Iranian Youth: Religion, Music...

Talking to a tourist about their inetrests




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Good looking people.......they are experts in smoking!

Babak K.

Vatanam, You are

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You are calling the Islamic regime "this fascist regime" (I could not agree more), but yet you become a typical Iranian by prescribing what our youth to read.  What an Irony that still Reza Shahi and Khomeini Estebdad is in our blood, because  we never stop telling the other people what to read and how to think. From those who have red Ferdosi or Khayam or Hafez how many have become Ba-Sharaf or Ba-Vojdan?  Our culture is not as attractive as we wish to be.  I can believe in what you are saying if you stop wearing Koat-Shalvar.  If you or your chidren stop playing football or watching it.  I will believe what you are saying if our women stop having nose sergery and dying their hair blond.  Most of Iranian men are very agressive in regard to opposite sex (almost all done Jendeh-Bazi, or siginficant portion experienced Bacheh-Bazi), yet they think these young people should read this or that and behave this way or that way.  The shame and Reeya has no limit in our culture.  I watched these young people and enjoyed thier intellegence and honesty.  What we have done for these young people that we think we have the right to tell them what to read or listen to?  I listen to every kind of music, but let's face it Iranian music is very boring a lot of times.  Listening to a certain type of music does not make one a bad or good person. Hafez and Sadi and so many other Persian peots liked the young boys, yet nobody is ashamed of it.  We can not respect the language and music of iranian monorites and nobody is ashamed of it.  We want to shove Iranian-persian music (mousighi assell-e Iranee), Saedi, and Hafez, into everybody's throat, without realizing that we should learn to respect the other tests in music and culture.  When I was the age these young people  in the videos I was not better than them, and I was reading Hafez Sadi and listening to boring Mossighi asseel Irani.  It breaks my heart to watch these amazing young people and our failure to understand them.


Lost souls! Thanks IRI for rubbing our youth of their culture!


This regime took everything from us. In fighting against all atrocites and forced religion, the new generation seeking for a perceived better alternative, lost their religion and culture seeking part of the western culture that is only music, smoking, drinking, sex .... Not the religin and high morale values, but FASAD. Misinformed about the true western culture.

They don't know what a precious culture they have. never reading Khayyam, Sadi, Ferdowsi....... . Sad indeed! This is exactly what western countries would love to have through their media, rubbing us from our culture and replacing it with their POOCh and artificial part of their culture. This the first step in killing a nation without actually going to war! Of course, we owe it all to this fascist regime!

Separation of religion and state!