Mr. Zamanzadeh: Potter

74-year-old in Onar village, Ardabil Province



خوشا به حالت‌ای پیر جوان دل‌


اگر می‌توانستم همین الان حاضر بودم زندگی‌ پر ناز و نعمت خود در این دیار غربت را با آن کارگاه کوزه گری حقیرت عوض کنم. به خدا حقیقتش را میگویم.




by Arj on

Ironically, the more innocent and benign the people are, the more afraid of the after life and retribution they are! Nonetheless, it takes great resolve and determination to actually extract the clay from the earth, hence the term "starting from scratch!"



by yolanda on

The guy is nimble, perambulatory, and ambidextrous....does not look like a 74 years old!

The reporter tried to mold something, but he looked like an amateur!

Babak K.

A great  and a decent

by Babak K. on

A great  and a decent person who works hard for living and makes an honest living.  What a Zahmatkesh and Paak person.  People like him are becoming rare and rare in our homland.  He is an Iranian that gives me  hope.

Immortal Guard

Khoshaa Be Sa'adatesh!

by Immortal Guard on

Khoshaa Be Sa'adatesh!

Jahanshah Javid

He found it

by Jahanshah Javid on

Happiness, contentment... doing what he loves. Creating with his own hands...