Iranian TV trashes BBC

Apparent retaliation for exposé on Khamenei


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والله چی‌ بگم که نگفتنم بهتره



فقط به همین مختصر اکتفا می‌کنم که بیشتر اون اسامی افرادی که از من میخواستین بگم دوستان خودشون در این ویدئو گفتند. رجوع شود به بلاگ زیر برای سابقه بحث:


Poosteh Pesteh

useless broadcaster

by Poosteh Pesteh on

bbc is a useless brodcaster and we all know what they are after.


what a load of rubbish, the

by alx1711 on

what a load of rubbish, the commentator keeps relating BBC to Bahaies. Such a false propoganda brodcasted from Islamic Television.



A very revealing program

by bparhami on

This is a very revealing program, not about BBC but about IRI.

(1) The producer is afraid to even show a small segment of an actual BBC program; you hear single words and very short phrases, or the sound is muffled.

(2) The most negative thing that they have to say about BBC Persian is that it is run by Baha'is or that it hires Baha'i hosts. Presumably the same Baha’is broadcast all the programs in favor of Khomeini in 1978 and 1979.

(3) They don't ask themselves whether any British citizens will be arrested after the airing of this program.


to vildemose :

by Tapesh on


who funds Lenz

by vildemose on

who funds Lenz Iran? 

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt


These were independent film makers

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

who the bbc had no editorial restrictions on.  So these film makers got in trouble with IRI because the bbc chose to do the legal thing & pay them for the right to publish their work after viewing it at a movie trade show.  Maybe the IRI just wants to show that they are going to destroy anyone that even dares mention reform.


"Bite the hand that feeds

by Arthimis on

"Bite the hand that feeds you..."!!! BBC brought you to Iran in the first place... Remember? Transistor Radios and 24/7 programs dedicated to you...? (wink, wink)