Iran Admits Jump in Prices

Prices up more than 40%


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Mohammad Ala

Comments and facts . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

BBC has no creditability and should stay out of Iran matters.

If one can purchase anything at any time, then there is NO shortage in Iran.

Sanctions are hurting Iranians while many Iranians are benefiting from them too.   

As usual, fixed income earners are suffering....  Owners or builders have built multi-unit apartments are keeping them empty to sell at their own set prices or stores keep increasing prices based on foreign currencies. 

Nothing in price hikes stories are new in Iran.  A few examples: many years ago, a president of Azad University filled up two classrooms with sacks of rice while claiming not to have enough funds to pay its teachers especially part-time teachers for almost a year.  It is interesting to know that storages are in high demand in Iran.  Real-estate offices post residential basements or garages for rent as “storages for stores.”  There is NO shortage of stuff in Iran.

The only way to deal with greedy Iranians is to allow imports which sanctions have blocked them.  More than 70% of Iranians working for themselves (self-employed) adapt to price increases by increasing their own prices/fees, 10% will never suffer because they are “chosen,” people; the suffering group is about 20% of Iranian population who mostly are on fixed income. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

call it what ever you like

the truth stands clear: who is the khar ?

mellat ya dowlat?


Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

This administration and the olaghs who run it are as incompetent as they come.

let them rot in hell.


اقتصاد خرکی


نتیجه سی و چهار سال سیاست "اقتصاد مال خر است"