UN Report Documents Iran’s Human Rights Crisis

Special Rapporteur details persecution and prosecution of critics

IranHumanRights.org: The Iranian government should immediately allow access to the UN appointed Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed to address Iran’s ongoing human rights crisis, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said today, following the release of Shaheed’s interim report. The interim report by the Special Rapporteur documents the multi-faceted human rights crisis gripping Iran. It provides details of the persecution and prosecution of civil society actors, including political activists, journalists, students, artists, lawyers, and environmental activists; as well as the routine denial of freedom of assembly, women’s rights, the rights of religious and ethnic minorities, and the skyrocketing rates of executions >>>


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Where are the regime

by Arthimis on

Where are the regime supporters? In 2011, for a country like Iran and people like Iranians???!!! This is beyond shameful...

Pray for Free Iran & Iranians! May God give us the Courage to Stand Up for our Rights!!!



by yolanda on

I hope he does a good job! If he is effective, he and his effort can save a lot of lives!


I hope Shaheed's report makes an impact!

by MM on

He promises his next IRI report to be even more comprehensive, even though he is not allowed inside Iran, yet.