Sabure: Music and Dance

Bandari performance



Bandari or Gilaki ....

by Kashk on

Great performance and great music anyway. She seems to have fun and unlike most Iranian dancers not “dirty dancing” either! Refreshing ….


Not a Bandri

by statira on

dance and music for sure! Shomali or Birjandi maybe!


is this bandari?

by Fatollah on

more like Gilaki/Galesh !!!

Tiger Lily

Thanks, Souri, for the info!

by Tiger Lily on

'Thought something weird was going on and 'was getting confused. ;)


Saboure is Gilaki

by Souri on

This song is Gilaki and has nothing to do with the belly dance in the video.

Tiger Lily

heavenly music, thank you

by Tiger Lily on

question: why was the song added to the wrong dance video?

Does anybody know more about the song and the dance, please?