Is Iran a threat?

Noam Chomsky lecture at University College London



A bit about Chomsky

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If you carefully read his articles or watch his speeches on you tube, you will notice that he has a very practical approach. His main criticism of US and European allies (Mr MasoudA: including UK – Thatcher, Blair, Brown, Cameron always followed Rigan, Bush, Clinton & Obama without ant hesitation. How can you suggest that UK is an ally of Russia?) is that their democracy is purely based on super rich lobbies in US and Europe and that their so called elected representatives are not accountable to people but, instead they are accountable to Bankers and super rich in the society. He is also critical of the way some traditional left wing organisations run their so called socialist and communist parties based on so called democratic centralism. Most of these organisations are controlled by a never changing autharitarian individuals or a central committee made up of a few people. Chomsky has been challenging the imperialists and traditional communists or socialists. From what I understand he believes, the elected representative can use the modern web technology to consult their constituencies and show more accountability. That is the essance of his views. I don’t think he is idealist at all. Chomsky is an individual like all of us. We are unable to challenge because we don’t have the organisation and the means to challenge the rich. Dear MasoudA: agents(like Ex pro  Russian parties communist parties)  follow rules, they don't promote real democracy.  

I have tried to express his ideas in a poem. In fact, I sent a copy to him. He responded by saying “I read it, enjoyed it and appreciated it”. Please see the poem.  

Please also see his article on September 11,  translated by Amir Gholami


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Playlist of lecture excerpts

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This was Noam Chomsky's UCL Rickman Godlee Lecture 2011 on 9 March 2011 - Contours of global order: Domination, stability, security in a changing world. Playlist of lecture excerpts: //


Dear Delavar

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I agree with erything you said - who can argue agaisnt is in the application that all goes wrong...with communism, socialism,....and as you can see these days with capitalism.   The problem is when it comes to Iran - socialism has been used as a tool by colonialists.   In Iran, colonialists (Russia and England) had been in charge of everything and I mean everything for Centuries.....for all except some 30 years after WW2, due to US armed forces presence in Iran.   In the past our leftists have been either directly controlled by the Russians (Hezb Toodeh), or indirectly controlled by the British (MKO)......but one thing that both had in common was their coordinated assault on Iranian Nationalism and our National Heroes.   Noam Chomski has long been a servant of the Queen - always attacking the so called American Imperialism....not for the sake of any oppressed poopulations....but just to protect the British interests which includes keeping USA out of Iran.   As you can see the bastard (sorry MB2!!) has yet to learn to separate Iran and the Islamic Republic.  


Good point

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But if it is just the money/budget a country or group spend define the threat, then Al-Qada is the least amount threat to the US. I don't think because Iran spends less than other is the right argument, how and where it is spended is more relevant.


Masood A

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You say  Noam is a "........This old anti American socialist ".

Infact there is nothing wrong with being a socialist. I myself am a socilaist. Socialim is based of equality and wanting the good for your own people. What you see these days is plenty of False "socialists". For example how could you be a socialist and support a theocracy? Look at Hugo Chavez for example. He supports terrorism. He actually supprorts the theocracy in Iran(IRR). Even among the very educated whether Liberals and/or socialists there is a minority that supports the terrorist regime in Iran, the reason being " The enemy of their enemy is considered their friend" . Look at our so called Nationalists and socialists and communists that actually supported IRR and brought theocracy in Iran. Laterthey were all executed by the Islamic regime.


Dear MB2

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You are correct about our sensitivity and compassionate, and at times even intollerant and insulting approach to issues relating our ALL BUT LOST country - but let's not forget what has happened to us - why and by whom.

Plesae do a bit of research on the Anglo-Russian Entente (the treaty on dividing their interests in Iran) and how USA stood against that treaty after WW2 and how they got USA out...........via the help of leftist Philosophers such as Chomsky - who still do not leave us alone.  


Good point about noam not having irans best interests at heart

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I Agree


Dear masoudA

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Yes i do agree that in many ways Noam is an idealist and we dont live in an ideal world--

But keep in mind, whatever argument this guys makes, he quotes from RELIABLE sources--he reads verbatum from his sources--and he makes his point

Isnt that a better approach than the "shoaar," knee jerk mentality we iranians are used to?  In your two post, you have called him a kaftar, an SOB, an anti american, a protector of anglo russian interests,.  You are even infering that he is a paid agent. ?? 

 Masoud jan is this how we plan to solve the problems of iran and get rid of this brutal theorcracy?


Dear MB2

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I have been following this SOB for a long time - as he is one who consistantly makes comments about Iran - and just about every time, against the best interests of the Iranian people.   Please don't be fooled by the so called credentials........This old anti American socialist - no matter how sincere he may be - is just a tool in the hands of Certain Euro Royals to keep Uncle Sam away from places they consider their colonies which includes our motherland.  

Trust me - He is not protecting Iran - he is protecting the Anglo-Russian interests in Iran. 


to masoudA

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Ck his credentials--i would definitely not call him an old fool. 



Noam is Truthful,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

He says. "Irans threat is to its own people, but even there the brutal clerical regime is no threat to its people compared with the USA".

The UN charter doesn't apply to the United States. 

Very good work Noam.

While USA's words make no sense until you understand that the technical terms are created to challenge anyone who plays with US designs for the region.  Hence the propaganda about the late shah, 1) repressive 2) corrupt 3) dictator/megalomaniac/tyrant/despot. repeated again and again.  Hopefully 10% of Iranians will realize this was propaganda not truth.

"The irrelevant public is not listened to of course, when turkey followed the will of 95% of its people against participating in the wishes of the invading british and american armies, it was mislabelled undemocratic and had sanctions put on it to punish it for showing a poor understanding of democracy." lol


Iran is Not a Threat but

by masoudA on

Islamic Republic certainly is - especially to Iranians you Old Kaftar.

IR is the #1 state sponsoring terrorism - outside and inside Iran.....IR also happens to be the life-line of wealth to the British and several other northern European Royals........

So old fool - stop your BS and know that we know who pays your ways...

iraj khan

Iran is not a threat but

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Israel is.

This is what the media reported today:

Radical Jews suspected of burning mosque in Israel

"But everything had already gone up in smoke by then," he said, ruing that his village had been singled out for attack. "The village is a quiet one and we always had good relations with Jewish residents." However, relations between Jews and Arabs in the area have been strained since the chief rabbi in the nearby town of Safed urged followers last year not to rent or sell their homes to Arabs."




Dear RD2-D2: with you all the way regarding this "chap"

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If America ever had a conscience (these days), he would certainly be a good part of that.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



I've Always Admired This Chap .....

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The Conscience Of America :) !