IRI Attacks Selection of Cyrus as "Greatest Iranian"

State TV slams BBC


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Arash Kamangir

Nazi Germany also hated BBC!!

by Arash Kamangir on

Nazi Germany didn't like BBC either as BBC always opens a window to its listeners.


Hard to TRUST BBC, with their past record!

by P_J on

I also, believe in Cyrus’s greatness!   What I don’t believe is the veracity of BBC.   It seems that hypocrisy is an integral part of the British culture.

Mr. Ala is correct in stating that British were the first nation that called Persian Gulf, Arabian Gulf, a non-existing geographical address on the world map, and BBC was instrumental in spreading that CRAP/myth.   They, Brits, did that in retaliation for something.

Fool me once DAMN you!   Fool me twice DAMN ME!


What a bunch of Hypocrites on BOTH SIDES!

by ShirOjan on

When Her Imperial Majesty and her BBC helped their dream, "begoo Mashrooeh nagoo
Mashrooteh",  come true they were most thankful as any trump card
appreciates finally being used and given the "deserved power" on the
table and not "burned."

And now,  ZionWest and Her Imperial
Majesty think that the Islamist's shelf-life (like the Shah's before
them) has expired and are planning and executing to usher in
Mr. nim-pahlavi  along with Sepahbod Rajavi and his mind-slave-immortals
in their time-tested Divide and Rule strategy.

So, in recent years we have seen praises and adulation of Pre-Islamic
Iran through the productions of series of videos and movies about the
Ancient Civilization of PERSIA.

I contrast that with the high
level propaganda about Islamic revolution and Islamic culture and ideals
(reading Quran in London and Washington)
and such right before and after 1979.

I remember in my only trip to London, a 3-day passing
through visit to an elderly relative in the mid-1990's, I set
aside a full day to visit the British Museum's Ancient Persian/Iranian
collection. Even then, to my shock and outrage, was told that the
Ancient Persian collections gallery has been closed for some years now
"a total renovation." Then the guide told me "but we have expanded the
Post-Islamic Exhibition of Iran 4-fold into two floors. I just gasped at
the Old Fox's audacity and left the museum.

Now, I am sure, and bet anything on it, that a " four-fold
renovation" of the galleries of the Ancient Persian/ Iranian Collection
has been completed just in time at the expense of the Post-Islamic Iran

Presently, BBC all of sudden is remembering
Cyrus the Great, the savior of all the "Oppressed People" including the
entire Judaic population who were the slaves of the Babylonian Kings,
through the "secret votes of Iranians."
My question to the British directors of the BBC and the Museum: Please
tell me why NOW and NOT THEN?
The true answer is obvious and will ever be given. I but I will on their
"But sir, with all due respect, THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW."
And my answer to them: "Now that is THE REAL CHUTZPAH."



by MRX1 on

IRI goons are  upset because BBC didn't add khomeini to the listt of candidates that's all!

Immortal Guard

That's what it means: Billy Ray Cyrus!

by Immortal Guard on

Billy Ray Cyrus:


This comes right after this song filmed at Persepolis:





The IRI shedding crocodile tears!!!

by Benyamin on

The IRI Tv conviniently omitted the BBC coverage of the 1979 islamic revolustion!!!

 The IRI is pissed because Khomeini was not even entered in the choices to be voted on and wether the IRI likes it or not, approve it or not "Koorosh" is in fact the greatest Iranian ever!!!

I happend to vote for him!


Mohammad Ala

Iranian greats and BBC

by Mohammad Ala on

Iranian greats will be great regardless of who is in power in Iran.

BBC has NO creditability among MANY Iranians not only Islamists.  As a person who has defended the name of Persian Gulf before and after IRI, I can say that BBC was the first organization that used the wrong name instead of Persian Gulf and strangely insists on using the wrong name especially when it reports from Arab countries.



Enemy's enemy?!

by Arj on

Ironically, both IRI propagandists and the pahlavi supporters have no complaints when BBC is doing their biddings and helping them to climb to power, otherwise consider it evil and satanic!

P.S. Interestingly, even the IRI propagandists know how popular Cyrus is among our people that they don't even mention his name once in their attack piece on BBC!

Anonymous Observer

Saleemi Namin

by Anonymous Observer on

the guy who claims that the Achaemenids were an Esatern European race that had nothing to do with Iran, and that there were no Persian empires before Isalm.  And incidentally, is in charge of IR's "cultural heritage" organization--or at least was at some time.

And then they show Tourag Daryaee, one of the most preeminnet Iran's scholars and call him anti-Iran.

Welcome to the Islamic Republic! 

G. Rahmanian

Shamelss Islamists' Lies!

by G. Rahmanian on

The world stood by and did nothing while Islamists in Tehran massacred Mosadegh's friends and followers. Iranians inside Iran and millions in diaspora know the criminal Islamists well and do not believe their blatant lies.


اگر مصدق زنده بود


یکی از وحوش در ویدیو میگوید "اگر مصدق" زنده بود؛ اگر آن روانشاد زنده بود، از اینکه وحوش اسلامیست ایرانی کُش و ایران ویران کُن نامش را میبرند و از آن نام نیک استفاده  ابزاری میکنند به دیوان کیفری بین المللی شکایت میکرد.

 آن حاج آقا عباس سلیمی نمین که حرفهای بامزه زیاد میزند،  سابقه درخشانی در زمان "درس خواندن" در انگلیس دارد.