Farhad: Peddling at Terhan Metro

Nine-years old


My Name Is Borat

This is disgusting!

by My Name Is Borat on

What is this? Tijuana?

But no! It's perfectly acceptable to the IR-loving scum who spend their days trolling this website blaming Israel for everything.

Blame yourselves.


Bless his little heart!

by Reality-Bites on

He is such a polite little boy too. It's very sad to see a child having to work at all, never mind such long hours, to help his family, when he should be at school being educated to enable him to have chance for a decent future.

Extremely sad indeed. 

Mohammad Ala

For a rich country this is NOT acceptable.

by Mohammad Ala on

The person in the video is very young.  I see 5-6 people who sell various items at Tehran’s metro.  There are women among salespeople too.  I support people who make an honest living. 

Iran is a rich country and there should be NO children or elderly working to make a living whereas the likes of Khavari take millions of dollars and escape the country.

Tehran’s metro accommodates several hundred thousands passengers a day and is my favorite mode of transportation.