Mohammad Javad Larijani: On Charlie Rose

Head of Iran's Human Rights Council on Iran's nuclear program



This is Iran

by Sialashgar on

Please don't forget where this guy lives.Iran.

You know things are not exactly the same when you are 

Part of the government of Iran VS US.You know you try to Govern in Iran.


Honest?! Advocate of democratic system?!

by Disenchanted on


        Nothing could be father than the truth!

        This is the guy who defends stoning! (Real intelligent huh...)!

        This is the guy who called Obama "Ka ka Siah"!

         He is one of the most vulgar mouths of IRI!

          Of course when it comes to hypocrisy of west with respect to Middle eastern affairs anyone who disagree with it would look smart!


He sound honest and smart.

by Sialashgar on

American are very though negotiaters nothing new there.


Very Intelligent

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Putting Hitlers affiliations with the Nazi's aside, he seemed very intelligent and spoke like he was connected to Germans.

iamfine roflmao


Highly educated

by iamfine on

Putting his background and affiliation with IRI aside, he seems highly educated and talks with logic.


What's interesting is the reality on the ground in Iran.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The people of Iran want to spit islam out, specifically the corrupt, inhuman, islamic authorities. Most Iranians want to replace IRI with their own culture which is pre-islamic.  This is the Iranian renaissance we are all getting close to enjoying and all the manipulation and hurt we allowed in the past, we will not allow again.

Equality for man and woman, social freedoms and gradual political evolution.


Mohammad Ala

vildemose, in your previous

by Mohammad Ala on

vildemose, in your previous replies or comments you have come across as a dishonest person.  Therefore, I would rather ignore you.

Kaveh Nouraee

Head of Human Rights Council?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

That has to be the easiest job in the IR government.

Two Rules:

Rule #1: No one in Iran has any rights.

Rule #2: If you have any questions, refer to Rule #1.


Doesn't he speak English with an Arabic Accent

by ayatoilet1 on

I mean Iranians talk with a very specific accent - they say estop for stop for example, they use "the" unneccessarily, and they rarely roll their "r's". If I did not know he was Iranian, and I met him at an airport or some public place, I would think he was an Arab...

It makes me think he's a plant .He's an agent. He's a fraud. He's not Iranian at all.

I say he and his foreign brothers should go to hell.


Mr. Ala: Do you support

by vildemose on

Mr. Ala: Do you support Larijani??


"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

Oon Yaroo

All Larijani brothers shall stand trial when Iran is freed from

by Oon Yaroo on

the criminal IRR!

These criminals have caused death and destruction in Iran and shall pay for their crimes!


LOL! :-) Larijani at home with Hume!!

by Disenchanted on


  "at home with David Hume, John Stuart Mill, and other prominent Western liberal thinkers."

          David Hume was a brilliant mind and a prominent skeptic. This jack a**  could hardly be more dogmatic!

       The Leveretts certainly have done disservice to their own image and cause by flattering such a moron!

         "Renaissance man" my A**! Asharf Pahlavi also had so many diverse posts and responsibilities in shah's time! That is only an indication of a broken system so as to concentrate too much power in hands of a family and individual!


Leveretts as objective observers

by maghshoosh on


My post below was more directed at the Leveretts' attitude towards and characterization of MJ Larijani, rather than how Larijani would portray himself. 

Larijani calling Obama by a slang derogatory term for blacks, is like a Western high official referring to the Iranian leader as "raghead" or "sand ni**er" in a public forum.  Yet, the Leveretts found him to be "a bracing intellectual experience (and a lot of fun)."  

Being the secretary general of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights essentially means being an apologist for and a detractor of Iran's gross human rights viloations, as several video statements from Larijani indicate.  Yet, according to the Levertts, he is involved in "the Islamic Republic’s ongoing project to construct a democratic system" and is at home with "David Hume, John Stuart Mill, and other prominent Western liberal thinkers."

And you are supposed to consider the Levertts as detached and astute observers of Iranian affairs.  (Although not technically inaccurate and more of a side note, while the Leveretts mention that Larijani "pursued doctoral studies in mathematics at Berkeley," he never completed the program, per

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Well, Saif Al Islam Qaddafi was also very articulate and

by Disenchanted on


      Western educated! We know what came of that.

      Very important to remember this is the same guy who called Obama  "Kaka Siah"! That is a racist statement & utmost stupidity in political norms.

       His statements over past few years with regard to Iran's democratic movement are also despicable.

        The fact that he has managed to reconcile his religious beliefs and modern science (an impossibility) is an indication of a brain gone haywire!


MJ Larijani, more than a "Renaissance Man"

by maghshoosh on

The Leveretts have written a piece on recent US interviews with MJ Larijani, which begins with a fawning description of the man.  Below are quotes from the article, which is posted @


Keep in mind that this Larijani who provided the Leveretts with "a bracing intellectual experience" is the same one who, as head of Iranian judiciary's Human Rights Commission, justifies Baha'i persecution, among other human rights violations, in Iran by saying (the video title mistakenly identifies him as Sadegh Larijani)


and who referred to Obama with the racist & derogatory term "kaka siah," meaning a black slave,


But here's how the Leveretts see him,

"... some points about Larijani’s background, for those who might not be
familiar with him.  From a Western frame of reference, one might
describe him as a “Renaissance man”, but that strikes us as too limited a
label for him.  He is, of course, one of the Larijani brothers (who
also include the current parliament speaker, the head of the judiciary,
and the chancellor of Iran’s most prestigious medical school).  Son of
one of the most honored grand ayatollahs of the 20th century, Mohammad Javad Larijani studied both in the Qom hawza
(seminary) and in the electrical engineering faculty at Sharif
University of Technology (Iran’s MIT).  He then pursued doctoral studies
in mathematics at Berkeley, before returning to Iran at the time of the

Since the Islamic Republic’s founding, Larijani has had a
distinguished political career, as a member of parliament and deputy
Foreign Minister; he currently serves as secretary general of Iran’s
High Council for Human Rights, as an adviser to the head of the
judiciary, and as an adviser to the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. 
He also directs the Islamic Republic’s leading research institute for
mathematics and theoretical physics. 

As one might surmise from this background, Larijani is thoroughly
grounded in modern science as well as Islamic theology and law.  He is
also well-schooled in Western philosophy and political theory; while
talking about the Islamic Republic’s ongoing project to construct a
democratic system grounded not in Western liberalism but in “Islamic
rationality”, he can make very astute references to David Hume, John
Stuart Mill, and other prominent Western liberal thinkers.  And, of
course, he can offer uniquely informed observations about Iranian
politics and foreign policy.  In short, it is a bracing intellectual
experience (and a lot of fun) to talk with him."

Mardom Mazloom

این جوات ما

Mardom Mazloom

مشت محکمیست بر دهان استکبار

Mohammad Ala

Here is the entire show:

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