Sazegara Refuses to Particpate in VOA Program

Says general manager should apologize to him for not keeping his word

Discusses VOA from minute 4:


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Mardom Mazloom

Mohandes Hyde Jan

by Mardom Mazloom on

1- Hichi, khodeti !

2- Now you live in Iran !!  Here you made a comment 11 hours ago i.e. 1:30 am Iran Time
And Here a comment made 9h30 ago i.e. 3:00 am Iran time
Halam keh inja-e ! Chakhan ! Migam khodeti, begoo na!


3- Leave the time to time  = Be zamn, zaman bedeh (Gamass gamass if you prefer) = Laisse le tempe au temps ... Ya'ani the time will come when people overthrow this regime and it's then that we have to see what were the causes. Maybe Sazegara's effort accrued with others helped to topple these crual guys. Beside; I'm not sitting 'baghal gode' I'm in middle of the Gode. Everyone who cares about Iran is in the 'Gode'...

Bazam begam ?

Dr. Mohandes

MM jaan

by Dr. Mohandes on

1 -- WHat?


2- no I  don't think that is a thin argument. You don't live here and I do, i see things  So Guess whoes position is a bit more credible than the other at least. You could sit outside the Gode... and Watch the Sazegara and Friends show All you want and Marvel at the Fascinating Information he reveals... and i will Keep busy with seeing , hearing and believing the realities right here in iran, How is that, sports?:)


3- I have to leeaavee vvaat?? time to time?? ???!!!! Momken ast Tarjome konid? 

4- Yeah. Finally. Like your own self. LOL.

Okay javoon. Morkhesi... Khosh bashi. 


Mardom Mazloom

Dr Mohandes,

by Mardom Mazloom on

OK, I believe you !

The guy who wrote "Sazegara is a fraudster" or "take a deeper look and ponder for a long second!! This speaks volumes on the real personality of an individual" , etc. under your pseudo-name was Dr. Jekyll and now it's the good Mohandes Hyde who's talking. LOL

Kheili khob ... But, what are you trying to say now (your third point) :)) ? That there's no use for Sazegara or others to waste their time to analyze events because 'be joon mollah' you know that roonia inside Iran elm gheyb darand and that they know everything from everything despite the censorship?? :)) Be jooneh mollah khamenei, it's a bit thin, as argument. Don't you think so?

Ba'd; It's not because nothing happened till now that you can conclude that 'nothing came out of" Sazegara or others efforts. You have to leave time to time, as a Dr Mohandes, you should know that !

Finally... If there is anyone out there that thinks that iranians in iran , even in this day and age are in dire need of advice and instructions, That person should do a thorough overhaul of his or her treasure trove of knowledge on the current state of affairs in iran. ... Like yourself ? LOL

Dr. Mohandes

Hazrate ayatollah Mazloom

by Dr. Mohandes on

1- I know i have that right.

2- I never labelled anyone. wE went over this. Whatever was i did was not labelling, It is YOU who wants to make it look that way. Right?:) you THOUGHT in your OWN MINd.. That i called you superficial. Now is That my fault? Do i live inside your head monitoring your thinking, Being in charge of what goes on in there?

3- Like i said. he can dispense all the advice he wants. WE? we Who?? We Who live outside or inside of iran? cuz let me tell ya.. Those who are in iran know so much more and can write books with all kinds of advice in them , it will make your head spin. Be joone mola...

 Again, I never claimed he or anyone else for that matter dictated anything on anyone. I already made a mention of that!! 

4- Agha jan, Chera mippichooni!!! I did say i did not want to listen to him and that is what i am and have been doing dige!! Ajab geeree kardima!!!

Childish??? childish??? You went out of your way to cry about being labelled by me of all things under the sun and now you, of all people are calling my beliefs childish??? Roo ro beram bekhoda LOL:)

Geereem ke... There are ten times more than The 500,000 official figure  tune in to Mr. sazegara's speech's and interviews... what has come out of it? 

If there is anyone out there that thinks that iranians in iran , even in this day and age are in dire need of advice and instructions, That person should do a thorough overhaul of his or her treasure trove of knowledge on the current state of affairs in iran.

Va salam va name tamam. 


Mardom Mazloom

Dr Mohandes,

by Mardom Mazloom on

You have the right to have your own ideas on events and no one refutes that.

But you cannot say this, and in the other hand label others who don't share your views as superficial or fraudster. right? 

We live in a period of time that any adivces or analyses of the current event in Iran, that Iranians inside the country are deprived because of censorship, are good to take. Sazegara and many others are doing this effort, so let it be. Sazegara has never claimed to dictate his views or to be part of any leadership for the opposition. It's people inside Iran who decide for their future as they did when they came by millions into the streets two years ago. 

You said you don't like to listen to Sazegara, khob don't listen. No one forces you to do so ! But, it's childish" to say the guy helped IRGC 30 years ago so I don't trust him now". Daei jan Napoleon's period, is over. There are statistics showing that more than 500,000 iranians across the world listen or read to what he says. That says it all !




Dr. Mohandes

Craft= Draft

by Dr. Mohandes on

I meant to say Draft a constitooootionn not craft one:))

Eshtebahi avazi shod... 

Dr. Mohandes

MM and Arj jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

MM jaan.

Okay baba.. Aslan To az hamin emrooz besho janeshine khode Khoda. Khob shod? Now can you let your hand off my bald head??:)))

Farmandeye kole Ghovaa MMMMM...You just Go right ahead and refute all the arguments.... Devise all the rules...Write up and craft constitutions... 


Jenabe Arj

As i stated a few times before and must have escaped your attention!! I do not bear any kinda grudge of the personal or Group type, My objection is to the ideaology behind it, which is shared or was shared among Sazegara and The others.

With regards to Marhomm Montazeri. I see your point. But all the "clout" that he mustered, all the opposing that he epitomized and was a symbol of, was not disconnected with the original ideas of the main founders... So he believed in a minor tweaking of things around But they were well within the boundaries and the main frame of the constitution of IRI, with only minor clarifications or revisions. Nothing of substance. So yeah. He is all revered and respected and mourned and receives honorable mention here an dthere But what does that accomplish??  Same goes for Mr. sazegara. 


I could guarantee you, that as someone who lives in this society and sees things in real time... Virtually no one is waiting for anymore rahnamood as to how they can bridge the reform and tradition!! Of course there are those who love it here and take what they can and what they are given, But the majority are living their lives in a pragmatic fashion and are making Practical decisions. This is music to their ears and Good for the birdies.

Look. I and others support his rights for doing what he is doing... But choose , at least i do. not to listen . That is all. He can talk all he wants. That is of course his right and that is not what i objecting, Just that he is not being practical. That is all:)

Dont get me wrong my friend, I am not saying he is forcing his views on anyone, I happen to also think that those othe LA TV stations are not doing such thing (forcing their views on anyone) People who call in and donate or whatever, That is their buisness, does not mean they are forced to so.

All i am saying that after all that is said and done, and after consideration of The fact that we should have respect and hear out what sazegara have to say... Once we are all done doing all those things... Many people maintain the position that these are just PA MANGAHLI talks and are sick and tired of hearing it...




by Arj on

Dear DM, not to be trying to split hair in semantics here, but a personal grudge is focused on a specific person for personal reasons, whereas a grudge against a whole group of people does not have to be! My point with your and many others' view of those, who at some point were involved in IRI and now are members of opposition, is the attatchment of an stigma to such views! For instance, Ayatollah Montazeri was a pivotal figure in establilshment of VF position, but later he regretted that and did everything he could to make up for his mistake, including suffering various forms of abuse, assault and house arrest for the last two decades of his life (Sazegara too endured torture and abuse to the point that his hunger strike had to be forcefully broken by his captors)! That is why the likes of Montazeri are revered among Iranians inside Iran, for they appreciate the clout his dissent afforded their movement with regards to traditional clergy support!

For a west-residing dissident, such support may easily be taken for granted or even easier dismissed, but for a society going through a transition, it means another step to abridge the gap between reform and tradition! I reiterate that I do not share Sazegara's political views, and don't even watch his program on VOA, but still support his efforts to express his views as an ex-IRI official and present opposition figure! As there are many others among the opposition with whose views I disagree, and yet respct! Moreover, I can't think of an example where he's tried to force his views on others as opposed to the 24/7 rantings of the LA TV talking heads who fake heart attacks and strokes trying to prove their loyalty to Iran!

Mardom Mazloom

IQ jan,

by Mardom Mazloom on

You're right, and the rest of the world is wrong !  

Hamchi jeni mesl to, aslan too donya vojood nadashteh... Na aslan ... Na'oozobellah, na'oozobellah...

Hamchi sang-e safsateh kon-e smarti ta behal nadideh bodam ...

Na va'allah, na!



Dr. Mohandes

MM jan and Mr. Arj

by Dr. Mohandes on

MM jan..,

Sorry but all i got outta your comment was ... Labelling... Fraudster... Voila! I know ,.. I know... It is my fault... Getting older and IQ score is declining... You forgive me becasause of Your greatness LOL:)

Arj jan

1- LOL! You Did not mean that i have a personal Grudge yet my POV "seems" to stem form a Grudge againts the whole gang? Is that not basically Impplying the same thing? (imply with one p that is )?  

As i mentioned, it is the ideaology that i am specifically opposed to, The idea behind establishing and creating a force with such evil capabilities. Look, I understand your POV:) I know that you admire his courage and acumen and sense of timing to Jump ship and change directions and you think that is extremely an smart thing to do and i KNOW :) thatyou wish others had followed suite as well... But i see a certain brand of duplicity and mischievousness. I don't know.. It is just how i see it. I also Get your comparisons with the Gestapo and how those who fled and joined the enemy so to speak, were of tremendous service and alll... But so what?:)

2-  My main Criticism of mr. S and the likes is their method and approach to the whole issue. It has been discussed many times on this site, and i just do not see any difference between what he is advocating and what for instance... S. Homayoun does. His roundtable with Norizadeh (well not anymore) to me is nothing more that Repeatingand restating what people have heard Many god damn times and their ears are literally burning. I mean do you seriously believe people have hunger for hearing the same Rethoric and analysis week in week out. The same people who are bearing witness to the situation on the ground, in every city in iran, EVery day? You don't think they know about the cracks... Fragilities... weaknesses... Vulnurabilities? sure they know and then some! So... What are they supposed to do about it though? What good does all these studio and long distance conferences and pow wows and Meeting of the minds do?


But that is enuff Verajji on my part. Hope My position has been made clear enough:) 

Mardom Mazloom

Arj jan you nailed it!

by Mardom Mazloom on

آهـنـی را کـه مـوریـانــه بـخــورد // نتوان برد از او به صیقل، زنگ

با سیه دل، چه سود گفتن وعظ // نـرود مـیـخ آهـنـین در سنگ


Re grudge

by Arj on

Dear DM, I did not mean a personal grudge, for as you indicated, I have no way of knowing that. However, your POV seems to stem from a grudge against those who used to be a part of IRI in the early years of the 1979 revolution (or even more recent times) and are now against the regime and a part of the opposition. Ironically, this kind of grudge is shared between the extreme right (supporters of the previous regime) and extreme left (e.g. Communist-e Karegari) and the likes of MEK/PMOI!

I did not claim that Sazgara is a rebellious leader or even an ideal opposition figure, for I do not share his political views! Nonetheless, I support his rights to express his views as a legitimate part of the opposition to IRI, and admire his courage to take such a drastic step from a being a Pasdar to a political oppsition figure! What he has done and said may not have been pivotal in terms of bringing down IRI overnight, but just imagine what could happen if more and more Pasdars with strong convictions and sound conscience joined his rank! That's how to drive a wedge in the heart of an indelible, martial/theocratic regime and how it is to crumble from within! After all, membership of opposition does not need to be as exclusive as that of a country club!

Mardom Mazloom

For the sake of clarity, are you kidding me?

by Mardom Mazloom on

On the basis of what you feel wrong, you label Sazegara as a fraudster

you label then people like me who say the opposite of what you think, as superficial !

And when I'm arguing that you're wrong you say just respect the fact that there are thousands upon thousands who disagree with you ...

Now Dudy, who's disrespectful? And what DID you address that I missed?

Voila-ham hamoon Voila-ast, kheili sakhtesh nagir !

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Well Dude jan

You were the one who called what i had said Audacious and I claimed the opposite. And what was it that i said?: that " there are millions out there disagreeing with you" . You are throwing What i had already refuted and proved to be wrong right back in my face and Hold me Liable for it???!!! SOme Twisted logic you've got there!

Just for the sake of clarity . I DID address those examples that u used in your last comment. 

Mardom Mazloom

Na nagerefti hanooz!

by Mardom Mazloom on

It's not audacious to say "millions of people may disagree with you, so be tolerant". That's to be respectful with others and very fine with me.

Audacity is when you say what you said and by the same time do and say the opposite, as the two examples I gave in my last comment.

Voila !

No hard feelings, beside.

Dr. Mohandes

Mardome Mazloom

by Dr. Mohandes on

I really do not follow what you are trying to say here...   You go ahead and Twist and turn anything in any way shape and form you would like to... I am totally fine with that. Ok? DO we have a deal? Alright then.   I am not into labelling people with anything and if there is anyone out there, such as you, who wants to look and read and interpret my comments that way, I don't have much control over that now, Do i?   The fact that You take my statement of Believing that there may be a thousands out there disagreeing with you, To be as "audacious" and so out of line Gives a good indication of You and Your style of Conducting discussions with others.   That is it for me. Have a nice one there Bro or sister!

Mardom Mazloom

Haji Mohandes,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Do you know the difference between maghlateh kardan and reasoning?

Earlier you said that Sazegara is 'a fraudster', and then told me 'to take a deeper look and ponder for a long second!! This speaks volumes on the real personality of an individual' -> In sum that I'm superficial! ...

Is this the way you normally express your 'opinions'? In this forum you're sticking labels to people with whom you disagree with ! And you got the audacity to say "just respect the fact that there are thousands upon thousands who disagree with you "
!!! Ha ha ha !

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Let me thank you first of all for being able to look deep down into my heart and soul, and concluding that i bear a personal Grudge against mr. sazegara. Wow. Never felt this relieved and free in my entire life:))


Secondly, I really was not shooting for a comparison per se, between the two evil forces , created at various points and different times in the history of Human, with totally and completerly different missions.  I know why IRGC rose the prominance and why they became as popular, But IMHO, that does not Take the blame away from the ideaology behind establishing such a force to begin with and those who harbored such way of thinking.  Also, not to sound like i am in any way a fan of Gestapo/Nazi germany , But reaching out to occupy nation right under their noses in europe could hardly qualify as reachin across the planet!!! 

I wonder how mr. sazegara contributed to the advancement and advocacy of democratic thoughts!!! especially when they are put on the same scale as the other Loudmouth , TV station hosts. I am just curious, and maybe you could make me shee fahm, How different is his way of analyzing the events and issuing rahnemoods and instructions and guidance to those of others'. I don't know, Maybe i am just too dumb to get it... way too much out there in the lallalalalallalalal llilililil land!!

All i hear from him, and have heard soo far are the same old commonly heard Analysis that even people on the streets and those who have bothered to study and learn Iran's past and its history know so damn well. To me it is more like he is doing some Gheyb Gooei. Or as we used to say back in HS... cheshm baste zirabi raftan. 



Re selling out

by Arj on

Dear DM, I don't believe the premise on which your "critique" of Sazgara  is based is logic (wehther flawed or not!) as MM said, but it's rather a grudge I don't sahre! The basic flaw in your argument is in comparing the IRGC of 30 years ago with Gestapo. The public support the IRGC (whom I'm no fan of) enjoyed was due to its fight against the Iraqi invasion of Iran, whereas Gestapo was an instrument of Nazi Germany's invasion and occupation of sovereign nations across the planet!

The likes of Sazgara left IRGC once the oppressive characteristics took over the entire force! Nevertheless, eversince his defection, he has done more for advancing democratic thoughts in Iran than any of the LA-residing, pseudo-nationalists who claim to be infallible and holier than thou! He's made mistakes because humans make mistakes. But the key to redemption is in their efforts to correct their mistakes once they realize they've been wrong. So far IMO, he has done everything in his power to make up for his past mistakes and nothing to contrary. However, if you are aware of any of his recent wrong-doings, please do share them!   

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Who the hell is Character assasinating here?

DO you even know the Difference between criticizing one and his/her stance for whatever reason vs CA?

U should quit the Rajaz khani and just respect the fact that there are thousands upon thousands who disagree with you For their own reasons .

Why areyou having such a hard time swallowing that? 


Why such sentimentality?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Is it not obvious that whenver someone from within regime breaks ranks and joins the opposition, that is a huge blow to the fascist islamist entity?

Let mothers and fathers of countless thousands of Iranains murdered by the islamist regime be the judge of who should be tried for crimes against humanity after the regime is overthrown. In the mean time anybody who breaks away from the regime and joins the opposition should be more than welcomed.That includes sazegaara 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mardom Mazloom

Character assassination is a sort of public hanging

by Mardom Mazloom on

Arguing the opposite is BS.

Sazegara worked for the regime. Is it objectionable? Yes ! BUT, in that regime he was jailed, lost a lot in health and left the country. He then had the choice to take it easy and live his life, but he chose to fight back.

There aren't so many iranians who know the system within as Sazegara does; he's trying to topple mullahs and he's welcome. Darius feels that Sazegara is honest in his battle, as Anahid and many others including me, do. Ma questo è tutto stronzo?

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Keeping my Job loss for myself? I am sorry... MY esperanto is not that advanced. Would you Translate please?   I am inclined to hold on the my POV. BTW, If you had read carefully and paid close attention, My defunct logic was not for Executing or hanging anyone who was initially an ally and With the gang. I just don't believe they should be given the credibility which they do not deservem Based on Their charb o narm zaboon bazi and playing with words and simply done away with.   Since you want to know so bad ... I am a DM in detecting BS and nonsense and working on a Post doc on : Detecting and Capturing Pure BS on IC.   Interested in Working with me?  

Anahid Hojjati

I agree with Mardom Mazloom and Kadivar about this

by Anahid Hojjati on

He has a right to be against IRI now and work towards its fall even if in the beginning, he supported them. I don't watch all his videos but the few that I saw were interesting in that he was one of the few that actually had suggestions for the movement in 2009 about what steps to take next. Couple people in my family never miss his videos.

Mardom Mazloom

Jenabe Doctor Mohandes

by Mardom Mazloom on

Not to be confused with 1000xx other Doctor Mohandes keeping their job loss for themselves.  

Agha joon, during the second war many head of the SS working for the British did much more in the defeat of Hitler (like Tommy Sneum) than many american soldiers who have been killed on battle fields.

In your defunct logic, the allies had to hang these guys like the oter SS criminals... Bad migim cheghadr Iroonia badbakhtand ... 

Rasti, you're Doctor Mohandes in what, lol?  

Dr. Mohandes

Jenabe MM

by Dr. Mohandes on

Not to be confused with The other MM...

Agha jan. 

I realize that to some people what he did in the past was /is and will always be considered as mistake... But My dear ammeh jan makes and has made mistakes as well however when someone Volunteers to establish and found one of the most brutal forces in the history, The contemporary history of Human beings, I doubt if we can overlook that and Just call it a mistake and let it slide.

Would you have felt the same way towards one of Hitlers' devotees, loyals and their contributions in creating the Gestapo, When all of a sudden they turned around and fiercely advocate for a Free and democratic Germany?? 


I think one has to take a deeper look and ponder for a long second!! This speaks volumes on the real personality of an individual.

Darius Kadivar

His son who has an internet company creates the videos

by Darius Kadivar on

I learned this in an interview he gave to the Figaro the french daily some years ago.

Le Figaro - International : D'une révolution à l'autre

You need to register to the website to read it entirely

The Son helps him financially and Sazegara had the honestly of saying his son was the one who encouraged him to do this because he blamed him everyday for having supported the Revolution.

It was his way to pay back for his past mistakes.

As such I find him to be honest to say the least ...

Definitively more than VOA's current managers!

Mardom Mazloom

Dr. Mohandes.

by Mardom Mazloom on

Yes he did mistakes in the past, like any human being, but now he's doing his quid pro quo.

What's the most important? To have helped creating IRGC in the time of war or to try to overthrow the crual regime for which he worked a while ?

Prof. Dr. Dr.


Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

He is not a sell out?? LOL

I guess he is not one NOW... and he did it when it was so hot and he did have no choice but sticking while it stayed so hot.

I could see why you can be critical of Nurizadeh... But this man was one of the founding members of the IRGC... Now he has turned a 3000 degrees (a geometrical and physically impossible task. I admit not ideaologically though apparently) And waxes politically and philosophically while travelling all over the US and UK. I wonder Just what is it he does at the Bush Library... As a veezzeeteeng skollar LOL every god damn week.


What a fraudster. 

Mardom Mazloom

Responses ...

by Mardom Mazloom on

Does anyone know what he does for a living?

No, who cares. Does anyone know what you do for living?

What's his actual job?

Be to cheh?

How does Sazegara make money to live?

He surely does not work in your seven/eleven otherwise he wouldn't have time to make his videos and work for the futur of Iran.

I'll give credit where credit is due -

Kheili jav nagiratet, fekr nakon kheili bala-E...

I wish I was smart enough ...  

You're not don't waste your time !