The comment follows remarks by other leading figures contradicting the prime minister and defence chief's views on the subject.

Mr Diskin, who stepped down as Shin Bet chief last year after six years, said he had "no faith in the current leadership" of Mr Netanyahu and Mr Barak, according to Israeli media reports.

"I don't believe in a leadership that makes decisions based on messianic feelings," he said at a public meeting. "They are misleading the public on the Iran issue. They tell the public that if Israel acts, Iran won't have a nuclear bomb. This is misleading. Actually, many experts say that an Israeli attack would accelerate the Iranian nuclear race." >>>



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by mousa67 on

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Mr Mousa

by مآمور on

my good cop friend, u dont worry about Iraj!!

u r in my department, by the way that guy , ex head of israeli secret services or whatever u call it, has said and I quote " the dog that barks would not bite"

does your chiwaws bark or bite?? 

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mr iraj khan: so much hate and bitterness is bad for your health

by mousa67 on

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Mr Diskin is wise and knows

by Khebedin on

Mr Diskin is wise and knows what he is talking about. He knows well that Iran & Israel stand on one side with a common enemy. He knows the history of the area well. Iran also knows well that without Israel and the West, she would be eaten alive by the Arabs. Remember Sadam’s view on Iran and his devastating war imposed on Iranians, and the billions of financial help he got from his other Arab brothers, who later he wanted to eat them too.   Mr Diskin knows well the Iranian’s view on Jews and how Iranians have helped the Jews throughout history, he knows that the best way for the Jews is to remain friends with Iranians, something US should also learn before it is too late. If I were US, I would pay to remain friends  with Iranians, I can’t understand why US has a problem understanding this very simple equation. Iranians shall never build a Bomb nor they need to make one, and if they do it one day it would not be for Israel, but for the like of Sadam.


Here is a strategy to halt a war:

by Kooshan on

Iran make a deal with republicans on US election

Iran to push back hard on Obama

Obama will geopardize his election if he escalates war rhetoric

So, he will try to bargain with Iran

If Obama do not bargain, republicans will win the election

When repulticans come to power, they know how to tango with Iran and I bet there will be no war if republicans are on power


Let's hope there is no war; I do not want to see one US marine is killed for Israel cause and I do not want to see one innocent life lost in Iran either!

...and let's all say to those who beat on the  war drum : Go to hell!




Good cop, please dont change me

by مآمور on

 and the bad cop, please feel free to do what u r capable to do with Iran, which is nothing!!!

just dont take me as idiot!!

I wear an Omega watch

iraj khan

De-construction of a Comment:

by iraj khan on

"Israel is the shining example of the only ME democracy in action"

Shining example on manipulation of politicians and media coverage to keep American people in the dark of her actions in the Middle East. 

A shining example of a regime of lies, represssion, land piracy, and terror in line with the messianic message of Zionism, the close cousin of Nazim. 


yes Israel is very democratic as long as one can prove he/she is a jew,

meanwhile, non-jews are called the offensive word of 'Goyim', 'The Others'.

These 'Others' are fair game, like thousands of Arab Bedouins who were removed from their ancestral lands, and are being removed now as we speak.  

These 'Others' are the Gazans who are refugees of war and terror after their land were taken away from them and made into refugees living in concentration camps.

Brought to them by Israeli Democracy. Gaza is named the largest open air prison in the world, more than a million and half living there.

These 'Others' are the Palestinians who are living in the West Bank where they are surrounded by hundreds of new Jewish settlements and have to go through hundreds of check points to see their doctor. 

Israeli democracy towards these Others means, taking their land and throwing them into prisons where more than 1600 Palestinian prisoners are on Hunger Strike now. 

Israeli democracy in action, indeed. 


shining example of the only ME democracy in action.

by mousa67 on

israel's  ex security chief openly criticizes the government without the fear of jail and torture and confession to spying for the enemy on national tv.

after the regime change in tehran, great nation of iran will get their nuclear energy and technology. they will get it 100% with our blessing and our help and technical know how. not the current miserable 20% of the outdated and unsafe russian and pakistani so called "nuclear technology". 


Mohammad Ala

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Mixing Democratic System with words like, peaceful or human rights is highly misleading/untrue.

Dr. Mohandes

By the People?

by Dr. Mohandes on

What people? The people of Palestine? the Lebanese?

For the people? yeah sure. people are sure as heck feeling the brunt of all the pressure and misery that has resulted from lack of any form of compromise or discontinuing the program. excellent conclusion there champ!

why oh why do some people insist on dogmatically adhere to an idea with no basis in reality.



Excellent news

by vildemose on

 I applaud their courage and patriotism. I only wish some patriots in IRI felt the same kind of responsibility to tell the truth about the messianic leadership of Islamic republic.


Mohammad Ala

Democratic country.

by Mohammad Ala on

Republican جمهوریخواه


by Republican جمهوریخواه on

It's done and over, and no one's comments and ideas count anymore..............the nuclear technology is there to stay.......by the people for the people...........regardless of the regime within.............


Israelis are going thru the same …

by Bavafa on

As Americans went in 2002-2003 and the subsequent fiasco that followed with a leadership that is hell bent on its own version of events without any regards to the facts.


Hopefully the Israeli people are a more intelligent and less foolish then the Americans that followed their leaders blindly.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Jahanshah Javid

خدا پدر مادرتو بیامرزه

Jahanshah Javid

"Actually, many experts say that an Israeli attack would accelerate the Iranian nuclear race."


Islamist Rapists' nuke

by Fred on

When Iranians get rid of the nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists, people in Iran will have the same right to attack their leaders without the fear of persecution as it is the cae in Israel,  the only democracy in the Middle East.

That day is soon, very soon.