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Denver Tinbender

I don't believe farsi his

by Denver Tinbender on

I don't believe farsi his first language. he has difficulty with farsi grammer, ya armani massihi yam keh ashuri. he has had too much aarragh with kalbas.



tu maloome-e Quran ro yek bar ham nakhondi aghaye chakkkosh !!

by tabriz_balasi on


migin aslan Quran nagofe Khoda "Ghoddos" ast.  akhe dorougu, pas "سبحان الله " chiye hamash tu hame jaaye Quran hast? 

har sooreye Quran ba بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  shoro mishe ke yaani khoda bakhashande va merbaan ast, in chejur "sooriy-e" be goole shoma???     


~be an act of the knowing love~



by sam jade on



this is why we had World War I and II , and many more Christian wars ,,, also Alqada have same BELIEVE (belifes).. siner MUST be crashed exactly like this guy showed on his presantation.and we are doing the god's job for him/her... 

21ST CENTURY and still believing in bunch of fictional books with fictional stories ,!!!!


There was a meeting once

by Rea on

People discussing what to do with nuclear waste.

Bury it deep, someone said. And leave a message with it filled with religious rituals and similar illegible stuff.


Oh my god, now openly badmouthing Islam!

by عموجان on

At list Isaa didn't pick his hammer to go around the world beating people in head to believe in his religion the way Mohammad show the world what his sword can do if they didn't become Muslim, Death. Thanks to IR, Khameini, Khomeini for making us live the experience. 

My choice will be Zardoshte if i need a religion.  



by Truthseeker9 on

Jahanshah Javid

khengali vs pookali

by Jahanshah Javid on

This guy at least has half a brain. But what about those who think he is yet another example "articulating an explicit Evangelical Christian fundamentaist agenda on this site"? khoda aghletoon bedeh :)


Well put, jasonrobardas!

by Milan on

I so admire Jefferson's courage to say it like it is! The man had balls as big as the church bell!



by jasonrobardas on

is the most perverted system that ever shone on man" Thomas  Jefferson. 

       Thomas Jefferson rejected the basic concepts of christianity . He characterized it as unintelligible and insane.



21st Century and still believing in these B.S.???

by Shokaran on

With all advances in science and technology to discover the history of the world and nature STILL some people shaking the dead body of religions!...Honestly this is so embarrassing!!

 Perdram jan that quote is so true! Thanks for sharing


Maziar jan

by pedramx on

If I knew who came up with this quote I would have cited his name and used quotation marks, but since I didn't know the wise man or wise woman who came up with this quote I took the libirty to modify it so it would be slightly more pleasant! I don't think Mr. or Mrs. Billboard would mind though!

maziar 58

that quote

by maziar 58 on

Pedram khan you should copy/paste that quote from that Billboard !

so the other peoples quote be respected too.

yours        Maziar


This is the second item in a week

by Tabarzin on

Articulating an explicit Evangelical Christian fundamentaist agenda on this site.  The fact that the political rhetoric on this site is predominantly rightwing pro-American establishment, and even Neo-Con, should give anyone pause for reflection as to the hands behind this site.


Only if there was youTube then...

by Disenchanted on


     To capture the immaculate birth and resurrection !


Religion is like a

by pedramx on




Religion is like a penis.

It's fine to have one.

It's fine to be proud of it.

But please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around,

And PLEASE don't try to shove it down other people's 


A disturbed character!

by Disenchanted on


"those who came a couple of centuries after Jesus and tried to mold Christianity in to a religion and convince the gullible that Jesus was god himself had problem explaining even to the credulous how god can be born or die like rest of us mortals?

So they started manipulating his beginning/birth and his end/death. It's common among religions to prefer a one way canal of birth (virgin birth) as there is something dirty about sex. Having god as a by product of a race among bunch of sperms does not sound very godly!!

On the other end, death, that is having a god who hopelessly dies and deteriorates is going to be a hard sell too even to the Gullible. So what they did they shrouded his birth and death with mysteries in order to make him god alright!"

    More here

    Moral of story is how technology can be abused. In ths case YouTube has become YouCrap!

Immortal Guard

He wants to win against God!!!

by Immortal Guard on

Good thing he is not Jewish. Otherwise he could no longer profess to being one of God's chosen people!


Just talke about your own stupid religion and leave Islam alone.

by Sialashgar on


There are other ways to make money then to 

Target the believe of billion people.

What the F you know about Islam Ali or Fatima anyway you fat bastard.


multipersonal disorder

by choghok on

a schizo god. that is what we need.