Saeed Shams: Referee Attacked

Assaulted by coach, players and fans in Talesh


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Following the teachings of the leader!

by PArviz on

Obeying Islamic teachings and the guidance recieved from the ever present "Vali Vaghih" our sports and especially football is reaching new heights day by day.

At this rate we will be world champions in no time and bring another reason for pride and joy to our people on top of the ones brought by the rule of Islam in our land.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


This is great, footbal south

by alx1711 on

This is great, footbal south american style :)


Comparing violence with "angosht zadan"

by choghok on

It would be interesting to know how they will react to this comparing to groping and harrasment penalties that were astronomical, there should be a couple of hanging at least. It is very irony of life that these two things happen with such a short time in between, now we really can judge how Iranian society reacts to violent compare to something many males, especially basijis and mollahs do in provate (sexual harrasment).


well said ! :(

by Pejman7 on

even if the mullah leave, i doubt iran will change. 

well said ! :(


People are charged up in general

by Kooshan on

Unfortunately, this stems from the Irani culture but I'm sure that the system of dictatorship had major effect on bringing up those crappy Irani attributes visible in the society now. Incidents like this is now a norm. There is no respect for authority, law and order. People are charged up and ready to burst! I have seen a major shift in social norms between the two visits I had to Iran: 2002 and 2011!!!


I can definitely say that Shah era was better for Iran, Irani and Islam than what we have now.


نامردا چند نفر به یک نفر؟


پیشنهاد می شود که از این به بعد آخوندها را بگذارند که داوری بگیرند تا اگر چنین موردی دوباره پیش آمد هم دلمان خنک شود و هم به آینده ایران امیدوار بشویم. خدا را چه دیدی، یک وقت دیدی انقلاب هم شد. 


Re responsibility

by Arj on

Dear ali-aaa, as a critic of Shah's regime, I blame him for his despoticism and autocratic rule and the use of the likes of Shaban Bimokh for political gain. Nonetheless, his rule was a far cry from the thugocracy we see under IRI! In all fairness, Shah's statesmen (incompetent as some may have been) were educated people who observed professional conducts (even if it meant on surface)!

Compare that with the instances of IRI's MPs threatening their former colleagues with death in the most vulgar and profane manners, various judiciary and intelligence officials questioning the legitimacy of their opponent's sexual realtionship with his wife via friday prayer pulpits, or the Supreme leader's favourite 'Maddah' threatening to cut of president's penis...!

Moreover, the social magnitude and ubiquity of such behaviours has alarmingly increased during the last few years! If you follow the sports news (which I do), instances of wrestlers' fist fighting or even stabbing each other on the wrestling mat, either in national championshps or training camps, have become a routine headline of sport news papers! Whereas, even among our street thugs, up until recent years, respect for 'pahlevans' and 'pahlevani' was considered a conventional social norm!


even if the mullah leave, i

by MB2 on

even if the mullah leave, i doubt iran will change.  

mamlekate ghanoon LOL!!


What a ugly people

by jmyt17 on

This is how they teach (ENSANIAT & BATARBIYATHI) in Iran.

We need some Mullah give some advice, like the story was plan by American to hit referee.



by yolanda on

Worse than the butt squeezing saga!


take it easy

by iamfine on

You can see this type of behavior in many other countries (Turkey, UK, ..), but I agree it was ugly.


To: Arj - Please take some responsibility

by ali_aaa on

Dear Arj,

If it was Shah's time we would have blamed him, and now we are blaming the rapist IRI. I believe we should take some blame ourselves and take responsibility.  Our people are little bit "VAHSHI" let's just admint it and work on a solution. No matter if F... Akhunds are running the country, or Mosadegh or Reza Pahlavi.


Thugocracy at work!

by Arj on

When a regime's and its central government's modus operandi is to glorify thuggery and reward hoodlooms (who beat people into submission on the streets and university campuses across the country), what else can be expected from its footballers and wrestlers who attack and stab each other on the wrestling mats?!


"Where is the 20,000 years of civilization???"

by پندارنیک on

She is barred from the stadium..........or something like that......


Where is the 20,000 years of civilization???

by ali_aaa on

منشور داریوش و کوروش کجاست؟ به قول قاطبه ای خاک بر سرتان   هیچ چیزتون مثل آدمیزاد نیست  دوباره فهمیدم چرا نمیخوام ایران زندگی کنم   

مستحق همین رژیم هستید تا ابد


Such a disgrace to see this going on in sport.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Fans and Coach are totally in the wrong. Coach will likely lose his job and fans no longer allowed to buy tickets for a long period.  Good job that at least the players tried to stop it and defended the referee the first opportunity they got. This goes against the spirit of the sport, who wants to take their friends & family to see this going on? 


What do you expect from a


What do you expect from a society in which, the people eat "tokhmeh" and blow "soot bolboli" while watching executing criminals!? 

Nader Vanaki

خاک بر سر همشون

Nader Vanaki

شما رو چه به بازی فوتبال تماشا کردن، برین توی همون جنگلهای طالش هیزم خورد کنین و به گاو و گوسفندهاتون رسیدگی کنین.

Jahanshah Javid

kick him out.. for good!

by Jahanshah Javid on

I hope that at the very least the assaulting coach is kicked out of the team and permanently banned from any football-related job. What a disgrace. He's supposed to be a leader for his players and fully aware that assaulting the referee is never ok.

Badbakht referees... the humiliation and dangers they have to face. The only way to protect them is to make examples of these thugs so no one would dare raise a hand or foot on other players or referees.

(gooyandeh televiziono begoo!:)))