Will Israel Attack Iran?

John Bolton responds



Poor Bolton has been barking

by Jaleho on

the same vagh vagh since 2003 , hahaha!

This clown was kicked even by Bush for barking too loud. His push to do another of Israel's war with American blood and money failed under Bush, now he is hoping Israelis would do HIS war without letting their American masters know about it :-)  

What a pathetic DREAMER. Definition of a serial loooooserr!!

Nader Vanaki

What a Bolton سوّتی

Nader Vanaki

Same sentence bearing information on sub basement nuclear facilities followed by IAEA being there... چشم و دل ما روشن. دیدی و ریدی که خوب شناختمت خوب شد که دل نباختمت، IAEA scrutinizer خوراک دامیِ John Bolton.


Faux News and John Bolton...

by Bavafa on

Marriage made in hell

Both can rival Press TV and AN respectively.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Between rock and a hard place!

by Arj on

...are poor Iranian people whose fate is in the hands of little men with little dicks like this guy and the likes of Lieberman on the one hand, and Ahmadi and Jannati on another, all of whom try to make up for their lack of machismo with belligerence!