Iranians Rock With Afghans

Kabul concert drops beats not bombs

Al Jazeera: Hundreds of young Afghans have attended a rock music festival in the centre of Kabul, a first in nearly 30 years. Shrouded in secrecy and security to avoid attacks, the Sound Central festival showcased local Afghan bands alongside fellow musicians from Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and even Australia, offering a welcome distraction for music-hungry young people in a country shattered by violence. Al Jazeera's Zein Basravi reports.


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I am not supporting Afghan's political trend, but they have improved a lot.

There is a Persian Iranian Channel in Toronto for an hour on Saturdays.  We cannot wait the program ends and watch the Afghan program starting immediately after.


چقدر عوض شده


دفعه آخر که آهنگ افغانی شنیدم میخوند

چمن، چمن گل داره

آواز بلبل داره

بقیه اش یادم نیست اما یک چیزی بود این جوری.

کرمعلی خان بل داره

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