Russia warns against any military strike on Iran

IAEA report "reduces hopes for dialogue"

Reuters - Russia criticised Tuesday the release of information in a U.N. nuclear agency report on Iran's nuclear program, saying it would reduce hopes for dialogue with Tehran and suggesting it was aimed to scuttle the chances for a diplomatic solution. "We have serious doubts about the justification for steps to reveal contents of the report to a broad public, primarily because it is precisely now that certain chances for the renewal of dialogue between the 'sextet' of international mediators and Tehran have begun to appear," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement >>>




by Anti-War111 on

There are Russian operatives all throughout the West and the Russian mafia's power of infiltration and sabotage pales every Western intelligence agencies capabilities to nothing. The Russian intelligence services and the Russian mafia are openly connected. Even MOSAD is afraid of these people. As far as technology goes, the Cold War ended 20 years ago. In that time Russian military technology and know-how has expanded one-hundred fold beyond what it was in the 1980s. Western analysts all know this and it is an open secret that if Russia decided to take on NATO, it could do significant damage in any military engagement. Add to that the mixed loyalties of a significant population of Russian Jews inside Israel itself, and I think the writing is on the wall that if Israel decides to follow through with its threatened folly, its own back as well as its American ally's will be placed against the wall in no time.


Don't worry

by MRX1 on

comrade,when  Nato bombs the shit out of that piece of junk soviet era  nuclear reactor that your engineers have been building for the past miilion years with no date of completion, (never mind producing any electercity)you can come back and charge hundred times more for the same piece of crap you are building.


Russia has it's own

by Arthimis on

Russia has it's own interest in regards to Iran. Have been Selling Trillions of $ of their junks and milking Iran's wealth to the bone. Russia can't even complete projects they were paid for by Iran after 33 years!Russia loves to keep Iran a terrorist state, works directly to keep the criminal Islamic Republic in power (proven when Russian intelligence helped Islamic Republic to kill Iranian uprising in 2009). Iran has been the best business partner with Russia, China ,Western Europe with buying their shit up to 50 times higher than market value and in exchange Iran sells their oil & gas for nothing to them and not to mention all the Caspian Sea's oil reserve & interests to EVIL Russia ... What a business!!! more than 1000% profit... All these because I.R. is a threat and should stay threat to the Free World and this case, to the U.S. & Israel...

Nobody gives a Flying F@$k about Iran and Iranians... Iranians MUST Free Iran on their own! That means people have to have the courage to put their lives on the line until they are FREE!!!




by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If the west wanted to play win/win they would have helped Iran already.  Their talk is just talk. They want dictatorships in Iran and this evil in Iran is being held in place with their help in secret mostly. //

Iranians have no friends that want to help them out, the players just have their interests.


Russia is only trying to protect its own interest….

by Bavafa on

And has no love for peace and security either in Iran or anywhere else if it does not suite its interests.

  Yet, the message of NO ATTACK on Iran is a correct message for the sake of Iranian people and humanity in general.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



There can be no constructive

by Simorgh5555 on

There can be no constructive dialogue with the IR. Military action againat the IR is the only solution but striking at the nuclear plants is NOT the solution. Surgical strikes against the Revolutionary Guards, Basij and all IR military posts must begin with an Iranian liberation army on the ground. Instead of bombing nuclear sites Israel should carry out target assassinations of IR top brass both inside and outside the country.


Thanks Russian

by jmyt17 on

I do not think it will happen soon, but some day, they will start it.

Not for 1000 and  1 Reason. Just they wanna do it.

Please keep your side  for your protection not Iran or Iranian.