Runway In Subway

Performance art in Tehran metro

By fashion designer Shirin Abedinirad. Special thanks to her friends: Raziyeh Kheirypour, Nastaran Safari and Fatemeh Javdan. Video created by Asie Mirheydari.



an old act

by bambi on

 I've seen performance art in US subway trains a few times.    A couple of years ago a group of black older teens did what seemed to be a fusion of acrobatics and hip hop moves in the relative narrow confines of the train, one at a time.  They started by saying, "Hey, listen up everyone" with an authoritative and loud voice and most  people got quite startled.  They said they were performers and just wanted to raise some money so they can take their act to other cities.  They were quite good.

Jahanshah Javid

Creativity in captivity

by Jahanshah Javid on

Wonderful idea in the unlikeliest of places. How refreshing and original.


And, luck favors a prepared mind.

by comments on

And, luck favors a prepared mind.


"It's not about what we believe. It's more about how we behave and influence." Comments

Anahid Hojjati

Good one

by Anahid Hojjati on

Breath of fresh air it must have been for the passengers.



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by yolanda on

The girl in the rainbow outfit is gorgeous and presentable! She looks like a movie star! I also like the "Coldplay" music!

I don't like the badges and attachment on her outfit! Not sure what type of art it is?