Bank Scam Won't Damage IRI

We're strong enough to digest this scandal, says judiciary chief



Shameless Islamist murdering thief...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 This particular member of "Iraqi Born" larijani Clan of islamist thieves words are a particularly pathetic attempt at self assurance, coming from an utterly demoralised and frightened thieving Islamist parasite.

Looking forward to his and his brothers' "hejrat" to canada or londonistan soon...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Immortal Guard

Chapool Khan Laalaaee Goft Khaabet Raft!

by Immortal Guard on

Chapool Khan Laalaaee Goft Khaabet Raft!

Nader Vanaki

چاکر آقا پیتر سلرز

Nader Vanaki

آقا پلنگ صورتی رو عشق است.  خودت چقدر توی این قضیه گرفتاری حاجی؟  راستش بگو آخرش ماست مالی نمی شه؟


"Bank Scam Won't Damage IRI" .....

by Bavafa on

Since The Akhoon Jamaat have done a pretty good job in damaging it for 32 years now and it can't get any worse.

 'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



All I was going to say is

by Delavar1 on

All I was going to say is that i'm so disappointed. Honestly despite what everyone says and despite the Arab uprising in the region although the uprising was ignited by the Iranians after the elections, It was more beneficial for the arabs and worked like a chain reaction but I do not believe that the Terrorist theocratic regime will change any time soon. The mullahs are so smart. They know how to suppress the Iranian revolt. IRR is there to stay at least for a century.


The Supreme Corruption!

by Tavana on

Is it the matter of strength that the regime could digest such a magnitude of the scandal or the matter of inherent corruption within the system? Such a judiciary & such a chief you got grandpa supreme!



by Cost-of-Progress on

"We will persever just like the cockroaches that we are."
Indeed, this regime is about thievery and miscarriage of justice, if there's such thing as justice.





He is right

by MRX1 on

cause if looting is some thing that can damage this regime, it would have damaged it 30 some years a go! Looting is the essence of this regime. In fact if you look at the big picture and look deep the whole fiasco of 1979 (aka Iranain revoultion) was about getting an opportunity of life time to loot and nothing else really.