Kooch on a Train

Morteza Poursamadai's remarkable photography of nomadic life

جديدآنلاين: مرتضی پورصمدی، از پرکارترین فیلمبرداران مستند پس از انقلاب است. پورصمدی می‌گوید:"بیش از ۵۰۰ هزار کیلومتر در این سرزمین سفر کرده‌ام. علاقه اصلی‌ام سفر و فیلمبرداری فیلم‌های مستند با گرایش مردم‌شناسی، شناخت اقوام و عشایر ایران بوده است. "تجربه فیلمبرداری پورصمدی با هر سه نسل کارگردان مستندساز ایران از او گنجینه‌ای گرانبها از ارزش‌های قومی و آیینی این مرز و بوم ساخته که از سفرهای دور و دراز به نقاط دور و نزدیک ایران حاصل آمده است>>>


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Tiger Lily

Seriously very pleased,that

by Tiger Lily on

somebody is documenting their lives and so well too.

Their  livelihood will be outpriced very soon.(:


Flat lands makes soft sholdiers, mountains tough soldiers


said Cyrus the great. These are the toughest people you would ever meet. We don't all want to be urbanized even though civilizations that invents comes from the settled society. But, I think it is nice to see the history in front of your eyes. In fact, I am on way to meet them soon. 


What sort of argument is that?

by spatima on

So let me get this straight, this guy is claiming that due to unforseen natural hazards, the migrants will evenutally turn towards urbanization?
but what about the natural hazards that have been occuring in that region for centuries? did any of those prevent the "eel" from migrating?

I think we need to look at these people with respect and not under the lens of "oh i wonder when theyll settle down and urbanize"

all this being said, good photographic work



In hope of a Free, Democratic, Independent and Secular Iran


Great photography and work....

by Bavafa on

Nomadic life at first glance seems such romantic setup, camping 24/7/365 but in reality life is tougher than that.

BTW, I am not speaking of personal experience, only guessing.  I know I like why shower and toilet in the house, especially at night or when it is really cold.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory